Carina’s Story

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erthematosus when I was only 15 years old. The doctors put me on over 25 different prescription drugs (steroids, immune blockers, anti-malarial drugs…) which were supposed to help with my symptoms, which included arthritis, high blood pressure, face rash, and spleen/platelet and kidney problems.

But I just got sicker and sicker. Sometimes the drugs gave me worse side effects than the actual problem, which lead me to take more drugs. Ever-increasing weight gain was just one of those side effects. The others included delusions, drug-induced hepatitis, depression, and sleeping pill dependency. In my life, I’ve taken prescription medications s for longer than I’ve done without them. I took prednisone for almost 15 years.

Until last summer, when I came across the pH Miracle program. I started it right away. In the first week I lost 20 pounds! And I had more energy than I had in years. I hit plateaus where I didn’t lose weight, but I kept going back to eating alkaline foods because when I did I had less pain and felt much better. And my face rash disappeared. It’s been seven months now, and I have lost 80 pounds. My goal is 20 more. Even more important, however, is that I’ve been able to stop taking ALL prescriptions. I don’t even need over the counter pain relief any more — because as long as I am eating alkaline foods, I have no pain! (If I eat acidic foods, I start feeling it within an hour.) And when I went to see my rheumatologist last month — the one who told me I’d be on an anti-rheumatic drug for the rest of my life — she was astonished with my (drug-free) perfect blood work, organ tests, blood pressure and overall health. She actually proclaimed me a walking miracle. I know it’s a pH miracle.

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