Freedom With Greens

Good morning all!

As I am sitting here drinking my Goddess of Greens, reflecting on my alkalizing journey, some important thought came to me.

So, my first thought was, “This drink is so freakin delicious, I can have another one after this, oh, and another one if I want to, and one after that, too.”

Being excited by that idea, I felt a sense of freedom; a deep freedom that goes beyond society, FDA, government, Pharmacueticals, just kept going and going and going.

Freedom to live, live without fear of dying some horrible dis-ease, freedom to live without running to this doctor and that doctor just to find out, “We know you have (fill in dis-ease here) but we don’t know how you got it.”

Freedom without running to the pharmacy to pick up medications, freedom without worrying about pollen or not being able to go to the beach because the sun will kill us. Freedom from worrying when I am hungry I better eat something small so I won’t gain 10 pounds.

Freedom from worrying about if my mom is going to get Alzheimer’s and forget about me. Freedom from searching the web for rare dis-eases and how to cure them. The list goes on and on.

So, as I sat there and remembered all of the people who have told me how “extreme” I am being, I felt peace and guess what? FREEDOM!

On my journey of alkalizing, I have had a bumpy road, and it has all been good! I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Living an acid life is actually more time consuming, more money consuming and worst of all, more life consuming. That is what occurred to me this morning.

To all you beautiful souls, HAVE A FABULOUS DAY! I have to go make another Goddess of Greens………..

4 thoughts on “Freedom With Greens”

  1. Hello

    I have a question: if you put lemon in water and add PH testing drops, it is very acidic, but when you drink it becomes very alkaline to your body. When I tested calcium/magnesium combined powder, it was very acidic??? Then I tested sea salt, which was very alkaline. Does calcium/mag react the same as lemon water — what is this process?

    Also, vitamin c (ascorbic acid) is very acidic) — this does not make you alkaline, so what good is taking vitamin c for antioxidant if it is very acidic………..??


  2. Hi Dr. Young! I am a very, very close friend of Katie P. ( I won’t put her last name on here, but I know you and your wife are great friends of hers). We’ve been best friends since our college days in San Diego. Well, she just sent me her copy of the “Ph Miracle for Weight Loss”, since I asked her for help finally with becoming more healthy, and I can’t wait to start “up-ing my alkaline” level in my life!!! I’m looking at your website for the first time today, and buying some great products.

    Just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know I’m excited to start my life path towards being less acidic and more pH balanced!

    – Gretchen H.


  3. I’ve been on the Raw Food Alkaline diet for 2 months now and love it!

    I have never heard the statement that Vitamin C or Lemons make you alkaline, just that your body needs Vitamin C and that lemons help clean your system???

    I drank a glass of lemon water the other morning after I woke up and it came back up my throat acidic. I decided that it’s best for me to drink 2 glasses of pH water before I eat anything and the wait to drink the lemon water.

    We can’t stay away 100% of all acidic sources a 100% of the time. Personally I think someone that dies out to that is either doing it in fear or through works to please God which is legalism. We don’t need to fear food, fear death, fear technology or fear disease. We just need to put our trust in God and live in peace, be the best stewards of our bodies that we can, so we can live an abundant filled life.

    Anything too far left or too far right is nothing but fear of the other. I believe in balance but balance cannot be balanced with everything for that would not be balance. Some things must be eliminated and some things must be elevated, but not everything. We spend our time searching through life trying to find the answer and sometimes we go to far to the right, only to find ourselves to far to the left, and then after experiencing both sides we finally find the middle ground after passing it by.

    Seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you. They key has been revealed and that is: Jesus.

    I love reading your findings, opinions and feelings on things and I thank God for you and everyone else out there who is spreading this info with others.


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