Part – 9 – Dropping A Ton And Having Fun – The Future of Medical Testing

The following is Part 9 of an interview of Dr. Robert O. Young by Rick Laurenzi, on the importance of acid/alkaline balance, food chemistry, water chemistry, nutrition, biochemistry, nuclear transformation of elements, microbiology, physiology, live and dried blood microscopy testing and the cause of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Rick will be releasing a full length motion picture the beginning of next year called, “Dropping a Ton and Having Fun” with a subtitle of “Cancer is Simple.” Rick has featured the science, lifestyle and diet of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young in his new movie.

When Rick started the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet over two years ago he weighed in at over 390 pounds. He has lost approximately 200 pounds in the last two years and has gained a significant amount of muscle mass. He feels great and looks great. His blood has improved significantly and his over-all health and fitness is a reflection of that improvement. We hope to be announcing the release date of this exciting new movie soon. Please go to our website at: to see a trailer on this new health, nutrition and fitness movie or to sign up for our free health and fitness newsletter.

And now Part 9, of Rick Laurenzi’s interview with Dr. Young . . .

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: We’re going to change topics here—we’ve got two topics left. Blood microscopy and cancer. So I want to talk about the questions on microscopy before doing the microscopy session. What is live blood cell analysis or nutritional microscopy?

Dr. Robert O. Young: Live blood cell analysis is looking at the capillary blood cells and plasma without staining or spinning the blood. The outcome is to delicately express the blood and then view it using a compound phase contrast and bright field light microscope in its unchanged state as if I was looking inside the blood vessel. I want to view the blood live, to see how diet and lifestyle choice is affecting the quality of the red blood cells, the white blood cells, and the cleanliness of the blood plasma. I view only capillary blood. I put the blood on a slide covered with a cover slip to protect it from the outside elements. It is interesting that one drop of blood is an expression of the entire health and fitness of the body including every organ and every gland. Blood circulates through the entire body every 60 to 90 seconds. It’s been to the brain, it’s been to the eye, it’s been to the ear, it’s been to the heart, it’s been to the stomach. So this one drop of blood being viewed under the microscope has traveled everywhere in the body. When I look at the live blood I am looking at the entire life of this person. Metaphorically
speaking, when I went to London, England, I visited all the tourist sights. I could tell you all about London because I was there. I can tell you all about many cities and countries around the world because I have visited them. I could not tell you about places I have not visited. The red and white blood cells have literally traveled everywhere in the body. So when I am looking at live blood, the blood will tell me a story of health or a story of sickness and dis-ease of that persons body. The blood will tell me about the liver, the heart, the lungs, the brain, the pancreas, the bones, the endocrine glands and every organ and organ system of the body. How can the blood do this? It can do this because the blood has traveled to all these places in the body. When I am looking at live blood, I am looking at the healthy or unhealthy state of that person. I am not only looking at the blood cells but I am also looking at the environment around the cell. Why? Because the environment around the cell is what determines the health of the cell. Remember, the fishbowl metaphor? The fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in? So it is with the blood. The blood is only as healthy as the water or the plasma which is 94% water, it is bathed in. And so when I look at the structures of the cells, I also have to look at the negative space or context. The space between the cells is called the extracellular fluids. I call it the negative space or the context. I believe you have to perceive the negative space in order to determine the ultimate health of the person. In hematology, it’s called plasma or extracellular fluids. I look at the plasma and consider it as an organ – a liquid organ. Just as I look at the blood cells as part of this liquid organ. The blood is a heterogeneous solution. It contains two dissimilar ingredients- a liquid and a solid. The blood is a colloidal solution in a colloidal state. When the blood cells fall out of solution, what happens? The blood cells all stack or stick together. This creates many symptoms, including cold hands, cold feet, light headedness, dizziness, muddle thinking, forgetfulness, poor circulation, increased pulse rate, increased blood pressure, just to name a few. All of these symptoms are the expression of the blood falling out of colloidal suspension. So, you can see the blood in its natural solution, its natural colloidal state, or you can see it in an acidic state, or a non-colloidal state where the blood cells are all stuck together. And then I look at the structure of the blood cells which is a direct reflection on the health of the small and large intestine and what one is eating, drinking and thinking. It is a beautiful view looking within the substance of life itself. The blood reveals information about, how are you living, what you are eating and drinking, and what you are feeling and thinking. The blood is a personal expression of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ones life. That is why I call it “live”, because it is alive. Blood is not dead nor does it ever die. It’s life. Blood is life and life is blood. It has been said in the Bible, “that the life of ALL flesh is the blood.”

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: How valuable is it as a barometer of human health?

Dr. Robert O. Young: This blood test is the single most important non-invasive blood test that can detect the beginning of any dis-ease or disease in the body several years in advance before being detected by other medical tests. It is one of the most important tests for the prevention of all sickness and disease. It is 100% preemptive. The live and dried blood tests are like a personal fingerprint that gives us information about the entire health and fitness of the body and its organs and glands. After looking at the over 10,000 blood samples for over 20 years, I’ve learned the language of this liquid organ. The blood is able to give me information that I can share with someone. It’s a wonderful visual experience. And, how many people on the planet have actually had the opportunity to actually see what their blood under a high powered phase contrast light microscope. Everyone on the planet should have this opportunity and blessing to see their blood once a year in order to protect their body from sickness and disease. It is simple. It is real. It is live. The result is immediate. And what you see will scare you alive. A visual of the blood will be an imprint on your brain that you will never be able to erase. It will motivate you to make healthier lifestyle and dietary choices.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: So few people had seen their blood. Why is this?

Dr. Robert O. Young: There are only a few people on the planet that have actually had the opportunity to see their blood live. This needs to change. Live and dried blood microscopy testing needs to be in every clinic and hospital around the world. I am working to make this happen. It is a matter of education not medication. Prevention is the future and the cure for all sickness and disease. The live and dried blood microscopy testing is the key test in the prevention of ALL disease. There’s nothing more motivating, more powerful, than actually seeing what lies within. I know you have heard the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” And so it is with the blood. But when you see what lies within, and you see your live and dried blood, then all of a sudden, you’re open to a whole new world. A whole new discovery about you! The live and dried blood answers questions such as, “Why do I feel the way I feel? Why don’t I have more energy? Why do I hurt in certain places? Why do I feel sick but my medical tests can’t find nothing wrong with me? How serious is my condition? Do I have a serious condition?” The live and dried blood tests will give you information about your health, fitness, and nutrition far beyond any current medical test now being done. One last and very important point – the information derived for the live and dried blood test is definitive and will support other medical testing.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: When looking at the blood, does the blood lie?

Dr. Robert O. Young: The blood never lies. The blood is only capable of telling the truth. In fact, it’s been said, in the Good Book that life and death is in the blood. In Isaiah, it talks about flesh is blood. And, that blood is grass. The Bible even talks about the types of foods you should be eating. And so it has been noted in ancient writings. You can actually see the affects of how you are living and thinking and what you are eating and drinking. My research has shown the affects of what you eat, what you drink and how you live does impact the quality of the blood, which is the most important living, flowing organ in the body.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: Should every doctor, clinic, hospital, nutritional center have a trained live blood microscopist on staff?

Dr. Robert O. Young: Absolutely, without question. Every hospital has a lab, and every lab should have someone who understands how to communicate with and read the blood This is so critical as medical science moves away from “treatment based” medical care to “prevention based” medical care. We need 100,000’s of people trained around the world in live and dried blood microscopy to understand how to read the blood so the patient or client can be accurately and effectively helped. My “New Biology” and blood testing will create millions of new jobs around the world and will save local and national governments billions of dollars in unnecessary health care services and/or treatments. But more important it will change lives and save lives! Helping people to be healthier and stronger.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: How often should we have live and dried blood microscopy done?

Dr. Robert O. Young: You should have a live and dried blood test done every year, for prevention. If you are dealing with a symptom or condition then the live and dried blood cell microscopy should be done every 72 hours. As symptoms or the conditions improve then you can be tested every 12 weeks. Once the symptoms or condition is resolved you can go back to being tested once a year. Having your blood tested once a year will keep you conscious about the components of what it takes to maintain a healthy and fit body. If you are starting at a point of health and fitness, you are active, you eating an alkaline diet, you are drinking alkaline fluids, you are exercising on a daily basis, your emotions are stable, you are breathing properly, you are checking the pH of your urine daily and it is at least 7.2 or better, then checking your blood once year is enough. This is what I do for myself. But a daily prevention and health check can be done by testing the pH of your urine and saliva. As long as you are keeping your urine and saliva pH at 7.2 or better, then you can rest assured that your blood and tissues are also healthy.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: Is it true if you focus on feeding the blood, the super nutrients the blood wants, that this healthy blood will feed every other organ and muscle in your body?

Dr. Robert O. Young: I understand what it takes to build healthy and unhealthy blood because I have studied this for over twenty years. Once you understand that blood is flesh, and I mean this literally — blood is flesh — our muscle, our bone, our skin, are all made from blood. Not the nutrients, but the blood itself. Red blood cells become the skin. Red blood cells become the bone. Red blood cells become the muscle. Blood is the flesh. When you cut yourself, what flows there? Blood. What does the blood become? It becomes a scab. What does the scab become? It becomes the new skin. This is what happens with the liver. If you have ulcerations of the liver, what forms the clot? The blood. What does that blood become? It becomes the new liver cells. Any deterioration of any cell, the regeneration of that cell, comes from the blood. The blood is the foundational stem cell and can become whatever cell the body needs. The blood does more than just deliver oxygen and remove dietary and/or metabolic waste. The bloods main function is to become the new bone, the new brain, the new heart, the new liver, the new muscle, the new skin cells. And when you understand how to build healthy blood you can then build healthy body cells, which are all products of the red blood cell. So the quality of the red blood cell determines the health and quality of all body cells. And the quality of the red blood cell is determined by what you eat, what you drink and what you think. Healthy red blood cells are made up of a lipid membrane – polyunsaturated flexible fats that form the vesicle, the ship that holds the chlorophyll that becomes the hemoglobin. It is green foods that build the red blood cells or hemoglobin, then the red blood cells build all the rest of the body cells. The quality of the body cells is determined directly by the quality of the red blood cells, which is determined directly by the quality of the foods and drinks ingested. Over twenty-five years of live blood research has confirmed that eating and drinking green foods is the best way to build healthy blood and then healthy body cells.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: You already gave us the COWS analogy in the salinity of the seawater and the blood. How close is the hemoglobin molecule structured like chlorophyll?

Dr. Robert O. Young: The hemoglobin molecule is identical to the chlorophyll other than the center atom. The center atom of chlorophyll is magnesium, and the center atom for blood is iron. But there is a nuclear transformation that takes place within the magnesium ion of chlorophyll that gives rise to the iron in hemoglobin. I’ve often said the best transfusion that you can give to someone who has sick or deficient blood, is not the blood from some other human, but the blood of green plants. And you don’t have to give the green chlorophyll of plants intravenously to build new and healthy blood. You can do it by ingesting it, drinking it. And in drinking the blood of green plants, you can improve the quality of your blood and then every body cell. When you focus your diet on the foundational elements of good electron-rich alkaline food and liquids — the COWS program — chlorophyll, oil, water and salt — these are the four food groups for building a healthy body. When you focus on these four food groups, you see a healthy transformation in your body. Why? Because you are building healthy blood that will become healthy bones, healthy brains, healthy hearts, etc. I see this happen over and over again. It’s not about treating disease — it is about providing knowledge and empowerment that you can build a healthy body by building healthy blood and you can build healthy blood with an electron-rich alkaline lifestyle and diet. We all have a right to health, energy and vitality. You can now improve the quality and the quantity of your life with education not medication and with pH Miracle Living.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: We are going to do microscopy later — is there anything else you’d like to add personally about the subject of microscopy?

Dr. Robert O. Young: Live and dried blood microscopy is the future because it is ALL about preventing dis-ease not treating dis-ease. Remember, the cure for all dis-ease and disease will be found in its prevention not in its treatment. Live and dried blood microscopy is at the heart of “prevention based” medical care.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: How many microscopy sessions have you personally done? How many blood samples have you personally looked at?

Dr. Robert O. Young: I have viewed over 10,000 clients, over 40,000 blood samples in over 72 countries. I’ve seen the blood of people around the world, and there are only two blood types – healthy and unhealthy. There’s no other blood types. You either have healthy blood, or you have unhealthy blood. You’re either eating those foods that build healthy blood, or you’re eating those foods that build unhealthy blood. It’s that simple. When I look at blood I ask a very simple question. I have been asking the same question to every client over twenty years. And that question is, “What are you eating, what are you drinking and what are you feeling?” And, whether I’m in India, or whether I’m in China or in Japan, or in Australia, I ask this same question. The answer to this question is lead me to the conclusion that you cannot build healthy blood with beef and beer in Australia. You cannot build healthy blood in India with rice and meat. You cannot build healthy blood in China with rice or soy products. You cannot build healthy blood in the US with fast food, chicken, and dairy products. The people who live long lives are eating green foods, are breathing clean air, drinking clean water, have less stress, work outside, and get lots of sunshine. In America, we may be living a little bit longer, but the quality of life is not that great. We call old age the end years. Or we call them the Golden Years, but I don’t think there’s anything golden about what’s happening here in America to those who are reaching those end years. And the reason why is because most people are not eating or living in a way that maintains the integrity of their alkaline body. So many older folks are living in pain and needless suffering. All this can change with education not medication. All this can change when people learn how to care for their alkaline body. You see an alkaline body can have no pain or suffering and need NO DRUGS.

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: Have you personally found any correlation of elderly healthy senior citizens and clean blood? Is there any correlation between healthy blood and longevity?

Dr. Robert O. Young: Absolutely. Healthy blood equals healthy body free from all sickness and disease. I don’t care how old you are! People who were born before 1930, and have not received vaccinations or have not taken a lot of drugs or antibiotics, tend to have healthier blood and live longer and healthier lives. I ask older folks them, “Have you ever been vaccinated?” and they say, “No, I’ve never been vaccinated.” “Have you used any antibiotics? Are you on any drugs?” “No.” “Well, okay. I understand. What are you eating?” “Well, I eat modestly.” Even though they may not be eating the best diet, they’re limited to a smaller quantity so they have less acidity. There’s a lot to eating less and living longer. Why? Because you create less acidity. Eating less more often is better than eating more less often. You see? Less is more, and more is less, and less more often is better than more less often. And that’s how I try to live my life. When you understand less is more and more is less, and less more often is better than more less often, then you’re going to live longer. When you focus on those four foundational food groups of chlorophyll, oil, water and salt, you have a winning combination for a long and healthy life!

To learn more about the positive affects of the COWS Plan on the bowels, the blood, the brain and the body read, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young or go to:

To learn more about live and dried blood microscopy or to attend the next “New Biology” microscopy course go to:

This is the end of Part 9 of the Rick Larenzi/Dr. Robert O. Young interview. Please let me know if you would like to read more of the interview. You can also go to our website at: to watch the trailer on Rick’s new documentary called, “Dropping A Ton and Having Fun” or “The Cancer Cure Is Simple.”

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