Are You Losing Your Mind?

Are you drinking carbonated water or sugary
beverages? (This would include fruit juices,
exotic fruit drinks and energy drinks with
or without caffeine.) If you are, you are
risking losing your mind!

Sugary acidic beverages are part of the American
way of life, but five or more cans a day may raise
the risk of lightheadedness, muddle thinking, dizziness,
cold hands, cold feet, forgetfulness, foggy thinking,
memory loss, and Alzheimer’s dis-ease, according to a
new study by the American Society for Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology.

The research team, using mice genetically predisposed
to develop Alzheimer’s-like symptoms, added a 10
percent solution of acidic sugar water to the diet
of half the mice being tested. Over 25 weeks, the
acidic sugar-water mice gained 17 percent more weight
than the controls. They also developed insulin
resistance and had a higher cholesterol count.

When tested for mental function, the acidic sugar-water
mice scored lower on tests for memory retention and
learning ability. Upon examination of their brains,
they showed more than twice the amyloid acidic plaque
deposits found in the controls. In the brains of humans
with Alzheimer’s, beta-amyloids are the sticky acidic
proteins that form acid plaque deposits. A prior study
in 2006 also connected obesity with Alzheimer’s.

The researchers were not sure whether Alzheimer’s
symptoms were due to the acid sugar water itself or
to the combination of more advanced acidic conditions
like diabetes and obesity, which are known Alzheimer’s
risk factors. They said, however, that the study
highlights the “potential risk of sugary beverages.”
The amount of acid sugar water fed to the mice is
roughly equivalent to humans drinking five cans of
soda a day. The researchers said, “Although since
mice have a higher metabolism, it may actually take
less sugar intake in humans.”

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research
scientist at the pH Miracle Living Center, “all
sugary beverages are acidic and will compromise
the alkaline design of the human body, leading
to sickness and dis-ease. When you add carbonic
acid with the sugary beverage found in all
carbonated water or soda drinks you might as
well plan on Alzheimer’s symptoms unless you die
from a heart attack first. To experience
a heart attack, stroke, cancer or Alzheimer’s
sooner in life just add caffeine with your
carbonated sugary drink. The important thing
to remember here (no pun intended) is no one
gets Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, strokes, or
cancer – you have to do it with your lifestyle
and dietary choices. A healthy and fit body is
all about personal choices! Therefore, the
way to health, energy and fitness, throughout
life, is to make alkaline lifestyle
and dietary choices. If you follow this
simple advise you will never get sick and
you will never die from cancer, heart disease,
stroke, or end up losing your mind.”

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