Part 2 – Dropping A Ton and Having Fun and Cancer Is Simple

The following is Part 2 of an interview of Dr. Robert O. Young by Rick Laurenzi, on the importance of acid/alkaline balance, food, water, nutrition, and the cause of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Rick will be releasing a full length motion picture the beginning of next year called, “Dropping a Ton and Having Fun” with a subtitle of “Cancer is Simple.” Rick has featured the science, lifestyle and diet of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young in his new movie.

When Rick started the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet over two years ago he weighed in at over 390 pounds. He has lost approximately 200 pounds in the last two years and has gained a significant amount of muscle weight. He feels great and looks great. His blood has improved and his over-all health and fitness is a reflection of that improvement. We hope to be announcing the release date of this exciting new movie soon. Please go to our website at: http://www.phmiracleliving to see a trailer on this new health and fitness movie or to sign up for our free newsletter.

And now Part 2, Rick’s interview with Dr. Young . . .

Rick Laurenzi: If someone is trying to maintain body weight, who is not obese, what is the optimum ratio of alkaline to acid ash foods to eat?

Dr. Young: If someone wants to maintain homeostasis/balance, or they’re at their ideal weight, or they’re happy with their weight, and they want to maintain that weight, the diet ratio would be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods or drinks. The 20% acidic foods or drinks would not include highly acidic foods, such as animal protein or dairy. One could include in the 20% acidic foods such things as grains, nuts or seeds which are more transitional. Maybe some of the low acidic fruits, like lemon, lime, tomato and grapefruit could also be part of the 20%.

Laurenzi: Do alkaline foods add electrons to the body?

Dr. Young: Absolutely, alkaline foods are full of electrons or electrical energy. This is the energy the body runs on. Electrons NOT calories. Alkaline foods and drinks wouldn’t be alkaline if they didn’t have electrons. That’s what makes them alkaline. In the duality of life there needs be opposition in all things that we might learn by our experience. It is through free agency, our life choices that we learn and grow and experience the unique differences between sickness and disease and health and vitality. The pH scale is a scientific measurement of the energy of the food or drink. The pH stands for the potential of hydrogen (H+) or proton concentration in a aqueous solution. The pH scale also measures the potential of hydroxyl ions (OH-) or electron concentration Any food or drink that is alkaline is going to be saturated with hydroxyl ion or electrons. Any food or drink that’s acidic is going to be saturated with hydrogen ions or protons. Let me give you an example for illustration purposes. When you go to the store to purchase batteries, do you purchase alkaline/electron rich batteries or do you purchase acidic/proton rich batteries? I know you know the answer. Remember the Ever Ready Battery Bunny who keeps on running and running and running? The reason the Bunny keeps on running is because he is an alkaline bunny saturated with electrons. When you purchase batteries for a flashlight you purchase the alkaline/electron rich batteries because they are full of energy. When batteries die or have no life, they’re acidic and saturated with protons. The same is true with the human body. When the body is full of alkalinity or electrons we are full of energy and life. When the body becomes acidic and saturated with protons we have little or no energy. I measure the food or drink with an alkaline electron meter to determine which foods and drinks have energy and which foods and drinks do not. Many foods will pull energy from the body and these are the foods which are highly acidic. Such as coffee, tea, alcohol, dairy and animal protein. If you want energy then you need to saturate your body with electron-rich alkaline foods and drinks. It is that simple. The body runs on electrons not protons. The body is electrical and it doesn’t run on calories. When you are looking to power up your body, like you would power up a car, I hope you use the best fuel. And, the best kind of fuel to power up the body is electron-rich alkaline foods, such as broccoli, spinach, cucumber, avocado, celery, parsley, kale, okra, just to name a few.

Laurenzi: Is it also fair to say the alkaline foods become an antioxidant?

Dr. Young: All alkaline foods and drinks are saturated with antioxidants that buffer the acids of digestion, metabolism and the external environment. The word “antioxidant” was coined several years ago by a pharmaceutical company to market their drugs. It is a word to describe some of the phytochemicals or nutrients they had isolated for buffering free radicals. Several scientists have suggested that free radicals or reactive oxygen species were damaging body cells and causing cancer. In truth, the antioxidant is nothing more than an agent of energy or electron that buffers dietary and metabolic acidity. And, any agent that buffers acidity is going to be an antioxidant, which allows for an internal environment to be more oxygenated or alkaline. Dietary and metabolic acids create more of an environment that’s oxygen-deprived, so this word antioxidant has become very, very popular. But, I do not believe that people really understand what antioxidant means. It’s not that it’s against oxygenation, it’s against oxidants, and oxidants are things that rust or break down the body. Oxidants are acids! Anything that rusts, ferments, or breaks down the body is an acid. So anything we can do to neutralize ferments or acids is good and healthful to the body. Using antioxidants, such as glutathione, N-acetyl-Cysteine, luctein, pycnogenol, Vitamin D, E and F, will buffer or neutralize the toxic ferment or acid and this would be a positive thing for keeping the body young, healthy, and energized.

Laurenzi: So conversely, acidic foods take electrons away from our body.

Dr. Young: You are absolutely correct. Acidic foods steals electrons and energy from your body. This is what happens when we eat proton-rich acidic foods. Whether it is chicken, eggs, dairy, bread, or any form of sugar they will pull energy from your body rather than contribute energy to our body. A continued use of proton-rich acidic foods or drinks will eventually make you tired, sick and then dead! Do not be fooled by the drug and food companies. Most drug and food companies are marketing drugs, foods and liquids that will eventually shorten your life, increase your addiction, and bring you pain, sorrow and a miserable death.

Laurenzi: What about our pets, like our dogs and cats, should they have greens for a healthy diet?

Dr. Young: Absolutely. Whether you are human or animal, anyone that’s alive and breathing on this planet, requires foods and drinks that will energize the body. The food and drink that will energize the body and keep it young and healthy are the electron-rich alkaline foods and drinks. Humans and animals DO NOT NEED PROTEIN FROM ANIMAL SOURCES TO BE HAPPY, STRONG, HEALTHY AND FULL OF ENERGY. The strongest men and animals in the world DO NOT eat animal protein. Muscles are NOT build from protein. Muscles are built from blood and blood is built from electron-rich alkaline foods. If you want to live longer full of health and vitality then stay away from animal protein and eat liberal amounts of electron-rich alkaline green foods.

Laurenzi: What are some of the common health crises, diseases, caused by the highly-acidic, high-glycemic, electron-lacking diet?

Dr. Young: When I talk about disease or “dis-ease”, I am really focusing on the state of imbalance in the body that is brought on by an inverted way of living, eating, and thinking. All disease or dis-ease is caused by individual choice. You do not get sick you have to do sick by making acidic lifestyle and dietary choices. When you choose to eat acidic foods or drink, such as animal flesh or dairy products, like cheese you set yourself up for a serious health challenge, such as breast cancer for a woman or prostate cancer for a man. I made this statement over 25 years ago that all sickness and disease is a result of an inverted way of living, eating, and thinking. It is critical to understand the foundational principle of good health. The foundational principal of understanding is knowing that the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. When you understand that the body needs to be maintained in an alkaline state in order to have sustainable energy, health and vitality, then everything you drink, everything you eat, every activity you engage in, even your thoughts, must be alkaline. Your health, energy and vitality, is an expression of what we’re eating, what your drinking and what you are thinking. If you are eating an acidic diet, that’s creating internal acidic pollution, and a breakdown or fermentation of body cells — this of course will lead to a host of all types of dis-ease conditions. There are seven stages of dis-ease or acidity. I have said there is only one sickness and one disease? The one sickness and one disease is the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted way of living, thinking and eating. This one disease and one sickness has seven stages or seven expressions, which have been categorized by medical science as in different types of diseases. But there is NOT many diseases only one disease and one health! For example, cancer is part of that one disease. MS is part of that one disease. Heart disease and diabetes are also part of the one disease. Allergies, arthritis, osteoporosis, bowel restrictions-congestions, from divirticulitis to divirtiulosis, Crohn’s, all of these diseases are the result of a compromised alkaline design through individual acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. The seven stages of dis-ease or acidity are as follows:

1) The first stage of acidosis is enervation.
2) The second stage of acidosis is sensitivities and irritation.
3) The third stag of acidosis the third is catarrh or mucus buildup.
4) The fourth stage is inflammation.
5) The fifth stage in induration or fibrotic tissue or hardening of the arteries.
6) The sixth stage is ulceration such as in an ulcerated liver, stomach or bowels.
7) And the seventh stage of acidosis is degeneration. All degenerative conditions are caused by environmental, dietary and/or metabolic acids, such as osteoporosis, MS and ALL cancers.

But whatever the dis-ease condition, there’s only one cause. And, that one cause is excess-acidity from lifestyle and dietary choice that compromises your internal environment, that then leads to a breakdown of your body cells and tissues. You will feel your stage of acidity. You will eventually sit down to the banquet of your lifestyle and dietary choices. There is NO escape!

Laurenzi: What percentage of the average American diet would you consider to be based on acidic foods?

Dr. Young: The standard American diet is 100% acid. It is the major cause of ALL dis-ease and disease. It is at the foundation of the American health crisis. It is the reason so many are sick, tired and dying. It is the reason diabetes, cancer and heart disease is on the rise. It is the major cause of family and national economic bankruptcy. The nation is looking for change. The change we need must include education NOT medication. Prevention is the cure for disease NOT treatment. True prevention comes with an electron-rich alkaline lifestyle and diet. There is NO other way. The diet in America and around the world must change from an acidic lifestyle and diet to an alkaline diet. I would suggest at least 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

Laurenzi: I can’t even think of where the 20% alkaline food and drink comes in for America.

Dr. Young: You are right. Most people in America are eating the 100% acid Standard American Diet. But, there are those who are eating alkaline green salads, low sugar alkaline fruits, and green vegetables vegetables. The American government has recommended 5 or 6 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This is a good start but it is not enough. We should be eating 3 to 4 times that. People should also be drinking water and the right kind of water – electron-rich alkaline water with a pH of 9.5. The reality is — the standard American diet is 100% acid with all the meat, dairy and grain and very little or no raw fruit and vegetables.

Laurenzi: This next question, is there any fish fleshes out there that are alkaline in nature, or are all fish fleshes acidic?

Dr. Young: All fish is acidic. The only saving grace for eating fish is eating fatty fish. Fatty fish, like salmon or trout contains long chain or super-long chain polyunsaturated alkaline fats. Alkaline fats from fish, seeds, fruit or vegetables has a calming effect because it is buffering dietary and/or metabolic acid. The acidic fat is saturated fat and generally comes from animal protein. We don’t need animal protein or saturated fat. What we need are the long-chain polyunsaturated fats which buffers the acidity created through diet and metabolism. If you eat fish, it is a two-sided sword. It’s better not to eat fish, with all of the other associated problems that are currently out there, with metal toxicity, and just the cleanliness of ocean and lake fish is now question. But you know, if you were transitioning, fish like sea bass or trout or salmon, may be acceptable. But ideally, it is not acceptable, because all fish is highly acidic. There are better ways to get good electron-rich alkaline oils, the polyunsaturated oils or fats, than eating fish. I would suggest those good electron-rich alkaline sources for polyunsaturated oil comes from flax seed, hemp seed, olive, avocado, primrose, borage seed, just to name a few.

This is the end of Part 2 of the Rick Larenzi/Dr. Robert O. Young interview. Please let me know if you would like to read more of the interview. You can also go to our website at: to watch the trailer on Rick’s new documentary called, “Dropping A Ton and Having Fun” or “Cancer Is Simple.”

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