Mom’s Breast Tumor Is Gone In 12 Weeks!

The following story is an unsolicited testimony of a breast tumor that disappeared after being on the pH Miracle Living Program for 12 weeks.


Dear Dr. Young,

Thank you for all the emails. Keep them coming. With every email I learn something new. Either a new word like “nephropathy” or a new use for phour salts, or something else. Your emails keep me motivated on a Daily basis to make the right choices at every meal.

I have been fortunate to be able to pass along some of your wisdom to many of my family members. Most notably my mother Maria. Without your insight she might very well not be with us now. She was once told by her doctor that she should go in for a biopsy for a lump in her breast. I persuaded her to wait and I coached her on a daily basis using the knowledge I have gained from reading your books, watching yours and Shelley’s DVD’s, youtube videos, ect. Three months later her doctor could not find the lump in the breast anymore and canceled the planned biopsy!

I have attended Anthony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within Weekend” where Tony or one of his facilitators teaches your health approach. That Monday, Joseph McClendon III ( he won the motorcycle on “American Chopper”) talked about how he helped his mother overcome diagnosed cancer, and how she lived many many years beyond what her doctors had told her. I believed him that day and I wished that I could help someone in the same way.

I have included a picture of my two kids drinking their Doc Broc greens.

I think they look real cute with their green mustaches.

In kindest grateful Christmas light,


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