Every Year Systemic Acidosis or Sepsis Kills 250,000 Americans

Sepsis is the number one cause of death in Intensive
Care Units.

Why? Because, when someone is sick or injured and
nothing is done to buffer or neutralize excess dietary,
metabolic or cellular degenerative acids, you die from
systemic acidosis.

Most people believe that Sepsis is an infection.
It is not. It is an outfecton. Sepsis results from
an individual’s hyperinflammatory or hyperacidic
state created from an acidic lifestyle, diet,
metabolism, environment, stress, and injury.
Unfortunately, Sepsis has a very low Standard of
Care in hospitals and hospital-induced outfections
created from destrose, glucose, and antibiotic IV’s
and the acidic hospital food and drink.

Sepsis is a 100% preventable event that affects
approximately 2 million people in the USA every year
and result in approximately 250,000 deaths per year.
Currently, medical science perceives there is no
early diagnostic test nor effective treatment for
sepsis and severe sepsis. But this is not true!

The early diagnostic test is simple and accurate.
All you need to do is test the urine and saliva.
If the urine and saliva is dropping from a normal
7.2 pH or above to under 7 and then into the low
6’s and then 5’s you may be headed to Sepsis!

The treatment is simple, effective and fast –
hyper-alkalize the blood and tissues with
sodium bicarbonate pushing the urine and
saliva pH back up to the normal 7.2 and above. This
will quickly buffer or neutralize the acids that are
breaking down the body cells which are also creating
the increased titers of bacteria and yeast.

Talk with your doctor about hyper-alkalizing your
blood and then tissues with 1 liter of alkaline,
9.5 pH water with 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate
or a 5% sodium bicarbonate solution in 1 liter of
1% saline, dripped over 1 hour.

The best cure for Sepsis is prevention.
You can prevent Sepsis by maintaining the alkaline
design of the body by ingesting pHour salts daily.
pHour salts is a combination of sodium, magnesium,
potassium and calcium bicarbonate.

To learn more about pHour salts go to:


When you maintain the alkaline design of the body
the result is clear – no more sepsis! and 250,000
American lives saved every year.

One thought on “Every Year Systemic Acidosis or Sepsis Kills 250,000 Americans”

  1. Dr. Robert Young, I am learning so much from your articles and your site. The more I learn, the angrier I get. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not getting angry at you (I’m THANKFUL for you) but I’m angry at the medical establishments. They have NO CLUE!I lost my mother in May of this year. She of course had heart problems for some time, and it was pretty much a regular thing for her to start retaining fluids so she would have to constantly go to the hospital, have the fluid taken off, then return home. This time, she did not return home. She spent 6 months in the hospital, nursing home – back and forth. This time she got SEPSIS. And I can see now, that from all the hospital did for her….THEY HAD NO CLUE. I wish I knew THEN what I know now, and if I had lived back in Ohio where my mom lived, I could have helped her and she would be alive today. She was 71 and I know that she would have had 20 more years. She was starting to lose weight at the time too. I thank you for this article and all the knowledge that you are providing for people through your site and books, etc. I am doing my best to talk with people and do encounter much disappointments, all because people just do not want to change and they just are NOT “getting it”. (sigh) But I know that all I can do is share what I know and those not interested, pray for them and go on to find someone who is ready to change. God bless you Dr Young. You have been a great blessing in MY life and I am finally on my way to optimal health and getting my life back. Connie SchmollOrleans, NE


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