Can You Over Alkalize? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following is an interview of herblist Kal Sellers on his understanding of acid/base biochemistry. Kal has postulated a theory that you can over-alklaize pushing your body pH dangeously too high. His theory is contained in the following interview and his explanation of how over-alkalizing can be harmful to health. I have commented after each of his statements to help people better understand my research and experience on acid/base biochemistry, the “New Biology”, using hyperalkalization in the treatment of dis-ease and disease and the need to maintain the alkaline design of the body.


Kal: This question has appeared from time to time and calls for a visit in the news of today: Can our body’s pH be too alkaline? A friend of mine who helps run a very good health food store near me reported that she had been raw and had been alkaline for some time when a person approached her and warned her that “there were diseases that could come from being too alkaline too.”

Dr. Young: There are NO dis-ease or diseases associated with being too alkaline. You cannot be sick and alkaline. In fact, what does it mean to be too alkaline? How does a person measure the acid/base of the blood when the blood is always maintaining its delciate pH balance at 7.365? Any excess acidity from diet or metabolism is eliminated from the blood and out into the connective tissues to preserve its delicate pH balance. The biochemistry in maintaining blood alkalinity is quite extreme. The body will sacrafice all other organs and organ systems to maintain the delicate pH balance of the blood at 7.365. Sodium bicarbonate is produced by the body as the #1 buffer of dietary and/or metabolic acid to maintain the alkalinity of the blood and then the tissues. In the body, tt takes 20 molecules of sodium bicarbonate to buffer or neutralize 1 part of carbonic acid (metabolite of metabolism) in order to maintain a blood and/or tissue pH of 7.35 to 7.4. That is staggering 20 to 1 ratio. You would have to do some serious alkalizing just to keep up with the body’s need for more alkalinity. But that is why we age–or should I say “ferment” from over-acidity. Which by the way, I might add, is why ALL disease or most dis-ease is a result of excees acid and NOT excess base(alkalinity). This was proven by Alexis Carrel in his chicken experiment in 1908. Carrel received a Nobel prize for this research. He was able to keep a chicken heart alive for 20 years until he decided to stop changing the alkaline mineral salts every 48 hours. What we learn from Alexis Carrel’s work is that you can keep the body cells alive indefinitely if you maintain the alkaline mineral salts daily. The health of human cells that make up tissues and organs are only as healthy as the alkaline fluids in which they are bathed. The human cell cannot tolerate low alkalinity and can never tolerate ANY acid condition. The cell begins its biological transformation becoming bacteria in the first stage; then yeast in the second stage; then mold in the 3rd stage of transformation until the anatomical elements of the organized cell (microzymas) are released to become part of some other organized cell.

In the ph Miracle book I share what I call the “fish bowl metaphor.” The fish bowl metaphor begins with a question. The question is this; “If the fish is sick what would you do, treat the fish or change the water?” The logical answer is, you would change the water. Why? Because the fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in. The fish is the human cell and the water is the fluids around the cell(s). The ocean has a delicate pH balance of 8.3 and is maintain by alkaline mineral salts. Our internal fluids are like the ocean and are maintained by the same alkaline mineral salts – sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and calcium. At the present the ocean pH because of global warming has gone from 8.3 to 8.2. This huge decrease in the ocean pH has caused potential health risks to all sea life including the loss of the coral reefs. The same thing is happening to many of us with body warming, as dietary and/or metabolic acids are causing the loss of bone and muscle in order to maintain the delicate alkaline pH of the blood and tissues. The result is an array of health challanges from arthritis, osteoporosis to cancer.

Kal: She experienced something I have taught a lot about, concerning how much our thinking affects our health. She immediately became acidic (without changing anything) and has stayed acidic since that time.

Dr. Young: Good point Kal. I agree with you here. Thoughts require energy and when you are using energy you are producing metabolic acids. If you want to maintain the alkaline design of the body, yu need to have less thoughts. I have said that people do not die from a heart attack they die from a thought attack. Both involve metabolic acid. The bottom line is that hyper-alkalizing the blood and the tissues leads to wonderful side effect: you get healthy physically and mentally, even when you are stressed.

Kal: This calls for a questioning of the issue to see if we really should be cautioning anyone to not get too alkaline.

Dr. Young: Of course you should counsel your clients to try and become increasingly alkaline. It’s almost impossible to become too alkaline. If you are living, breathing, thinking and eating, then you are producing acids that can and will affect your health, fitness and vitality. Everyday the body produces more acids then the body can keep up with. Metabolism of a normal adult diet results in the generation of 50 to 100 meq of H+ or proton or acid per day, which must be excreted if the alkaline acid-base balance is to be maintained. A meq is a milliequivalent which is an expression of concentration of substance per liter of solution, calculated by dividing the concentration in milligrams per 100 milliliters by the molecular weight. This process involves two basis steps; 1) the reabsorption of the filtered sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3 and, 2) excretion of the 50 to 100 meq of H+ or proton or acid produced each day by the formation of titratable acidity and NH4+ or ammonium. Both steps involve H+ or proton or acid secretion from the cells of the kidney into the urine. That is why we age. Aging is actually a fermenting and acidic process. The body has an alkaline buffering system which helps to maintain alkalinity, but when this becomes compromised from an over acidic lifestyle and diet, you start having the symptoms of dis-ease and disease caused by metabolic acidic waste products. So, absolutely you should attempt to increase alkalinity to prevent and/or reverse dis-ease and disease.

Kal: My first step in such searching is to ask myself the question: What does nature suggest? Clearly, we have the physiology and digestion of frugivores and, as such, should be enjoying a delightfully alkaline state in our blood most of the time.

Dr. Young: We should be enjoyning a delightfully alkaline sate in our blood and tissues ALL of the time Kal if we want to be free from ALL sickness, dis-ease and disease. The blood is always trying to maintain health and alkaline balance in the blood and tissues at 7.365 to 7.4 pH. The body will do everything it can to maintain that alkalinity. It will pull in calcium from the bones and/or magnesium from the tissues in order to keep the pH of the blood constant. All organs and organ systems are subserviant to the blood. When the blood is becoming too alkaline or compensated, it is the result of the blood trying to protect itself from an increase of dietary and/or metabolic acid as the excess acid is thrown out into the connective tissue. So the increase of blood pH is an indication of an increase of tissue pH which I call “latent tissue acidosis.” “Latent tissue acidosis” is the condition that exists when there are not enough bases in the alkalophile glands and organs (the alkalophile glands are the stomach, pancreas, Brunner’s glands, between the pylorus and the junctions of the bile and pancreatic ducts, Lieberkuhn’s glands in the liver and its bile with its strong acid binding capabilities which it has to produce to alkalize the ingested food or drink) because they have been used up in the process of neutralizing the acids adsorbed and then absorbed to the collagen fibers. This leads to compensated “acidosis.” This means the blood pH has not changed but other body systems have changed. This can then lead to decompensated “acidosis” where the alkaline reserves of the body are used up and the pH of the blood is altered. Decompensated “acidosis” can be determined by testing the blood pH, urine pH and the saliva pH. The decrease in the alkaline reserves in the body occurs because of hyper-proteinization, (eating steak, chicken, turkey, pork and fish!) too much protein and hyper-carbonization, too much sugar of all kinds in all forms. This is why 80 to 90 year old folks are all shrunk up and look like prunes. They have very little or no alkaline reserves in their alkalophile glands. When all the alkaline minerals are gone, so are you and your life battery runs down. The charge of your cellular battery can be measured testing the ORP or the oxidative reduction potential of the blood, urine and saliva using an ORP or electron meter. As you become more acidic this energy potential or ORP decreases. When electron or energy potential decreases you feel tired and fatigued amd begin to feel the symptoms of dis-ease.

This increase in acidity comes from acidic lifestyle and dietary choices and is a good example of how the blood trys to protects itself. This increase in alkalinity in the blood over 7.4 is a sure sign of acids in the tissues and a risk of developing an inflammatory or cancerous conditon. The tissue acidosis can be determined by measuring the urine pH which should be at least 7.2 or higher in a healthy alklaine state or in a state of sickness or disease the pH should be over 8.4 and as high at 9.5. But when the body is in a state of “latent tissue acidosis,” the pH of the urine will be in the low 6’s and 5’s. Therefore the urine becomes the measuring stick for the pH of the tissues and not of the blood for determing the alkalizne or acidic state of the body.

Kal: The foods we would eat in a natural setting would leave us with an alkaline pH and in cultures where they do not know about checking and worrying about their pH, they tend to stay pretty alkaline if they are eating a natural diet and living a lifestyle close to nature.

Dr. Young: In my research I found that all cultures are living in an acidic state. If you were to be able to keep your blood and tissues in an alkaline state you would never die. Just like Alexis Carrel’s chicken heart. All foods, whether in a natural setting or not, contain acidic residues to a lesser or greater degree and must be buffered by the body’s production of sodium bicarbonte. That is why we will ALL eventually die. The alkaline buffering system which includes the salivary glands, the stomach, pancreas, Brunner’s glands (between the pylorus and the junctions of the bile and pancreatic ducts) Lieberkuhn’s glands in the liver and its bile all release sodium bicarbonate to buffer the acids of food and drink we ingest. It is important understand that the stomach is the main organ for alkalizing the food or liquids that we ingest and to understand that it manufactures sodium bicarbonate to increase the alkalinity of the food in preparation for the food to be biologically transformed into stem cells in the crypts of the small intestine. The parietal or cover cells of the stomach split the sodium chloride of the blood. The sodium is used to bind with water and carbon dioxide to form the alkaline salt, sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3. The biochemistry is: H20 + CO2 + NaCl = NaHCO3 + HCL.

For each molecule of sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3 made in the stomach a molecule of hydrochloric acid or HCL is also made and secreted into the digestive system or stomach (the hydrochloric acid settles into the gastric pits of the stomach while the sodium bicarbonate naturally rises to the surface of the stomach to meet the food for alkalizing) to be eliminated.

The chloride ion from the sodium chloride (salt) binds to an acid or proton forming hydrochloric acid or HCL as a waste product of sodium bicarbonate production.

When large amounts of acids including HCL enter the stomach from a rich protein meal, acid is withdrawn from the acid-base household. The organism would die if the resulting alkalosis or sodium bicarbonate – NaHCO3 (base flood) or base surplus created by the stomach was not taken up by the alkalophile glands that need these quick bases in order to build up their strong sodium bicarbonate secretions. These glands and organs are the stomach, pancreas, Brunner’s glands (between the pylorus and the junctions of the bile and pancreatic ducts) Lieberkuhn’s glands in the liver and its bile with its strong acid binding capabilities which it has to produce to alkalize the ingested food or drink.

When a rich protein and/or carbohydrate meal is ingested the stomach begins to manufacture and secret sodium bicarbonate or NHCO3 to alkalize the acids from the food ingested. This causes a loss in the alkaline reserves and an increase in acid and/or HCL found in the gastric pits of the stomach. These acids and/or HCL are taken up by the blood which lowers blood plasma pH. The blood eliminates this increase in gastrointestinal acid by throwing it off into the Pishinger’s spaces or extracellular matrix.

The space enclosed by these finer and finer fibers is called the Pishinger’s space or the extracellular matrix space that contains the fluids that bath and feed each and every cell while carrying away the acidic waste from those same cells. There is no mention of this organ in American physiology text books. There is the extracellular space but no organ mentioned that stores acids from metabolism and diet, like the kidney. I call extracellular matrix an organ and the “pre-kidney.”

After a rich protein and/or carbohydrate (sugary) meal, the urine pH becomes alkaline. Protein and sugar nourishment then reacts acidic in the organism not only by the production of sulfuric, phosporhoric, nitric, uric, lactic and acetylaldehyde acids, respectively, but also through the formation and excretion of base in the urine. This is a double loss of bases or alkalinity.

During heavy exercise, the resulting lactic acid if not adsorbed by the collagen fibers, the specific acid catchers of the body, the organism or body would die. The total collection of these fibers is the largest organ of the body and is called the colloidal connective tissue organ of SCHADE. NO liquid exchange occurs between the blood and the parenchyma cells, or in reverse, unless it passes through this connective tissue organ. This organ connects, holds everything in our bodies in place. This organ is composed of ligaments, tendons, sinew, and the finer fibers that become the scaffolding that holds every single cell in our bodies in place. When acids are stored in this organ, which includes the muscles, inflammation and pain develop. That is why I have stated, “acid is pain and pain is acid.” You cannot have one without the other. This is the beginning of “latent tissue acidosis” and the one sickness and one disease.

The more acidity, the more acids adsorbed and then absorb to the collagen fibers to be neutralized and the less sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3 is taken up by the alkalophile glands. The larger the potential difference between the adsorbed and absorbed acids and the amount of sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3 generated with each meal; the more or less alkaline or rich in bases are the alkalophile glands like the pancreas, gallbladder, pylorus glands, blood, etc. The acid binding power of the connective tissue, the blood and the alkalophile glands depends on its alkali reserve which can be determined through blood, urine, and saliva pH testing, including live and dried blood analysis at taught by Dr. Robert O. Young.

The measurement which best determines the alkaline reserves of the body is the saliva pH. When the saliva pH is above 7.2 then the alkaline reserves are sufficient. If the saliva pH is below 7.2 then the alkaline reserves are deficient and the body needs more alkaline food, drink and/or supplements, such as pHour salts, pHlavor salts and puripHy salts.

Once again the necessary ingredients to produce sodium bicarbonate in the stomach comes from the blood and include sodium, chloride, water, oxgyen and carbon. When these elements become deficient in the body from the lack of alkaline food, drink or mineral supplementation from diet, then you begin to get sick and tired. The first sign of acidosis is enervation and indicates a deficiency of alkalizing mineral salts in the blood and the beginning stages of “latent tissue acidosis.” “Latent tissue acidosis” can lead to compensated acidosis (pH goes up from a normal 7.365 to 7.4 and then to 7.5) which will eventually lead to decompensated acidosis where the pH drops from 7.5 to 7. 2. This is a sure sign that the body is deficient in alkaline mineral salts and the body is shuting down. The solution for “latent tissue acidosis,” compensated acidosis and decompensated acidosis is to hyper-alkalize the blood to push alkainity out into the tissue to re-establish the alkaline design of the body.

Any excess alkalinity in the blood, in the stomach, in the connective tissues, or in the interstitial fluids is used to buffer acids. You can’t get enough of these alkaline compounds to buffer the onslaught of environmental, dietary and/or metabolic acids. The body is always deficient in alkalinity. That is the cause of enervation, irritation, inflammation, induration, ulceration and degeneration. There is no other cause than ACID! When you stop breathing, you stop producing the acid of carbon dioxide. Everyone knows that you can hold your breath and pass out or even die from the absence of the alkalizing effects of oxygen and the build up of carbon dioxide acid in the blood and tissues. When your heart stops beating you stop producing acid. When your brain stops having thoughts you stop producing acid. After 30 years of blood research I have found that You are alkaline by design but all body functions are acidic and this is why it is humanly impossible to become too alkaline!

Kal: On a side note, I often wonder if perhaps we would all be better off if the whole pH discussion (and many others) had only taken place in a few alternative healing schools where they used it as a test to help them create health plans for their clients without telling them anything new to worry about or mess up.

Dr. Young: Proper and correct acid/base biochemistry is not being taught in ANY school. All levels of education needs to teach the principals of acid/base biochemistry with the foundational premise that the human, animal and plant body are all alkaline by design and acidic by function.

The iso-structure of the blood maintains the pH of the blood by pushing off the dietary and/or metabolic acids into the connective tissue. The blood gives to the urine the same amount of acid that it receives from the tissues and liver so it retains its iso-form. A base or alkaline deficiency is always related to the deterioration of the deposit ability of the connective tissues. As long as the iso-structure of the blood is maintained, the urine, which originates from the blood, remains a faithful reflected image of the acid-base regulation, not of the blood, but of the tissues. The urine therefore is an excretion product of the tissues not the blood. So when you are testing the pH of the urine you are testing the pH of the tissues. So, when your urine pH is over 7.2 then the body tissues are alkaline and healthy. When the pH of the urine is below 7.2 then the body tissues are acidic and unhealthy.

Also, when you are testing the saliva pH you are testing the potential for alkalizing. What I mean is the saliva pH is like your gas gauge in your car telling you how much gas you have. When you saliva pH is 7.2 or higher you are full of alkalinity in your alklophile glands. If your saliva pH is below 7.2 you are deficient in alkaline minerals and need to fill up with alkalizing food, drink and mineral supplements, like pHour and pHlavor salts.

Kal: Some people just mess up anything they have the chance to think about. Fixing this human failing requires learning that you can be wrong and still be loved; that you can take fine care of your experience of life; that you are lovable whether you get it right or not.

Dr. Young: Unfortuntely acid/base biochemistry is not being taught correctly in allopathic or alternative schools. Kal I respectively disagree with your assestment here.

Medical doctors and other savants do not recognize “latent tissue acidosis.” They recognize compensated acidosis and decompensated acidosis. In compensated acidosis breathing increases in order to blow off more carbonic acid which decreases PCO2 because of the lowered carbonate or HCO3. When the breathing rate can no longer get any faster and when the kidneys can no longer increase their function to keep up with the acid load from an acidic meal or over-exercise or even too much emotional stress, then the blood pH starts to change from a pH of 7.365 to 7.3 then to 7.2. At a blood pH of 7.1 (still in an alkaline state) the heart relaxes and the client goes into a coma and then dies.

There is a daily rhythm or oscilation to this acid base, ebb and flow of the fluids of the body. The stored acids are mobilized from the connective tissues and Pishinger’s spaces while we sleep.

These acids reach their maximum (base tide) concentration in this fluid, and thereby the urine at 2am is the most acidic. The acid content of the urine directly reflects the acid content of the fluid in the Pishinger’s spaces, the extracellular fluid compartments of the body. On the other hand the Pishinger’s spaces become most alkaline around 2pm (the base flood) as then the most sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3 is being generated by the cover cells of the stomach to alkalize the food and drink we have ingested.

If your urine is not alkaline by 2pm you are definitely in an ACIDIC condition and lacking in alkaline reserves necessary to maintain the alkaline design of the body. This is when sickness and dis-ease is eminent. The ideal pH of the urine should run between 7.2 and 8.4 and can by maintain at optinum by supplementing mineral salts such as pHlavor and phour salts.

Kal: Unfortunately, the love of many has “waxed cold” to quote a very old scriptural prophecy about our time. The result has been that love is not felt or really given, in the sense of absolute love. We do not share and impress that love in kindness, self-restraint, discipline, effort and trust in each other in the life experience.

Well, let me get back to the point.

Dr. Young: There is another quote in ancient scripture found in the Bible, “My people perish from lack of knowledge.” What we are dealing with here is a bad case of ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Kal: Theoretically, if one gets too alkaline, there will be as much malfunction as when someone gets too acidic.

Dr. Young: If the body somehow COULD get too alkaline, that might be true. But we will never know, because it can’t. All malfunctions in the body are a result of the body dealing with excess acidity in the tissue and where and how to eliminate it. The body has four channels to eliminate dietary and/or metabolic acids – the skin, bowels, urinary tract, and the lungs. When the body, and specifically the blood, cannot remove the excess acid fast enough, then the blood throws the acid out into the connective tissue. It then becomes the job of the lymphatic system to remove these acids through perspiration, respiration and/or through urination. If one is steteching, deep breathing and sweating from exercise then many of these acids taken up into the connective tissues will be removed from the connective tissue and eliminated. If not then the body suffers from connective tissue disorders and aches and pains – all caused by excess tisssue acidity while the blood can still be balanced at and alkaline pH of 7.365.

Kal: From a purely theoretical standpoint, one could stop metabolizing key nutrients if they are too alkaline. One could experience their blood not carrying oxygen if too alkaline. One certainly could fail to get hydrated or use water efficiently if too alkaline. These are theoretical possibilities, however, not empirical realities.

Dr. Young: Kal, I respectively disagree. The body does not stop metabolism when alkalizing or hyper-alkalizing. My 30 years of blood research indicates the opposite effect. When you alkalize the body buffers the acids that cause the blood to stick together causing oxygen deprivation and the blood can then flow freely delivering its oxygen to the tissues. When you alkalize with aklaine water with a pH of 9.5 the blood and tissues become more hydrated not less hydrated.

All anatomical elements that make up the DNA of the organized cell are the prey of life and energy. The result of this is biological acidic waste products which require alkaline mineral salts and alkaline water to buffer and eliminate.

Hyperalkaization and hyper-hydration help to bind up excess acids and the increased alkaline water helps to remove these acids through the four channels of elimination. You have to have alkaline fluids to move acidic toxins. If not, it turns to catarrah. The lymphatic system begins to bog down and congest. And the result is sickness and disease. No theory here. This is exactly what happens.

Kal: here are four key reasons for this:

Kal: 1. Stress is the middle name of just about everyone in modern society. Stress always results in immediate pH lowering to a more acidic state.

Dr. Young: Stress requires energy and energy leaves acidic residues which need to be eliminated through the four channels of elimination or it will be buffered with alkaline chemicals produced by the body and stored in the connective and fatty tissues. This is the way the alkaline blood pH is maintained while the fluids of the tissues become acidic.

Kal: 2. Sickess results in immune response which results in a state similar to stress, where the blood gets thinner and more active and more acidic.

Dr. Young: Acid causes All sickness and disease. The body has white blood cells to clean up the fluids of the body. WBCs are the garbage collection service, not an army of soldiers that go out to war against some invading micro-organism. This is a Pasteurian illusion. Germs do not cause disease but are the biologcial transformations of body cells affected by dietary and/or metabolic acidic waste. In addition, the blood never gets acidic except in decompensated acidosis which is the deficiency of alkaline mineral salts or alkaline buffers. When the blood pH hits 7.1 (slightly akaline pH) in decompensated acidosis you go into acidic shock or even a coma. Sickness is a result of tissue acidosis or “latent tissue acidosis” not blood acidosis. It never happens. The body won’t let it happen. In fact, after death, the blood is still alive and functioning. It is the body that dies from acidosis, not the blood, and the blood will still remain in an alkaline state for many hours after death. That is why some people who die have come back to talk about it. Death is the separation of the spirit body and the physical body which is held together by alkaline mineral salts which are the glue of life.

Kal: 3. Modern diet and the toxic world around us tends to create clutter in the blood and diminish the blood’s ability to carry nutrients. This inefficient state of the blood will inevitably result in the body becoming more acidic to try to speed the nutrient flow to vital organs.

Dr. Young: Kal, I respectively disagree. The clutter in the blood is caused by acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. Also, the blood is the life of all flesh, not the nutrient. The blood is the foundational cell, not the nutrient. The inefficient state of the blood is a result of acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. The blood purifies itself through elimination of toxic acidic waste via the four channels of elimination. If these channels of elimination are congested, then the toxic acidic waste goes to the connective tissue which are the acid catchers of the blood. When this starts to happen, this is when tissues and organs start to breakdown.

Kal: 4. All known diseases today exist only when there is a pH that is slightly lower (more acidic) than ideal. This means that no known disease occurs that is experienced while being too alkaline.

Dr. Young: There are no dis-ease or diseases in an alkaline state. All disease is a result of excess acids not properly eliminated through urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration. When the interstitial fluids of the body are acidic, this causes the symptoms of irritation, then to inflammation, then to ulceration and finally to degeneration – all stages of tissue acidosis that leads to death.

Kal: There are two more things that should be noticed about this before going on:

Kay: First, if someone wanted to sabotage the health of the world it would be a crafty trick to put things into the environment that would cause rapid shift to the too alkaline state. We are not well prepared to handle this. Of course, as soon as people became afraid of dying from it, our blood would shift right back to acid and we would be healed!

Dr. Young: That would be like saying if we increase the oxygen state of the atmosphere which has been declining for centuries, this would make us all sick. I have been administarting high pH water to 10’s of 1000’s of people around the world with only beneficial results. The fact is that when we “hyper or over-alkalize” people they get healthier, not sick. They lose excess weight. They have more energy. The skin improves. All organ functions improve. Acid DOES NOT HEAL, it KILLS. It destroys. You cannot heal with the waste products of life. That would be like treating an engine problem of your car with its carbon monoxide acidic waste product. This is what the medical community is trying to do with acidic antibiotics and many drugs made from the acidic urine of mold and yeast. Antibiotics are against life and compromise the delicate pH balance of the blood and tissues. Good idea to put alkanity into the atmosphere but more of the wrong reasons.

Kal: Second, the reality of being too alkaline (pH too high) would exist as the product of, not the cause of, a disease. Certain malfunctions in the body buffering systems (designed to keep the pH stable and healthy) could result in a too alkaline state. Such a state would not be the cause, however, but the outcome.

Dr. Young: How are you measuring this over alkalization? You never mention in your article how you determine a state of over-alkalinity or a state of over-acidity. Anyone who is sick has an acidic urine pH and an acidic saliva pH. This is an indication of an acidic lifestyle and diet and “latent tissue acidosis.” If you force alkalinity into the tissue then you will see the urine pH go from acid to alkaline. This is done through the blood because the blood maintains its delicate pH as it throws off the excess alkalinity into the tissues buffering the acids that are causing the dis-ease or disease in the first place and reversing the acidic tissue fluid condtion or “latent tissue acidosis.”

Kal: The conclusion, then, is that there are no diseases, under normal conditions, that are the product of one’s pH being too high. Having said that, there are a few principles to discuss in connection with this that will help us care for our health more wisely.

Dr. Young: There are no normal conditions when one is in a state of “latent tissue acidosis.” I respectively disagree wity your conclusions. Where is yur scientific evidence to support your theory. But, I have scientific evidence. In fact, the evidience is shown in the saliva pH which is an indicator of alkaline reserves of the body and the urine pH which is an indicator of tissue pH. The blood is always constant at 7.365. The scientific evidence is achieved by measuring the pH of sick people and giving these sick people alkalzing treatment and then noting the change in the blood and tissue. It is done by doing daily saliva and urine pH measurements, weekly CBC’s, cholesterol panels, liver panels, blood cancer tests, blood glucose testing, chemistry panels, and MRI’s and/or Pet scans.

The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is in the alkaline pH of the blood and tissues.

Kal: Principle 1: Sudden alkaline shock

Kal: Sudden alkaline shock is what some professionals create when treating cancer. The healer might put the person on a program that includes several very important things, but one of those is sudden alkaline shock where the alkalizing foods and herbs and habits result in such a dramatic shift upward in pH that the body goes too alkaline and often starts to oscillate.

Dr. Young: There is no such thing as “alkaline shock.” There is such a thing called “acidic shock” and is expressed by negative health symptoms and an acidic urine and saliva pH. When you start the hyperalkalizing process the body now has the resources to reverse the excess tissue acidosis. This is a good thing. The only shock when hyperalkalizing is coming from the acid being released from the tissues not the base chemicals introduced to release and buffer the acids from the tissues.

Kal: By oscillate, I mean that the body becomes extremely alkaline and then overcompensates back to acidic and then, because of the alkaline program, it goes to extreme alkaline again. This is vital to get the body’s immune system to clear out all cancer (well, also what we think can cure cancer almost immedia tely). The immune system functions higher when the body is slightly acidic and the extreme alkaline moments actually reduce the size and virulence of the cancer. Many healers seem to use this system very effectively for treating cancer.

Dr. Young: How are you measuring this oscillation? There is an oscillation of alkalinity and acidic which I refer to as the ebb and tide of tissue, urine and saliva pH. I measure this oscillation in the blood and tissues daily with pH Hydrion paper. The most important time to measure the pH of the tissues is in the morning. You should measure the morning pH each morning. The morning pH is a measurement of your lifestyle and dietary choice from the day before. If your urine pH is below 7.2 then you are in “latent tissue acidosis” and you need to make changes in your lifestyle, diet and supplementation. You need to start living, eating and thinking alkaline. You need to increase your alkaline mineral salts. I would suggest taking each night before bed 1 scoop of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of water to help buffer the dietary and/or acids of the day. In the morning you will see the alkalizing result and feel the alkalizing benefits.

When you start hyperalkalizing, you start the removal of acids. The immune system shuts down and becomes paralzyed in an acidic environment. You can shut the immune system down for up to 5 hours with just a glass of acidic orange juice. When you start alkalizing, the white blood cells become active again. You can do this with alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or with 1 scoop of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of purified water which dilutes the acid that is paralyzing the white blood cells. The benefits are immediate and can be seen in the live blood with the re-activation of the white blood cells.

Kal: This can be induced unwisely on certain health programs and accidentally in certain situations.

Dr. Young: It is apparent you are confusing hyperalkalinity with the release of acids from the tissues.

Kal: For example, I took a small group on a healing and meditation retreat into the high mountains of Wyoming. We camped at 10 or 11 thousand feet and made day hikes up as high as 12 thousand 3 hundred feet.

Dr. Young: Hiking requires energy which produces acids which requires adequate alkalinity to buffer those acids or you will get sick and/or tired. Also, elevations of 10 to 11 thousand feet are acidic because they are deficient in alkalizing oxygen. This kind of hike would require hyperalkalzation of alkaline compounds such as sodium bicarbonate and sodium chlorite to increase alkalinity and oxygen into the blood.

Kal: While there, we drank only spring water coming from a glacier right above the lake we camped near.

Dr. Young: All glacier water, at best, has a nuetral pH of around 7. All the glacier water I have tested is slightly acidic. Glacier water would not be adequate for alkalizing and oxygenating the blood and tissues for a hike up to 10 or 11 thousand feet.

Kal: In addition to this, we took along a totally raw selection of fruit (limes) and some totally raw energy bars that were highly alkalizing and healing; you can find the recipes on
( ) on the downloads page — available to registered users.

Dr. Young: I do not know of any raw energy bars that are alkaline. Most of them contain natural sugars which are all highly acidic. Sugar is acid and acid is sugar by whatever name you call it. Sugar in any form has similiar side-effects in the blood and tissues much like the side-effects of cocaine. In addition Kal your recipes are acid forming. In response to food acid load, 36% of the H+ or proton goes intracellular in exchange for the release of Na+ (sodium) into the blood stream. 15% of the acid goes intracellular in exchange for K+ (potassium) – common in diabetics. 6% of the H+ or proton or acid goes directly into the cell to be buffered by intracellular processes. 43% is buffered extracellularly as NaHCO3- or sodium bicarbonate combining with H+ or proton or acid to form H2CO3 or carbonic acid which breaks down to CO2 or carbon dioxide to be released by the lungs. 10% of CO2 or carbon dioxide is excreted through the lungs and 90% is used by the body to reabsorb alkaline minerals and make sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3.

The biochemistry is: CO2 + H2O + NaCl = NaH2CO3 = HCO3 + HCL.

Kal: Being an herbalist, I also planned for us to eat lots of the wild greens along the way.

Dr. Young: Eating lots of wild greens will help your blood, but it will not provide the extra electrons and alkalinity needed for a strenous hike.

Kal: While this sounds like a pretty good program, it actually had one serious drawback — the fact that we would all get stuck in extreme alkaline shock. Because of the spring water, which was, itself, extraordinarily alkaline, we got stuck in alkaline and could not get back to acidic. Further, alkaline water does not hydrate well and we had gone to a much higher altitude where we needed more hydration help, not less.

Dr. Young: Kal, this is not even close to a pretty good program. In fact your program is perfect for getting stuck in extreme ‘acidic shock.” The water you were drinking was not alkalizing to the blood tissues. The energy bars you were eating were acidic. The sugary acidic fruit you were eating was also acidic. You were at higher elevation with less oxygen which is also acidic. You were not drinking high alkaline, oxygen rich, electron rich water. You were not drinking or eating enough greens to compensate for the energy it took to climb the mountain. You flat out did not alkalize the blood and tissues and you became over-acidic from your so-called healing and mediation retreat. You and our group were experiencing to a lesser or greater degree “acidic shock.”

Kal: The consequence was weakness and extreme dehydration. We had not thought to bring along a watermelon or distilled water or some vinegar even, to make for a slightly acidic hydration source. We just cavalierly kept drinking from the spring and doing half a dozen other things to make ourselves alkaline.

Dr. Young: The weakess and dehydration are both symptoms of tissue acidosis and caused by a deficency of alkalinity. This also happens when you over exercise. It is called lactic tissue acidosis and is experienced by the symptom of pain. This lactic tissue acidosis can be removed with increased hydration with alkaline water or a shot of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of water. The best atheletes in the world do this.

Kal: This was unwise and made it hard to make the trek down the mountain! When we got home we ate large amounts of watermelon and were hydrated in just a few hours.

Dr. Young: You went home and had some acidic sugary watermelon which is no better then if you had drank a sports drink or had a cup of coffee and stimulatied the body back into feeling better. It is all an illusion when you are stimulating the body into feeling good. All you did with the ingestion of the sugary watermelon was stimulate the body into feeling good. You didn’t do anything to help the body recover from the symptoms of over-acidity and you ended up probably taking months or possibly even years off the life of some of the team.

Kal: Sometimes, acidity is quite necessary for survival and over alkalinity can be a hazard. Even in serious illness, it is important for the body to be able to regain a slightly acidic state in order for the immune system to function well.

Dr. Young: The immune system is poisoned by acids and shuts down in its presence. Acids kill; alkalinity heals. It is that simple.

Kal: This is the natural way of things. Most of the time the body stays alkaline, but it is easy to switch back to acidic because there are no unnatural or extreme alkaline agents in the body. The body will switch to acidic to clean up, to kill invaders, to rapidly hydrate, to kill cancer, to heal rapidly, to deal with threats and so forth.

Dr. Young: The body will do everything it can to maintain its alkaline design. The only time the body becomes over-acid is from poor lifestyle and dietary choice. Also Kal, cancer is not somethng you kill. It is not a cell. It is toxic acid from environment, diet and/or metabolism. And eating watermelon, other sugarary energy bars, and sugary acidic fruit speed up the process of acidic or cancerous tissue. It is one in the same. You cannot hydrate yourself with acid. Hydration has to be done with alkaline fluids or you force the body cells to biologically transform into bacteria and/or yeast. I have done this experiment over and over again with the blood. As the blood fluids become more and more acidic, this causes the cells to biologically transform or change to bacteria, then yeast and finally mold. Vinegar is a strong toxic acid and destroys body cells and compormises the delicate pH balance of the blood and tissues. Vinegar is the urine of fermentation and when added to the blood it destroys it. The body uses its own hemaglobin to buffer acids. This is why people become anemic. The body releases alkaline buffers such as sodium bicarbonate, hemaglobin, and oxygen radicals, such as SO-. HO- and H2O2, in order to neutralize the toxic effects of dietary and/or metabolic acid to preserve the alkaline design of the body.

Kal: So, we stay alkaline to keep disease away, but when disease strikes or finds its way in, we want the body to be able to switch back and forth freely.

Dr. Young: Kal, I once again respectively disagree. The body does not switch back and forth between acid and alkalinity. It goes full out to neutralize or buffer all acids and to maintain alkaline balance. The back and forth you are describing is the body tying to do its best to stay alkaline when a person has an acidic lifestyle and diet.

The cause of ALL sickness and disease is ACID. The body does not use sickness or disease caused by acidity to heal itself. There is no other cause of poor health but acid. And there is no other cause in the back and forth of pH except for the persons acidic lifestyle and dietary choices and the body trying to maintain its alkaline design.

Kal: This leads to the conclusion that we should watch out for alkalizing substances and programs that are so extreme as to attempt to manipulate the body in an almost drug-like way to be extremely alkaline.

Dr. Young: I respectively disagree. The conclusion is this: there is only one sickness and one disease. The one sicknes and one disease is the over-acidification of the blood then tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking. An extreme alkaline diet is not exteme; it is the only diet that maintains the alkaine design of the body and prevents all sickness, dis-eaae and disease. This diet is called the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and is outlined in our books, the pH Miracle, the pH Miracle for Diabetes, the pH Miracle for Weight Loss and the pH Miracle for Cancer.

Kal: Some programs I have heard about are like this and, if used at all, should be kept to a short time frame, such as two weeks. These are programs where no acidic foods are taken, where water is alkalized before drinking it, where supplements that are alkaline mineral based are used, where extremely alkalizing fruits or supplements are taken every day, etc.

Dr. Young: The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is the ideal lifestyle and diet of a healthy, fit and vibrant person free of all acidic symptmologies.

Kal: Rather a person should adhere to the basic alkaline rules that are taught at, which are that we keep our body clean, eat only what nature provides and work on improving the way we think and what we believe about life and ourselves in life. We also drink distill ed water, which is slightly acidic and, as such, is very usable as water to flush the system and to hydrate as much as water can hydrate. Most importantly, water is used to flush the system.

Dr. Young: Your lifstyle and diet does have some healthy alkaline components such as being more positive. The problem with your lifestyle and Diet is that it is not based upon the scientific fact that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. Water is used not just to flush the digestive system of toxic acids but to replenish and alkalize the digestive system, the blood, the tissues and other body systems. The water in our body is not distilled; it is alkaline. Our body runs on electrons which are carried by the water and alkalzing minerals. The spark of life is the electron and it is found in living alkaline electron rich water. Distilled water is electrically neutral and thus, has NO life and can give no Life.

Kal: Alkaline water does not do this well at all.

Dr. Young: Alkaline electron rich water with a pH of 9.5 and an ORP of -150mV delivers electrons or the spark of life that keeps you alive and strong physically and mentally.

Kal: Principle 2: Stress and cleansing

Kal: Stress and cleansing always result in an acidic state… perhaps I should rephrase that — stress and cleansing always involve an acidic state. This is because the body does everything faster and with more aggression when it is acidic and is calmer and quieter when it is alkaline.

Dr. Young: Stress causes acidity. Cleansing is the result of the body letting go of dietary and/or metabolic acids. Alkalizing makes this cleansing of acidic toxins possilble and more effective. Alkalizing also reduces stress because it reduces acidity which can cause more stress both physically and mentally.

Kal: The person who wants to stay, overall, more alkaline should be aware that cleansing should be done intensively and then followed by a healthy, natural diet and meditation, healthy thinking and believing and loving life, feeling that it is okay to be loved and wrong at the same time and feeling that he/she can handle life for him/her.

Dr. Young: Mediation, strectching, deep breathing, exercising, believing and loving life are all alkalizing to the blood and tissues. They are compliments to an alkaline diet of green foods and green drinks, mineral salts, healthy oils and liberal amonts of alkaline water. I call this the COWS Plan. If you want to be healthy you have to alkalize the blood and tissues daily with the four food alkaline groups – “C” Chlorophyll, “O” Oil and Oxygen, “W” water that is saturated with electrons, and “S” salt and sunshine.

Kale: Additionally, when one eats under stress, the food becomes a poison. The person will generally digest the food to be acidic (if she/he digests it at all) and then the person will find that his/her body will oscillate asynchronously — meaning at the wrong times and out of balance with nature and harmony and personal peace and health.

Dr. Young: All food produces acidic residues which are buffered by the stomach’s production of sodium bicarbonate. Over-eating does create over-acidity which is problematic for the alkalizing alimentary canal. Stress is someone in their thoughts which requires energy, which then causes an increase of metabolic acid. The body will buffer this increase in acid with alkaline buffers. The primary alkaline buffer that the body produces to buffer acidity is sodium bicarbonate.

Kale: Finally, when one is under a lot of stress and the stress management is not working (I think this happens to all of us some times) one should not drink lots of pure distilled water by itself. Distilled water works so well for flushing the system that a problem arises when stress is high. Normally, the body protects its vital nutrients from water and keeps them protected while allowing wastes and deposits to be flushed away. Under extreme stress, the body kicks out vital nutrients and loses control over them.

Dr. Young: The body and the anatomical elements that make up every living cell is highly intelligent. The body uses the elements of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium to buffer the acids produced from acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. When one is under stress, it becomes even more important to super-hydrate with alkaline electron rich water and supplement mineral salts. I recommend, when under stress, one liter or quart of alkaline water per 30 pounds of weight. I also recommend taking 1 scoop of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of water anytime the urine pH is below 7.2.

Kal: Thus when stress is high, we make herbal teas or drink water with lots of lemon in it or sea salt stirred into it or some such thing that will make it less aggressive to vital nutrients, without interfering with its ability to flush out wastes.

Dr. Young: When stress is high, drink one liter of alkaline electron rich water per 30 pounds of weight and ingest 10 to 14 grams of mineral salta and take 1 scoop of pHour salts in 3 to 4 ounces of purified water. Sea salt is foundational for helping the body produce sodium bicarbonate and for keeping blood and tissues alkaline.

Kal: Principle 3: Seek wise solutions

Kal: i. Avoid unnatural means of alkalization, such as chemicals and alkaline water. If there is some need to use such things, keep it to two weeks and no more. If you already have an alkaline water system, add lemon to it before drinking it. This will help. I would also alternate by drinking distilled water periodically to keep my body well flushed.

Dr. Young: Do not drink distilled water unless you add pH drops of sodium chlorite to increase the electron concentration and to help alkalize the blood and tissues under stress.

Kale: ii. Keep your water acidic by drinking distilled water or by adding lemon or vinegar or by making an herbal tea that is not too alkalizing.

Dr. Young: Kal, I respectively disagree with your nutritional advise. Do not drink distilled water and do not drink vinegar. Distilled watere is not alkaline and electrically dead and vinegar is highly acidic and will eventually kill you. You need to buffer acids and eliminate them by hydrating with alkaline electron rich fluids and mineral salts.

Kal: iii. Use sodium sources for natural pH mitigation. This includes celery and carrot juice, sea salt, celery seed, seaweeds and so forth. T his manages pH without creating alkaline shock.

Dr. Young: Kal. I believe you are confusing “alkaline shock” with “acidic shock.” The main shock to the body comes from dietary and/or metabolic acid. There is no such thing as “alkaline shock.” “Acid shock” is known by many names – cancer, MS, osteoporosis. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and so on. Your so-called “alklaine shock” will be known by its symptoms of high energy, vitality, fitness and health.

Kal: iv. Exercise helps to keep a natural, smooth, oscillation wave going that helps the body go through healthy cycles of alkaline and acid states. Of course, exercise uses up the nutrients that you are eating in order to build a new you; so any exercise program should include plenty of really healthy, natural, live food.

Dr. Young: Exercise helps to remove excess acids out through the pores of the skin helping to keep the body akaline by design. You need to sweat and pee your way to health. These are two of the best ways to remove dietary and/or metabolic acid.

Kal: v. Emphasize digestion always. Whether stressed or not, digestion is the thing that is most supportive or destructive, depending on whether it is working or not. Eat raw fruit 20 minutes before each meal, take  teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a little water 15 minutes before each meal, chew your food lots and enjoy it fully. Seek peace with everyone and everything and yourself in your heart before you take a bite and stay that way or stop eating until you regain it.

Dr. Young: Emphasizing alkalizing is always the funciton of the alimentary canal. The digestive system is an alkalizing buffering system by secreting sodium bicarbonate from all glands throughout the canal from the mouth to the rectum.
The food and liquids you ingest cannot be transformed into healthy stem cells in the crypts of the small intestine unless liquified and alkalized to a pH of over 8.

Kal: vi. Keep your body nourished and clean with live foods and at least seasonal cleansing. Eat a wide spectrum of healthy food and eat with the seasons as much as possible.

Dr. Young: To live a long and healthy life, eat only alkaline food, drink only electron rich alkaline water, and take only alklaizing supplements. Remember to exercise for one hour daily in order to remove connective tissue and interstitial acids out through the pores of the skin, the lungs and the urinary system.

Kal: vii. Understand that the advantage to using whole, live herbs, instead of isolated supplements for your alkalizing and cleaning is that they will generally allo w the natural oscillation to continue to take place.

Dr. Young: Understand that using alkaline foods, drinks and supplements will help to maintain the alkaline design of the body and will imporve the quality and quantity of life.

Dr. Young: Thanks Kal for the opportunity to share my research and another perspective.

10 thoughts on “Can You Over Alkalize? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Boy, Rob, you wiped the floor with this guy!So good to see these unchallenged assumptions that masquerade as health ‘knowledge’ challenges so thoroughly and respectfully.Ian Blair Hamilton.


  2. Wow! Although I already knew the information that Rob offered as correction, I am dumbfounded to think that Kal teaches this dangerously incorrect information…and FULLY believes it?
    How could you be so confused?
    It makes me quite scared to think that there will be people out there who will take Kals information and apply it! Scary stuff!


  3. Dear Dr.Young,
    As I understand it, you need HCL for proper digestion of food-stuffs.
    Doesn't Sodium Bicarbonate neutralize this acid and isn't that a bad thing for especially protein digestion?
    It's a great alkalizer, for sure, but do you WANT to alkalize the stomach?
    This is a qestion I've been having for quite some time now…
    Thanks for your reply,


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  5. If you are searching to reduce your anxiety, there are many ways to do so, you can try all these new age methods of mediation, and solitude mediation, so on and so forth, but if you want my opinion the best way to deal with anxiety is some simple day to day routine along with steady medication some use Xanax to help treat anxiety, but you should find the right medication that works for you, also this is one of those times where it’s imperative to consulate your doctor !


  6. Fabulous! I think I got acidic just feeling like you were banging your head against a brick wall with that Kal guy. I haven't been properly alkalising for a while, and I have felt much worse as a result. Back on the wagon again 🙂


  7. The main benefit from alkaline water is the antioxidant effects. Antioxidant helps to combat toxins in our body and flushed out impurities from our body. Not all alkaline water has the antioxidant effect. Antioxidant is achieved when the water goes through an alkaline water machine. The ionization process will cause the water to be alkaline.


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