Over-Coming The Additions To Sugar and Tobacco With Salt

The following email letter is from Mehmet Ozevlat, a health practitioner from England that helps people stop smoking and lose weight. Mehmet, in his research study, has found the secret to losing weight, increasing energy, and over-coming the addictions to sugar and tobacco – eating Salt.


Hi Dr Young,

I would like to give a testimony on your magical pHlavour salt.


For almost 20 years I have been helping people to give up smoking and to lose weight. To date I have seen around 3000 people for stopping smoking.

The tools that I started my career with was mainly Hypnosis. For about 10 years my success rate had been around 70% for stopping smoking- stopping smoking means not smoking for at least 6 months after the clients last session with me. This figure was not satisfactory for me as I continued searching for more answers. I incorporated NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other behavioural techniques which increased the success rate to around 74% but I still failed about 26% of the time.

I started focusing on what the patients experienced just before they relapsed. What made them start smoking again?, What were the feelings and sensations? After all, once they had their session with me, they walked out of my consulting room and were on their own. What I learned was that those who started smoking again reported a massive craving to smoke again.

But what was the craving? Nicotine? Sugar? Whatever it was I had to find a way of disturbing this pattern.

Six months ago I gave a group session to a group of 37 smokers using the same techniques that I have always used but this time I introduced your Magical pHlavour Salt to them. The instructions were that they should spray it into their mouth 6-9 times a day especially if they experienced any craving for smoking. Now I didn’t have that many bottles with me but they went ahead and ordered them from your website and other websites. I monitored them and after 6 months and these are the results:

Out of 37 smokers who started the program over 1 year ago 34 are still not smoking!! That’s a massive 92% Success Rate.

You may say that 37 may not represent the other 3000 patients that I have seen in the last 20 years but one thing for sure that those who stayed off the cigarettes in this group reported that pHlavour Salt was the single most important tool that curbed the craving to smoke.

As always Dr Young I am fascinated with your studies, your products and your passion to pursue with your New Biology.

I recommend pHlavour Salt to any smoker to is serious about wanting to give up. My next mini-research is to try to curb the appetite for those who want to lose weight.

Apologies for the lengthy email.

God Bless you a Million Times Dr Young.

Kindest of Regards

Mehmet Ozevlat
email: mehmet.nlp4success@yahoo.com

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One thought on “Over-Coming The Additions To Sugar and Tobacco With Salt”

  1. Hi Dr. Young! Thank you for sharing this Dr.’s study!!!…Such a simple answer but coming from many years of research on his part and yours to give folks this simple remedy. This will help so many people! I know from experience that if we choose to step out of fear and let go of our comfortable and familiar prisons, acting on & living the truth can set us free. Since my life has changed through alkalizing beginning in 2001, I have assisted many others in getting started on an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Some who have smoked have contacted me, being thrilled to say that hydrating with alkaline water and SuperGreens has caused them to lose their craving for cigarettes (as well as soda, sweets, etc.). The salt, in the moment of craving, is an action that people can take to immediately banish it. From my heart, I know that wherever there is a need, there is an answer. If we just ask with real intent, the way will be provided to overcome weaknesses, whether in mind or body. Thank you so much for being an instrument of healing in the hands of God for the benefit of so many, many people. My life is so blessed because of the knowledge I have gained through you and through the application of it. The effort I have put forth does not even compare to the value I have gained. Because of it, I am living a fuller, clearer, happier, and more energetic life than if I had never asked. Love ya!Erika CharrayLas Vegas, NV


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