The True Cause of All Sensitivities, Allergies and Pain

Acidic food and drink allergies make millions of Americans miserable and can even kill, but many who have acidic food and drink allergies or intolerances attribute their symptoms to other ailments. Their doctors agree and are more than willing to write prescriptions rather than take the time to properly advise their patients to eliminate acidic food, drink and lifestyle choices which are the true cause of all allergies. The misdiagnosed victims continue to suffer year after year, often in a downward spiral of mounting health problems as a result of acidic lifestyle and dietary choice.

Most people think of food and drink allergies as reactions to certain foods that cause obvious symptoms, such as stomach pains, itching, swelling of the face and lips, and red, raised, angry-looking skin rashes. All of these symptoms are caused by the the acids from acidic foods and drinks.

Yet the majority of people — some 30 percent of all Americans — have more subtle acidic symptoms and signs. These can include joint pain, fatigue, clouded thinking, psychiatric illnesses, and even severe neurological disorders. Once again ALL of these symptoms are caused by acidic foods and drinks.

All of these acidic dietary symptoms, which the sufferer usually never even connects with food, I call acidic food and drink intolerances.

Acidic food and drink intolerances that leads to acidic allergies is easy to identify and to cure! Just because you can eat a certain acidic food or drink a certain acidic liquid without having to rush to the emergency room doesn’t mean it isn’t ultimately going to cause you serious harm.

True acidic food and drink allergies are usually immediate and occur within hours of ingesting the offending acidic food or drink. Reactions appear with a sudden, almost explosive, onset. Some reactions can cause rapid collapse and even death, such as we commonly see, with two of my top ten acid foods that should never be ingested, peanuts or peanut butter and shell fish, like shrimp or lobster.

Acidic reactions to food and drink intolerances can be delayed days, weeks, and even months after exposure to an acidic food or drink. The symptoms they cause are usually not connected with reactions to foods or drinks, and doctors miss the connections when the acidic reaction is delayed. The reason for the delayed reaction is sometimes it takes days, weeks or months for the acid residues to build up until the body is over-burnden – thus the acidic reaction which the body trying to eliminate via any orifice.

Since doctors are not much help, what can you do to determine whether you are having acidic allergies or intolerances that could be causing many common acidic complaints? Proper pH urine and saliva testing and live and dried blood microscopy are key. I discuss in depth how to prevent and reverse acidic food and drink allergies and intolerances in our pH Miracle books, especially Chapter 11 in The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

In addition, here are a few of my top ten acidic foods and drinks that cause acidic allergies and other symptoms associated with sensitivities, allergies, pain, ulcerations and degenerative dis-ease:

1) Dairy products, including milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, and yogurt

2) Animal proteins, including beef, pork, chicken and turkey

3) Seafood, including all shell fish

4) Algae

5) Mushroom

6) Peanuts and peanut oil

7) Corn

8) All fermented foods like soy sauce and miso

9) Eggs

10) Alcohol

Remember, you don’t get sick you have to do sick. Just as you don’t get healthy you have to do healthy.

In love, light and peace,

Dr. Robert O. Young

One thought on “The True Cause of All Sensitivities, Allergies and Pain”

  1. I just blogged about water and the amount you have to drink for your weight. I put in a quote. THEN I read this and you mention…… chapter 11, from where the quote I just typed was from………. how spooky…… Thank you for continuing to spread the word about our acidic lifestyles – I hope now to put mine behind me (for about the third time) 🙂


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