NEW! Young pHorever Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a great medium for receiving the
therapeutic benefits of many herbs but is greatly
misunderstood. Any plant, when used for therapeutic
purposes is an herb, and many parts of herbs are used.
Some have special value in the root, while others in
the leaves or flowers. Many herbs have different
active constituents within their different parts.
Aromatherapy is a branch of herbalism in which the
form of the herbs administered is the essential oil
of the herbs. Essential Oils are the plants volatile
components and vary in many aspects from plant to plant.
Some herbs have a very high quantity of essential oil
and some have very little. Essential Oils, just as
other forms of herbs, each have unique active
constituents and therapeutic actions which give them
each their own special qualities.

There is a lot of misconception concerning
aromatherapy accompanied with great misuse. Many
interpret the term aromatherapy to imply anything
related to smell, emotion, and potion. Some try
to apply psychology to aromatherapy and extract
suppressed emotions and memory from people using
various aromas. This is not aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy is a branch of herbalism that uses of
essential oils for therapeutic benefits. The
reason that it is termed aromatherapy is that the
essential oils are volatile oils and actually enter
our bloodstream when inhaled through our olfactory
system. It is scientific in its very nature to
choose essential oils based on their therapeutic
actions that complement one another to achieve an
effective physiological response.

The danger in misconceptions regarding aromatherapy
is the reputation that it is harmless. It is widely
viewed as a subjective art for inducing feelings of
well-being and relaxation due to enjoyable fragrances.
This kind of light-hearted approach to aromatherapy
can turn out to be very dangerous when untrained
dabblers get their hands on true essential oils.
As therapeutic as essential oils can be, they are
not without their dangers. Many essential oils
should be avoided during pregnancy because they
can affect the fetus in various ways. Some oils
stimulate contractions; others are unsuitable for
developing brains, and still others have various
actions on the mother that are undesirable during

Rosemary Essential Oil is fantastic for increasing
circulation, stimulating hair growth, opening the
sinuses, and energizing the body; however,
improper administration can cause high blood
pressure and stimulate seizures in epileptic

When used properly, essential oils can be of great
therapeutic benefit. There are several ways to
properly use essential oils and The pH Miracle
Center and Young pHorever are proud to announce
that they are developing various product lines
that correctly employ the use of essential oils
in both safe and effective ways. Our first line
of products is a Massage and Body Oil Line that
can be used everyday to moisturize the skin, or
during massage for extra benefits.

This Young pHorever Massage and Body Oil Line consists
of five blends, each for a very special therapeutic
purpose. Our blend of carrier oils, or base oils is
great for skin health and moisture. Our use of
coconut oil in our massage and body oil blend is
beneficial for the hair and skin. Medium chain fatty
acids, which are bound to the glycerol unit as they
are in coconut oil, have no antimicrobial properties;
however, when they are broken apart into free fatty
acids, they become powerful antimicrobials. Coconut
oil often becomes firm in cool temperatures. You
might notice your massage oil vary in consistency
from day to day; if it becomes too firm, run the
tightly sealed bottle under warm water for a minute
and it will become thin again. All natural products
can vary slightly in color, aroma, and consistency
with each crop. We are committed to using the purest
and finest ingredients without the use of ANY
chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

Here are the new blends of our Young pHorever Massage
and Essential Oils with a description of what they
were designed for.

1) Young pHorever LympHatic Massage and Body Oil

This exotic smelling massage and body oil blend was
designed specifically for increasing lymph drainage
and thereby assisting the body to rid itself of toxins
and acidic wastes. The herbs and essential oils
were specifically chosen to compliment each other
for maximum results. Each essential oil has a number
of therapeutic affects on the body and blended together
create a harmonious fragrance within a powerful
therapeutic body oil that can be used during a massage
or anytime lymphatic stimulation is desired, even
as a daily moisturizer. Do not use during

2) Young pHorever Muscle ReliepH Massage and Body Oil

This blend increases blood circulation to deep muscles
and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic
agent to soothe aching muscles and joints. Do not
use during pregnancy.

3) Young pHorever pHall Asleep Massage and Body Oil

This powerful blend lowers blood pressure and has a
very calming effect on the mind and senses, encouraging
a drift into deep relaxation. This blend is great to
use as a body oil before bed. Do not use during
pregnancy or prior to intense sun exposure.

4) Young pHorever pHor Maternity Massage and Body Oil

The essential oils in this blend were chosen with
moms-to-be in mind and are safe to use during
pregnancy and properly diluted for use while expecting.
Pregnant women should only use this blend while
giving and receiving massage, and for their moisture

5) Young pHorever pHull of Energy Massage and Body Oil

This is a great blend to start the day or pre-workout
for that extra boost. This oil stimulates circulation
to the mind and body, including to the sinuses and
lungs for optimal energy. This blend can also be
used on the hands throughout the day, inhale deeply
for that refreshing push. Individuals with
uncontrolled blood pressure or those with epilepsy
should not use this product. Do not use if you
are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or epilepsy.

6) Young pHorever Pain pHree

We also have a breakthrough product called
Young pHorever Pain pHree. This amazing blend
of essential oils affects pain in two ways.
Most pain relievers offer only an analgesic
property, numbing pain. Pain pHree does have
a powerful analgesic to ease pain. It also has
other qualities to enhance its pain relieving
effects. The cause of pain is localized acidity
causing inflammation, which can be caused by
various factors, including overuse, repetitive
motion, structural or functional imbalances, or
acid build up in the tissues. Pain is also often
present when there are muscle spasms, or trigger
point spasms. Relief from inflammation or spasms
will often completely eliminate the pain that
they cause. Young pHorever Pain pHree contains
a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic
oil which addresses pain caused by these factors.
The use of both pain relieving components, makes
Young pHorever Pain pHree a superior topical pain
relieving product! Pregnant women should avoid
this product.

Keep looking for new helpful products in our
Young pHorever Aromatherapy Oil Line! All of these
new products will be on our website as they become

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