Dr. Young’s Microscopy Course Experiences – Peter Lerner, M.D.

I had the privilege of attending two of Dr Young’s microscopy courses. The first week was the Basic Course, the following the Advance Course.

What an incredible two weeks!

In short: it was two weeks of jaws dropping! Two weeks of surprises!

About myself: I am an MD. I have been working in internal medicine for over 10 years. I have also worked with holistic medicine for several years. I met with Dr Young’s New Biology about three years ago. I have been working with the products he developed and know directly and indirecly thousands of people whose lives have made a major positive turn thanks to using his principles and products. I have attended several lectures given by Dr Young, have read several of his books, so I thought I had a pretty good idea what it was all about. And I was right. So I arrived in San Diego, California, expecting to learn about microscopy, how to tell what is going on in the blood, etc. And here we were in San Diego, California, being with Dr Young almost 24/7, (except sleep time of course). What I am trying to say is that a lot of key knowledge which we received during the microscopy course, sometimes during lunch breaks, while exercising, and just about anytime!

Previously I had the fortune of working with or being around men of exceptional awareness, ability, responsibility and care for others – the world if you like – and I had this luck again, a life changing experience to learn from Dr. Young!

There are several key points of health, where I still had uncertainties, missing data or false data. So many of these were handled with correct data to full understanding, that a certainty settled in me. I learned during the course that any condition could be handled about health. Short of “missing willingness” on the part of a patient, there is no important data we didn’t learn or don’t know now. I never had this confidence before, not in this life, until now. I also had a chance to meet with patients with extremely bad situations, which had been completely turned around following the principles and protocols we learned from Dr. Young.

The environment and the staff were an experience in them self. Aesthetics, peace, positive energies, love, care – nothing to distract from what I came for, either health or study. The food was plenty and delicious. It is not always easy to find good alkalizing food where I live, but we got it here at the pH Miracle Living Center. So good and plenty that I had trouble having a grapefruit at the end of the day, because I was full. Yet, after the two weeks at the Center I dropped 9 pounds, and finally reached my optimum weight (which I did not have since the age of 25!). I also feel 10 years younger.

Oh, we learned microscopy as well, including enough details about computers, software, and all the necessary tools to be successful microscopists.

After the microscopy course completion I had no back off from starting my practice right away – and I did. What an exceptional “tool” this is! My own daughter (age 10), who I could never convince to drink enough water, after seeing her own blood promised to do so, and she does. And so it goes with several other children I saw, and others (mostly adults) who – by seeing their own blood – finally are getting the necessary understanding and motivation to correct their diet and their lives.

I know Dr Young will smile while reading these words “thank you Dr Young” (we had a lot of fun) but I can’t find more appropriate words to acknowledge what I’ve received from this great teacher and healer.

Anyone who wants to have the necessary data and understandings about health and life, this is the place! This is the man! This is the course!

Dr Peter Lerner, MD, Hungary

The next Microscopy Courses are as follows:

Basic Microscopy/Personal Consultations
Taught by Dr. Robert O Young
June 15-10, 2009
London, England

Basic Microscopy
Taught by Dr. Robert O Young
July 6-11, 2009
Valley Center, California

Business Microscopy Course
Taught by Dan Coffman M.Sc. C.N.M
July 12-14, 2009
Valley Center, CA

Advanced Clinical Microscopy
Taught by Dr. Robert O Young
July 20-25, 2009
Valley Center, CA

pH Miracle Coaching and Iternship
Taught by Dr. Robert O. Young
July 26-31
Valley Center, CA

To enroll in Dr. Young’s Microscopy course call: 760-751-8321 or 760-484-1075.

One thought on “Dr. Young’s Microscopy Course Experiences – Peter Lerner, M.D.”

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