How Can I Shout Out Loud!

The following is an unsolicited testimony of
Vered Bar from Hafia, Israel, on the efficacy
of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young’s pH Miracle
Lifestyle and Diet.


Thank you for your interest in my progress. Well I
am actually feeling great. I try to keep on with
same routine more or less.

I usually drink in the morning 1 liter of water with
sodium bicarbonate (pHour salts) and juice of half
lemon. Then I wait for an hour, and after one hour
I drink my green drink, which usually includes olive
oil, one lemon peeled off its skin , all the green
leaves I can find in my fridge, some tomatoes, and
half avocado. I put it all in a blender and then
drink it with great pleasure.

During the day I drink 3 more liters of water with
sodium bicarbonate (pHour salts) and half lemon
juice. Actually this is what I drink the whole day.
I don’t drink anything else.

Later I prepare myself a big bowl of vegetable salad;
now after I have finished the cleansing process, I add
some quinoa, or fish. But usually this kind of food
makes me feel full so I don’t crave for anything else.
(Ok I admit I still do miss chocolate sometimes)…:)))

Really I am feeling fine. Very energetic, very
enthusiastic, very lively. (Usually I am, but now
even more.) Although I eat much less than I used to,
I am still very energized and happy.

I have already lost about 5 kg (11 lbs.), and usually
it is very difficult for me to lose weight due to my
thyroid. I have (had) a problem with my thyroid for
the past 20 years or more. It is hypo, and I take
one pill a day, 7 days a week.

After doing a cleanse for 14 days, I took a blood
check and found a change in the thyroid hormones
which meant that I should now take one pill less
during the week (6 instead of 7), and it is all
thanks to the cleansing. Also, I used to have some
cholesterol, and high triglycerides, and now it
is all normal – thanks to the cleansing process of
the pH Miracle Plan.

I intend to keep on with this as a way of life
and my routine, and I hope that sooner or later
I will still need to lower the amount of medication
I take for the thyroid to a zero…………

This is the best news ever for me, and I do
recommend the pH Miracle Plan for everybody. It
is not difficult; (it) only needs some kind of
discipline. If anyone wants to be healthy,
this is the way!!!!!!!

My problem now is “ethical”: HOW TO CONVINCE
friend with breast cancer, and she is not willing
to listen; instead she is taking chemo, and I
feel bad about her.

One of the boys I was working with (I am an art
therapist by profession), is now dying due to
brain cancer, and I feel as if I might have
helped him if I could only convince his parents
about this way. Instead he had to go through
brain radiation and obviously it didn’t help.

How can I shout out loud, “HEY THERE, LOOK! THERE
FULL OF LIFE!” How can I shout it so that people
will realize that this is the right way, the best,
and follow this path? This pH Miracle Plan is the
best, the only way, and the way to feel 100% healthy.

The cleansing process for me had been wonderful.
And (it) was a start for a new path for me.
Although I started with eating raw food about 6-7
months ago, it wasn’t like the cleansing process.
Now I need to think, when is my next cleansing
process going to be? Cheers!!

Take care, Love and light ,

Vered (Bar)

PS I know the pH Miracle Plan is a great break though,
and one day it will simply explode as THE WAY in all
countries and be regarded as a huge, huge, huge success.
I keep saying that the Dr. Robert and Shelley Young
will receive the next Nobel Prize for medicine. I am
sure. It is all a matter of time.

(Vered would also want you to know that her
successful cleanse was conducted with the
very capable guidance of Fiona Johnston.)

August 30, 2008

You can contact Vered Bar at:

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To learn more about Dr. Young go to:

If you need support from others following
the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet go to:

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