How Much Protein Do I Need Daily?

My blood research has suggested “too much protein” from animal sources can cause bone and muscle loss. It is not the quantity or the quality of the protein, but the source of the protein – and whether it has been heated or pasteurized or not.

To fully understand the language used in the nature of matter and fermentation, is of course to understand Antione BeChamp’s microzymian theory and how the Pasteurian theorists have confused the understanding protein and its need in the diet.

First, in a Bechamp context, the fully living, indestructible microzyma, in its unaltered state, is part of its natural surrounding whether it is a mineral or flesh state with all the measurable frequency and voltage of that substance.

When protein is consumed, the microzyma changes with its new environment to become a building block of another form. If it is not heated, the nitrogenous, protein packed microzymas will still have great energy to be released from the particular pieces of food into liquid globes with still organized electrical potential within the long chain molecular structure of the microzymas. In this state, the transformed substance enters the bloodstream to be easily transformed into blood and later into body cells and tissues.

In the morbid Pasteurian context, the microzyma is only recognized in terms of microbes and enzymes. This is where the trouble begins.

Louis Pasteur coined the term microbe and far from understood the pleomorphism of matter as Antoine Bechamp did. Consequently, Pasteur created the entire morbid microbe paradigm of heated, pasteurized dairy products and nearly all other packaged acidic forming foods and drinks.

The pasteurization (heating) disorganizes the microzyma (the origin of organized matter) from its previous state, further releasing the frequency and voltage from the microzyma and releasing its enzymatic or charged power. (Pasteur lead the public to believe that enzymes were alive and that microbes could be suppressed or killed by heat. This is a scientific myth since the mircozymaa that make up organized matter cannot be destroyed or killed but can only be changed in their form and function.)

The resulting pasteurized “food” or “drink” is a tragedy. Why? Because pasteurized food and drink contains little power to self digest whether it has nitrogenous (dietary animal protein) material in it or not, further resulting in undigested food bits in the bloodstream and terrible fermenting and putrefying undigested matter in the colon setting the stage for sickness and dis-ease.

This is why I recommend the elimination of all animal protein and protein from plants sources should be limited to no more than 5 grams a day.

Remember you build strong bones and muscles with blood NOT protein and you build blood with green foods and green drinks – not protein. This is why I recommend drinking at least 3 to 4 liters of green drinks a day and up to 12 servings of green fruit and vegetables a day.

When you follow these recommendations you will begin to build healthy blood and then strong healthy bones and muscles.

One thought on “How Much Protein Do I Need Daily?”

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