Dare To Take the pH Challenge and Write Your Own pH Miracle!

There are no words to describe the life changing results I personally experienced after reading Dr. Young’s Book, “The pH Miracle”. His book introduced me to the understanding of Acid verses Alkalinity in my body’s pH and once I understood that one idea, 10 years of declining health reversed. What can I say other than, pH Miracle saved my life!

This is my story:

Everything was going well with my health until I hit my forties. Then the “aging process” began. Or, so I was told by my Doctor! First, I began gaining weight, slight but steady and totally unwanted. My Doctor literally said “Welcome to your 40’s”. Then I, a person who had never been allergic to anything, became severely asthmatic, allergic to everything! My Doctor informed me that as we age we grow into allergies. I went into early menopause and my Thyroid began to fail. My Doctor graciously informed me that this was “no problem, as we had medicines for these things. Then, I had severe bone loss. Actually, the bones of a seventy-eight year old at 43! Once again, no problem as my Doctor had a prescription of Boniva for me. Then, I started having skin outbreaks from an auto-immune deficiency that steroid shots could easily “Mask” at one per month! By now, I was very weak as I had lost most of my muscle mass and chronically fatigued. But wait, there’s more! My 2005 blood test showed that I had fallen into a failing Liver function which was worse in 2006 and 2007. At this time, I had a C-SCAN because the rescue inhaler, Advair disc and Singular medicines were having a hard time controlling my asthma. This showed “Fungus” in my lungs! Within weeks, I discovered that I had Cancer, an Ocular Melanoma!

Within hours of returning home from my first Oncology appointment I had Dr. Young’s book in hand. For the first time in 10 years I had real answers for every single one of my break-downs. Acid, pure and simple, that was the answer, ACID….Weight gain, Asthma, Early menopause, Thyroid dysfunction, Bone loss, Auto Immune dysfunction, Muscle Loss, Fatigue, Failing Liver, fungus growth in my Lungs and even Cancer was all because I was living in an acid environment.

I performed a two day comprehensive urine and saliva pH test and found myself at a 5.0 pH. At that range, I had no where to go but UP. I began Dr. Young’s all green raw diet with Alkaline water and the changes were immediate! In three days my Asthma ceased. Within 2 weeks I had the energy level of my youth. In one month, I lost 40 pounds. In 5 weeks, my second C-SCAN showed no more fungus in my lungs.

At my 1st Oncology appointment after my surgery my Dr. said he had never seen cells regenerate the way mine had! Eight months after starting Dr. Young’s diet, I had a repeat blood test which showed three years of failing liver function was back to “Normal”.

I could go on forever. Great health is so simple. As I continued to alkalize my body fluids and watched my health issues reverse, I could see the direct correlation with my urine pH as it went from 5.0 to 5.9 to 6.4 to 6.8 to 7.0 to a steady 7.25-7.5!

This is my story. Dare to take the pH challenge and write your own Miracle.

To learn more about the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet go to:
http://www.phmiracleliving.com or read The pH Miracle books.

God Bless,

Jane Bailey

3 thoughts on “Dare To Take the pH Challenge and Write Your Own pH Miracle!”

  1. Actually some foods are naturally more alkaline than others and some are more acidic as well. Distinguishing the alkalinity and acidity of foods are therefore a crucial step in achieving good health.
    high alkaline diet


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