There Is A Cure For Diabetes And It Won’t Happen Eating Eggs

People who sit down to a daily breakfast of eggs, not only pollute their blood with over 58,000 biological transformations or bacteria per egg, which also activates an immediate immune response, but will have an increased risk of developing the acidic condition of type 2 diabetes, new research suggests.

In a long-term study of 57,000 U.S. adults, researchers found that those who ate a filthy dirty acidic egg a day were 58 percent to 77 percent more likely than non-egg-eaters to develop type 2 diabetes.

The findings, published in the journal Diabetes Care, do not necessarily mean that eggs themselves put people on a path to diabetes, according to the researchers. But they do suggest it is wise to limit your egg intake.

“Based on the current data, our recommendations would be to consume eggs in moderation and not to exceed six eggs per week,” lead researcher Dr. Luc Djousse, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, told Reuters Health.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Chief of Research at the pH Miracle Living Center in San Diego, California, “eggs are not for eating. Eggs are for the reproduction of the species. When you eat an egg you seriously pollute the blood with thousands of biological transformations, medical science calls bacteria and yeast. Eggs are on my top ten list of acidic foods never to eat. The others include animal protein such as chicken, turkey, duck, pork, beef, and then all forms of dairy, vinegar, fermented soy such as soy sauce or miso, corn and all related corn products, such as corn syrup, peanuts or peanut oil, mushrooms of all kinds, alcohol, coffee and tea, and finally all forms of sugar.”

The study does not explain exactly why eggs are linked to diabetes, but cholesterol may play a role. The study participants’ daily cholesterol intake was also related to diabetes risk, and when the researchers factored this in, the relationship between egg intake and diabetes weakened.

“Cholesterol is not the problem with eggs or the cholesterol made by the body. Cholesterol helps to bind up acids and protects the alkaline design of the body. The problem with eggs are that they are highly acidic and full of biological transformations (bacteria and yeast) that pollute the fluids of the body. This activates the white blood cells to clean up the bloody (pun intended) mess. Bottom line eggs are a filthy, dirty thing to eat and were NEVER meant for human consumption,” states Dr. Young.

In animal studies, high saturated and/or trans fat diets have been shown to raise levels of blood sugar and the sugar-regulating hormone insulin — suggesting a way that an acidic diet might promote diabetes.

“The acid from eggs breaks down body cells, including the red blood cells and thus increases blood sugar. Sugar is a breakdown product or acid from the degeneration of any body cell. This is why blood sugars go up. The body is breaking down just like when a banana ripens. It gets sweeter as it spoils or degenerates. Once we get it into our heads that sugar is an acid from rotting matter, including body matter than maybe we will stop eating foods and drinking liquids that are acidic or full of sugar. This is the true cause of diabetes,” states Dr. Young.

According to Djousse, it’s important for people at risk of type 2 diabetes — due to factors like family history and obesity — to pay attention to their overall cholesterol intake, and not just cholesterol from eggs.

“In the prevention of diabetes or in its reversal you just have to stop making acidic lifestyle and dietary choices. It is acidic choice that causes diabetes and eating eggs is one of those acidic choices that leads to diabetes,” states Dr. Young.

Even more important, he noted, is a focus on overall health — maintaining a normal weight, exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet — rather than any one food or nutrient.

“Preventing or reversing diabetes is as simple as making better choices and choices must be alkalizing.”

To learn more about how to prevent or reverse diabetes read The pH Miracle for Diabetes, by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young.

To read about the first medically documented reversals of Type I diabetes go to:

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