Computerized Blood Tests or Live Blood Cell Analysis

On the USA Network there is a drama series called, HOUSE, which is about a very specialized diagnostics unit at a major hospital. What is intriguing, is the fact that the technical aspects of the show are incredibly accurate and well done.

Anyway…. on an old episode, of course the patient was dying and no one knew why… not even Dr. Gregory House and his diagnostics team. Everything they tried – failed. They had done every type of “test” they knew how to do, and everything seemed “normal”, yet the patient was rapidly getting “worse”.

Then.. Dr. House (in total frustration) just blurts out, ” Re-run the blood tests, and this time YOU do it – don’t just use the computer!” Everyone grumbled, because they had already run every kind of test imaginable…in some instances, TWICE!

BUT.. when they reran the blood tests “live” without the computer, they found a Plasmodium Malarea parasite throughout the entire blood sample.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Malaria!

This episode is “interesting” because:

(b) Because of what “Dr. Chase”.. who was re-doing the blood tests… said when he saw the parasites in the test slides:

“If a human being had ever really looked at his blood, instead of running it through the computer, the parasites would have jumped out at them!”

(c) You can see things in the live blood that a computer cannot see or pick up.

(d) You can pick up health challenges months if not years before any other diagnostic medical test! And,

(e) “Live Blood Analysis” is the ultimate test for the prevention of all sickness and dis-ease!

Today, virtually all hospitals use computerized blood analysis, and most other tests are also computerized. Too much work, too little time and not always definitive or accurate!

But… “LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS” (as taught by Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of Research at the pH Miracle Living Center) is still the Gold Standard for medical testing. Everyone who is having difficulty with dis-ease diagnoses should insist on a “Live Blood Analysis” with a real HUMAN BEING taking an actual look!!!

To learn more about “Live Blood Analysis” read Dr. Robert and Shelley Young’s books, Sick and Tired and/or The pH Miracle for Weight Loss or listen to Dr. Youngs’ CD series, Introduction to Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis at:

You can learn the science and the procedure for live and dried blood cell testing by attending our next microscopy courses in Valley Center, California at the Rancho del Sol, February 22nd through February 27th, March 1st through March 6th or Norway on April 12th through April 17th. For more information go to:

In you would like to see the “Episode” for this particular HOUSE program it is called: “FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE”, first aired on Jan. 10, 2006:

The “Cerebral Malaria” show on “House” is just another example of the power of “Live Blood Analysis.”

“… If a human being had ever really looked at his blood, instead of running it through the computer, the parasites would have jumped out at them ……”

You can now learn the science and how to read the live and dried blood at our next microscopy course. The primary prerequisites for attending Dr. Young’s Microscopy Courses are the desire to learn and to serve others.

3 thoughts on “Computerized Blood Tests or Live Blood Cell Analysis”

  1. Of course eating greens is a fine thing to do and yes it does say in Genesis that herbs were given for food.
    However I am still ( comment from previous post) waiting for the proponents of Dr Young’s diet to explain how the rest of the world that does not live in a middle eastern or Southern California climate can adhere to it’s strictness.
    These green herbs and the citrus and avocado recommended have to be imported out of season to them.
    Imagine having to eat green salads, lemons and limes every day when it is below zero and snowy outside. Is this natural? I know that it is certainly not desirable for me.
    So I guess all those starchy grains and root vegetables that I desire in winter are just plain poison.


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  3. Hi IKelly,
    That's a valid point you make – I am a novice with Dr Young's work but his diet plan is working wonderfully for me. There are probably others who can give a better answer than me, but I'll try.
    Without any offence intended, I guess the unpleasant answer is that humans are originally tropical apes and not suited to living in cold climates where our optimum diet is no longer available – and our desire for hot foods are a consequence of this.
    But, there's nothing wrong with root vegetables – they are definitely not poison, and root vegetable soups are wonderful.
    There are many other ways to use these foods too – after all, many root vegetables have perfectly edible and nutritious greens – take beetroots or turnips for example. Carrot and radish tops are probably not so suitable for eating fresh but they can be blended and mixed into soups. As for grains, if you have access to local grains you can sprout them! I do that all the time here, and it makes them highly alkalising and very very good for you. Dr Young highly recommends sprouts, and it can be very very cheap to prepare your own!!
    Basically you can mix and match – have some root vegetables and cooked grains, and balance them out with alkalising greens and winter citrus, root greens, and sprouted grains and legumes.
    Hope that helps! 🙂


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