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It is time to embrace Natural Holistic Health Care as a primary resource in our Health Care System. Natural Holistic Health Care needs to stand on solid and even ground with the current Allopathic Practices in our Health Care System. Natural Holistic Health Care needs to be overseen by individuals who revere and have studied this approach to well-being. I am certain that there are many intelligent, educated and maybe even self-educated individuals who are more than qualified to create a responsible team and a set of standards.

At the age of 32, the year was 1985, I became devastatingly ill. Up until this point I had always followed the allopathic approach for health care and had no exposure to any alternative approaches. For the first week, I stayed home from my high tech position, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I rested and slept experiencing extreme enervation, sleeping 18 hours a day and barely able to function during my awake time accompanied by numerous symptoms. I kept thinking, tomorrow I will go back to work or next Monday. If I could just get up and stay awake. I was told by my employer that by the end of the week I needed to have a doctor’s note stating, my condition would keep me from working. All my vital signs and lab tests appeared medically normal! I had many non-specific complaints. None of which did my medical doctor document, he said, “when you feel better, the symptoms will go away”! It didn’t make sense then and it still does not make sense today, what was causing all my symptoms was indeed primary. He implied that a condition has been documented that fits my profile with a non-specific name “chronic malaise”. There is ‘nothing’ that can be done to help you; the longest documented case is now at 12 years!! The twelve years sort of rang in my head as a very unreal number, what was he saying; people have had this condition for twelve years and the medical community knows nothing!!

As I struggled to sit up long enough to make a few phone calls, I described my condition to the voice on the other end of the phone; most would not even make an appointment to see me. I asked my doctor for a referral and was able to make two appointments, in the Boston area with two of the top medical facilities in the country and the world; one in the hematology department, and the other in the infectious disease department. I wasn’t going to die and there was nothing that could be done!

At that point, hearing that I was not going to die wasn’t necessarily good news. The amount of pain and constant discomfort was mostly unbearable with no days off, no vacations and no one to turn to for help.

It would be a year and a half before I found a doctor with a personal interest in a holistic approach to healing balanced with his medical training. It was then that I received a specific diagnosis and a willingness to systematically look at my symptoms. Someone who actually listened to me assuming that I just might know what I was talking about; after all I do live inside my own body to which my brain is attached. I began my journey into the alternative world of healing. I had found a medical doctor who encouraged and helped empower me to keep searching and trying alternative options. I quickly learned that I could not discuss my holistic choice with family or acquaintances without someone raising the danger or quack flag. What about the ‘lets be intelligent’ flag and research some options?

I explored and embraced many alternative therapies. Each played a role in relieving some level of discomfort even if for a short while. Then in 2002 and again in 2004, I was introduced to the work of Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D. of The pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, California. In March of 2005, I was blessed to hear Dr. Young speak twice here in the Boston area while on a book tour. Every cell in my body knew this was the truth. I decided that if Dr. Young’s research and conclusions were correct, then I should be able to follow his alkaline eating program and notice improvement, hopefully enough improvement to get strong enough to travel to California and study with him. I wasn’t going to put all my focus, energy and money into something unless it was based on good science; it had to make sense, I had way too many symptoms.

In April 2006, I traveled to Dr. Young’s ranch to learn how to get well. I came home with enough information to make this my way of life. I am restoring my own health and well-being without drugs, when the medical community at large said “There is no Cure”! The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia states; “There is no known cause and no known cure” for Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

I can state with confidence, “there is a known cause worth giving attention to and there is a path worth pursuing that is revealing the restoration of health. I was considering using the word “cure” but I realize that the medical cure does not necessarily equate to restoration of health. Read Sick and Tired by Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D. specifically Chapter 4: The Many Symptoms of Yeast/Fungus Infestation. This chapter describes many of my symptoms and the reasons for them which the medical community stated as being non-specific and did not know why.

When I review my lab tests from 20+ years ago and apply Dr. Young’s teaching, it is easy to see that I was very ill and why! Had my blood work been more extensive, much more would be revealed.

Dr. Young openly and with integrity states that his work stands on the shoulders of scientists of the past who have revealed scientific documentation towards the same conclusions, many of these individuals have been pushed into obscurity. They are only guilty for being truth seekers. For their brilliant undying dedication of holding their focus on finding the truth, of spending hours and hours of their time observing, waiting and watching for consistent results. Of creatively figuring out ways to discover the truth; hours of documenting what was observed; and in some cases witnessing the intentional destruction of their life long endeavors by the authorities.

There is way too much suffering in this world that just isn’t necessary. It is time to allow true freedom of choice beyond the walls of the traditional medical structure; or expand the walls of the allopathic thinking to embrace other research approaches.


Elizabeth Potter
Nutritional Microscopist
Educator of the Young’s pH Miracle Program
B.A. Mathematics and Secondary Education (1974)
Minor: Computer Sciences
150 Tenney Street
Georgetown, MA 01833

2 thoughts on “The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet – Natural Holistic Health Care”

  1. I just read Dr. Youngs book. The one glaring hole in his theories is that the digestive system uses extremely acidic juices (gastric acid) to break down food that we eat. Anything alkaline that we eat would be overcome by the higher acidity that it would be encountered in the stomach. I do not see this addressed in anything he has written.


  2. Indeed taking in too much of one food and not enough of another can create a place of imbalance within our systems, causing a pH level which is too acidic. A proper way of eating should consist of healthy and nutritious foods. This in turn, directly assists in keeping it strong and not at the whim of illness and disease. Hope you'll provide more info on body ph to educate us more about the said topic.


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