What To Do When You Cannot Afford Health Insurance

First let’s state unequivocally, “Yes, Virginia… except for some surgical requirements, e.g., hernias, or broken bones, etc., YOU CAN BE HEALTHY WITHOUT having medical insurance, or even without being able to afford to see a doctor.”

I want to say. “ALL dis-ease symptoms are caused by systemic acidic imbalances in the body”, BUT I try not to use the words “Never”, “Ever”, or “All”. As sure as I do, there will be some “exception”, which, while rare, will catch me up. I will say that the extreme “majority” of sickness and dis-ease conditions do not and cannot exist in a properly alkalinized human body. Over acidic conditions from lifestyle and dietary choice cause the symptoms, which we define as “dis-ease” states.
You will note that I hyphenate the word “disease” as “dis-ease”, because I cannot bring myself to acknowledge that “diseases” even exist. There are, in fact, “symptom syndromes”, or collections of symptoms, which when identified, are given “names” in the medical lexicon. Once a “name” is given to a Symptom Syndrome, then it gets diagnosed, and pharmaceutical companies set about to produce drugs to ameliorate the symptoms. None of these drugs addresses the underlying cause of the dis-ease symptoms.

For example, there is NO disease “out there” such as Diabetes, just waiting for us to catch it. Diabetes is a Symptom Syndrome, which is caused by systemic over acidic conditions in the body resulting from our bad lifestyle and dietary choices.

So, what do you do when you want / NEED to be healthy without the intervention of the medical / pharmaceutical complex? What can you do when you can’t afford health of dis-ease insurance?

FIRST – Begin to ‘GREEN UP YOUR DIET”!! Begin to eat more salad greens, broccoli, green beans, celery, cucumber, spinach, avocados, asparagus, etc., Get the picture… GREEN FOODS! Lots of them!

SECOND – Get the high “acid ash” foods completely out of your diet. NEVER EAT THEM! Examples are ALL carbonated beverages, ALL sugars and ALL high carbohydrate foods, especially particularly sweet fruits.

THIRD – Get ALL animal proteins out of your diet! This will be a hard point for many of you. I had a client who told he went through his pantry and got rid of everything that had “animal protein” in it, and he said, “I didn’t have ANYTHING LEFT TO EAT!!” You may have a similar experience. It is truly culture shock to realize how many products you daily rely upon, cannot be eaten by anyone who wants to avoid the doctor, and who wants to be healthy.

FOURTH – Get ALL animal, processed and trans fats and ALL Saturated Fats out of your diet. Eat only monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, such Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, etc., and eat A LOT of them. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, from GREEN fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts should be a primary source of electron rich and electrically active food and drink in your diet.

FIFTH – Drink LOTS OF ALKLAIME WATER!! Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Drink ONLY pure, filtered alkaline water. If the water in your area does not have a pH of at least 8.0 or higher, you will need to pH correct the water. You can purchase alkaline drops to add to your local filtered water. It would be wonderful if you can obtain a structured water machine, which will not only properly alkalize your water, and filter it, but will also correct it to the proper ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential), which should ideally be in the -150 mV or greater range. If you can’t afford a machine to correct the ORP level of your filtered water, DO NOT let that keep you from doing the things you can do. Get a water filter, and filter your water. Get some alkaline drops and correct the water pH to at finished pH of 9 or 10. DRINK 1 liter of pure, filtered, alkaline adjusted water for each 50 lbs. of body weight. The degree to which you think this is a lot of water, is an indicator of how much trouble your body and health are in… water….adequate hydration is THE most critical thing you can do to improve your health. Your body should be over 70% water, and CANNOT function and be healthy without proper alkaline hydration.


SIXTH – Get out in the fresh air, and BREATHE. Oxygen is critical for health. Breathing deeply not only helps to maintain proper alkaline / acid relationships in the body, but also is critical for virtually every metabolic process in every tissue of the body. Don’t count on your natural breathing, reflex to get all the oxygen you need. Do at least 15 mins. of deep breathing exercises every day. Take a slow, deep breath through your nose… hold it for a count of two, and exhale slowly through your nose. Count to two, and repeat. Do this for at least 15 mins. EVERY DAY! In addition, try to get in 4 or 5 such deep breaths as often during the day as you think about it. BREATHE!!

SEVENTH – Get some alkalizing “SALT” in your diet. I don’t mean refined table salt. Start with a good sea salt. Our blood closely resembles the saline content of the oceans. YOU NEED SALT! The definition of “salt” gets a bit complicated. “Salts”, at their simplest structure, are metals which are connected by single bonds only and do not have Hydrogen atoms connected to them. Don’t get bogged down with this technical definition. I only mention it to say that the human body contains a lot of alkaline “salts” besides just table salt, i.e., Sodium (the metal) plus Chloride, NaCl. The human body critically includes a number of “salts” of several metals, e.g., Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium, known as “electrolytes”. It is difficult to get enough of the proper relative quantities of these inter-related salts without the proper diet I have set out above.

I formulated a food additive called, pHour Salts, to help with adequate intake of the four main electrolytes. If you have access to a supply of pHour Salts, it will really help, but if you don’t – do not despair. If you don’t have access to pHour Salts, get some good sea salt or pHlavor spray mineral salts, and try to eat the darkest green foods you can obtain.


EIGHTH – Monitor you own health. Get a few packages of “pH Test Strips”. Test both your urine and saliva. They are excellent indicators of the proper healthy tissue environments in your body. Each tests a different tissue environment. Check both your urine and your saliva. Check the first urine of the day and your saliva before eating anything in the morning, and then a few times during the day. If you find that your test results are below 7.0 correct immediately, either with a little pHour Salts, or eat a bit of particularly alkaline food, e.g., cucumber, broccoli, asparagus, avocado, etc.. You will quickly get the hang of what corrects your test results the best, and what doesn’t.

I like to use the acronym, C.O.W.S., which stands for CHLOROPHYLL, (OXYGEN and OIL), WATER and SALT.. The proper balance of these four elements through proper eating and dieting, will result in robust health, and WILL KEEP YOU HEALTHY without the traditional frequent visits to the doctor. Getting the proper balance of these four intakes WILL keep you healthy WHEN YOU CAN’T AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE.

So, if you find yourself without health insurance… the situation may truly be a blessing in disguise, IF it gets you to take control of your own health instead of contracting it out to your doctor and local hospitals. GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY! You can do it without health insurance or doctors!

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  1. If more doctors gave good advice like this, there wouldn’t be such a huge market for insurance because everyone would be a whole lot healthier! Since < HREF="http://www.getonlinequotes.com" REL="nofollow">health insurance in Florida<> (even the state sponsored plans) are so bad, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on my pH balance. Thanks so much for this unique info!


  2. Great advice Doctor. Thank you for posting this. If I may, I would like to add a comment regarding legitimate Health Insurance options that are available to those who have been declined insurance due to the onset of the conditions mentioned in your article and many others. I have been a multi state licensed health and life insurance broker for more than 13 years now. One of the biggest challenges I have had to deal with through the years has been trying to help the uninsurable. Unfortunately in most states if you have one of a host of “pre-existing” medical conditions you are labeled as uninsurable on an individual health insurance policy. In most states this uninsurable status lasts for many years and sometimes for life depending on the specific pre existing condition you have been diagnosed with. Some of the pre existing medical conditions that render an applicant uninsurable for ten years or more are: Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Degenerative Arthritis and a host of other pre existing conditions. In addition, there are applicants who have a combination of controlled pre existing conditions but because they have more than three “ratable conditions” they are labeled uninsurable. For example, with many carriers an applicant who has Hypertension & Hyperlipidimia but is also overweight falls under the “3 strikes your out” rule and is labeled uninsurable. Or an applicant may have two of the aforementioned controlled conditions and is not overweight but is a smoker and is then labeled uninsurable also. Or an applicant who has asthma but also smokes falls in to the same uninsurable category with many carriers. These are just a few examples of conditions or “combo conditions” that can render an applicant uninsurable. The question then becomes, what do I do now? Who will insure me against the catastrophic medical bills that I may face in the future? Who will help me pay for the medications I currently am taking to control the aforementioned conditions? For many years depending on the state you live in you only had two options. They are as follows: 1.) If you have a corporate tax i.d. number you can purchase a small group health insurance policy from most insurance carriers. With this scenario a minimum of two people (often husband & wife) who work for the same corporation can apply for a small group health insurance policy. After a period of time, or in some cases immediately (depending on how many months you have had prior health insurance coverage without a lapse) pre-existing conditions will be covered provided that they are a covered expense on the policy.2.) Enroll in your states insurance risk pool (if your state is fortunate enough to have one). In our home state of Illinois the risk pool is called the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (ICHIP). ICHIP is a state health benefits program and not an insurance company. Persons must qualify for coverage but in most cases if the applicant is coming off an exhausted qualified COBRA continuation plan from a prior employer sponsored group, their pre existing conditions will be covered from day one (provided again that those conditions are a covered expense on the ICHIP policy). However, ICHIP (and all insurance risk pools) are by no means entitlement programs. They are far from free! Premiums charged are established by law at from 125%-150% above the average rates charged individuals for comparable major medical coverage by five or more of the largest insurance companies in the individual health insurance market in that state. Suffice it to say, the premiums are far from affordable for many people. The rates for a person 50 years of age living in Chicago can range from $554 monthly for a $5,200 deductible plan to $852 monthly for a $500 deductible plan. For those who do not have an insurance risk pool in their state (http://www.naschip.org/states_pools.htm) their options are then even more limited if they are labeled as uninsurable.Whilst the two aforementioned options should still be pursued first (if available & affordable) there is now another option. American Medical & Life Insurance Company of New York, New York is now offering Defined Benefit Health Insurance Policies to the uninsurable. There are only three restrictions to obtaining these quality Defined Benefit Health Insurance Policies. They are as follows:1.) You may not be a Medicare recipient.2.) You may not be receiving disability benefits.3.) You may not be receiving workers' compensation benefits.There are no other underwriting requirements. This means that regardless of your pre existing condition American Medical & Life insurance company will issue you a Defined Benefit Health Insurance policy. What exactly is covered by their Defined Benefit Health Insurance policies? Much more coverage than any other “Defined Benefit” health insurance plan on the market today. There are four different Defined Benefit Health Insurance Policies to choose from. I will list the benefits covered on the best of the four different plan options. They are as follows: All benefits are provided on a “first dollar” basis (no deductible or co pays required)$1,000 per day covered for the first 100 days of hospital admission$2,000 in additional coverage for the first day of hospital admission$1,000 in additional coverage for the first 15 days of Intensive Care or Critical CareUnlimited inpatient our outpatient Surgical Benefit provided on all plansOne Preventative Care Visit is covered per insured per calendar year with a $150 allowance for that visitUp to 7 outpatient doctor office visits included with the with no co pay or deductible requiredMail order Generic & Brand name medications are discounted at up to 50%Medically necessary diagnostic tests and x-rays performed in a doctor's office or outpatient facility (e.g. MRI, CAT Scan, EKG, Mammography)are covered up to $400 per visit with a 5 visit allowance per yearThere is a 12 month waiting period for Pre Existing conditions. However, because the plan is HIPAA compliant this waiting period will be waived if you have a Certificate of Creditable coverage from another health insurance plan showing 18 months of prior coverage with no lapse of more than 63 days$5,000 of Critical Illness coverage provided for Primary Insured & Spouse (optional on other 3 plans) Nationwide P.P.O. network (www.multiplan.com)Arguably these benefits rival the “first dollar” benefits provided on most major medical health insurance policies on the market today. The most attractive part about this kind of health insurance policy is that the premium required is well below half the premium required for the ICHIP state insurance risk pool. Also like the state insurance risk pool coverage these Defined Benefit Health Insurance policies are fully HIPAA compliant. This means that if you are coming off of an employer sponsored Cobra continuation plan and can produce a certificate of creditable coverage from this prior carrier showing 18 months of prior coverage with no lapse of more than 63 days your pre existing conditions will be covered from day one. If not, there is a 12 month waiting period for pre existing conditions.Whilst a Small Group major medical Health Insurance policy or a State sponsored High Risk Pool are always the best way for those who have been rendered uninsurable to obtained Guaranteed Insurability.These products are often times not available depending on the State you live in (there are no Risk Pools in FL, GA AZ etc.) or they are often times not affordable. If this is the case, then a Defined Benefit Health Insurance policy is most certainly a cost effective way to protect oneself if you are rendered uninsurable on the individual health insurance market.Without a doubt, this is the finest Guaranteed Issue Defined Benefit health insurance policy on the market today. Most especially since the majority of other offers to the uninsurable consist of discount P.P.O. network memberships that are by no means health insurance policies. We've all seen them advertised from company's like “Care Entree” or “Ameriplan” that offer “health coverage” (clever way to circumvent the words “health insurance”) that will “cover” the entire family for $89 monthly! Beware of these kinds of “discount” products! Learn more in the September 23rd 2008 Issue of The Tennessean NewspaperThese kinds of discount “coverage” plans are so inexpensive because they provide nothing more than a P.P.O. repricing discount. This in itself is not a bad thing. However without a Major Medical or Defined Benefit health insurance policy in place one can experience catastrophic medical bills with these types of “health coverage” plans. This is the case because the average P.P.O. discount on medical procedures performed within a P.P.O. network is between 25% & 40%. For a $100 doctor office visit, this is a good deal. However, if the medical bill is $500,000 that can leave the “covered” person with as much as $200,000 in out of pocket expenses!For more information about Guarantee Issue Defined Benefit Health Insurance Plans and or Major Medical Health insurance plans please visit click here: http://www.sbisvcs.com/guarantee_issue.htmPlans are underwritten by American Medical and Life insurance company of New York, New York (www.usamli.com) available in 50 states.


  3. So many good comments here. I wish to add a few corrections re: water ionizers. Dr. Young, in his book, mistakenly recommended that obese people drink super-high 10.0 and 11.0 pH to get them going. This is a bad idea according to Japanese researchers who state not to drink above 9.5 pH. This makes sense because pH is a logarithm meaning that every number is 10 times higher than the preceding number. 8.0 Ph ionized alkaline water is 10 times higher than 7.0 pH. 9.0 pH is 100 times higher than 7.0 pH. 11.0 pH is 10,000 times higher than 7.0 pH. 9.0 pH water is best and one should never drink super-high pH water. Dr. Young also sells a fairly low-end Korean Jupiter machine which is made with mesh electrodes. This IE-900 Hydroanalytics site shows the problem with mesh electrodes:
    I do not mean to be overly critical because Dr. Young is on the right track. However, it is not all about pH only. It is equally about anti-inflammation, flora health, immune support and anti-oxidant balance.


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