Rick’s Story

In October 2007, my wife Jane was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. After reading Dr. Young’s pH Miracle, Jane began a radical change in her diet in order to rapidly rebalance her body’s pH and to stop cancer from progressing in her body.

Unfortunately, I was not immediately ‘on board’ with her dietary program. I still wanted my ‘meat and potatoes’ for dinner or ‘bacon and eggs’ for breakfast. Unknowingly, my refusal to change my diet placed an additional unnecessary burden on Jane making it stressful and even more difficult for her.

After some discussion, my wife and I decided that I should attend Dr. Young’s blood microscopy class to help monitor Jane’s condition and her recovery from cancer.


In February 2008, I (still basically on meat and potatoes) attended Dr.Young’s microscopy class and got to see my own live blood for the first time. What a mess! My blood was full of yeast and bacteria from my acid diet!!! I immediately switched over to a ‘green’ alkaline diet the week while I was studying live blood microscopy in California.


Now that I have changed my diet, I have totally eliminated two lifelong dis-eases, allergies and acid reflux, and I have dropped 30 unnecessary pounds. I now have a happy healthy wife and family and a new and exciting blood microscopy business (phlifevision.com).

Men, if your spouse, or someone in your family, has read Dr. Young’s “pH Miracle” and is seriously trying to change to a more alkaline diet, do not make it more difficult and stressful for her. Get on board! I guarantee you and your entire family will greatly benefit if you get on the “pH Miracle” program, NOW!

Rick Bailey
pH Miracle Blood Microscopist
Colorado Springs, Colorado

One thought on “Rick’s Story”

  1. You can’t be serious. Is this a joke? If you saw yeast and bacteria in your blood you would be septic, going into shock an in need of the ER. The food you eat doesn’t effect the pH of your body. The chemoreceptors in your brain tightly regulate it and pH is adjusted by your breathing and through your kidneys. I’m not sure where you learned science and medicine but this is absurd.


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