No More Asthma, Allergies, and Melanoma Cancer

Darcy’s Story

Everything was going well with my health until I hit my forties. First, I began gaining weight, slight but steady and totally unwanted. My doctor’s response? Just: “Welcome to your 40s.” Then I, a person who had never been allergic to anything, became severely asthmatic, allergic to everything! My doctor informed me that as we age we grow into allergies. I went into early menopause and my thyroid began to fail. My doctor informed me that this was no problem, as we had medicines for these things. Then, I had severe bone loss. Actually, the bones of a seventy-eight year old though I was only 43! Once again, my doctor said no problem, handing me a prescription to stop bone loss. Then, I started having skin outbreaks that turned out to be from an auto-immune deficiency. The doctor had a solution for that too: monthly steroid shots to “mask” the outbreak. By this point, I was also very weak, having lost a lot of muscle mass, and chronically fatigued. But wait, there’s more! Four years ago a blood test showed my liver function was declining, and the results got worse each of the next two years. Then all the medications I was taking stopped controlling my asthma well, and a c-scan showed I had fungus in my lungs. Weeks later, I was diagnosed with cancer, an ocular melanoma.

For me, this was the breaking point. Within hours of returning home from my first oncology appointment I was reading about the pH Miracle program and preparing to begin it. For the first time in ten years of declining health, I understood the cause of every one of my health problems — the acid environment I was living in — and could see a true solution. I did a comprehensive urine and saliva pH test over two days, and discovered my body was at 5.0 pH. I had no where to go but up!

When I began an all green raw diet with alkaline water, the changes were immediate. After just three days, the asthma was gone. Within two weeks, I had the energy level of my youth. After one month, I had lost 40 pounds. The fifth week, a second c-scan showed no more fungus in my lungs. At my first checkup after my cancer surgery, my doctor said he had never seen cells regenerate the way mine had! Eight months after starting the pH Miracle program, I had a repeat blood test which showed my liver function was back to normal after three years going downhill. As I continued to alkalize, I could see the direct correlation between the reversal of my health issues and increase in my urine pH, as it went from 5.0 to 5.9 to 6.4 to 7.0 to a steady 7.25-7.5. The pH Miracle saved my life!

One thought on “No More Asthma, Allergies, and Melanoma Cancer”

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