No More Irritable Bowel Disease

Brina’s Story

I had 16 inches of my intestines cut out when I was 26. The diagnosis was Irritable Bowel Syndrome and possibly Crohn’s Disease. The doctors were not exactly positive about my prognosis, and told me I’d need to be on medication for the rest of my life.

I refused to believe I had to live with this condition, so I went to the book section of my local health food store and started reading. What I found there changed my life. I started to heal by eating a mostly raw, alkaline diet. But it wasn’t until I discovered Dr. Young’s program that I truly experienced my own pH miracle. The cleanse is what made all the difference. I started a 10-day liquid feast as soon as I finished reading about it. While I was resting my intestines by not eating, I was able to feel my intestines — and it felt like there were open wounds all along their interior walls. I’ve read that it only takes two weeks for every cell in the intestines to be replaced. I didn’t have to wait even that long: on the fourth day, it what seemed to be only an instant, I felt the wounds were healed. All the pain was gone. And it has never come back (for going on eight years now).

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