RHeumatoid Arthritis – Going – Going – Gone!

Dear Friends:

Please read the following account of the reversal of Rheumatoid Arthritis using the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet –

Dr. Young, (cc Dr. Rick McKinney),

It’s me, Megan McNealy Graves, and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful retreat at your ranch on June 4-7th. I wanted to give you an update on my progress!
As you know, I have suffered from diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthiritis for the past four years– the first two years (from 5/5/05), Plaquenil wiped out all the symptoms, but for the past two years, I have lived with an incredible amount of pain–it first started in my knees, then hands, wrists, ankles and feet. This spring it started also in my shoulders, neck and jaw. My main Rheumatologist, Dr. Clare Targoff, has really encouraged me for the past two years to get on Methotrexate ASAP, and then she assumed, since I have a “moderate to severe” case, that I would then need yet the next level of pharmaceuticals (Enbrel, etc)
Before I came to the retreat at your ranch, I was at a real “low”. I was tempted to just give in and take the toxic drugs.
But then I thought I would give your diet another chance. I read your book, The PH Miracle, last year, and had written Dr. McKinney at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine about how well I was feeling last summer. He was very encouraged. But, then came a very busy work load this fall, and I fell a bit away from your program–instead of the purely aklaline diet, I started to eat fruit again, glass of wine here and there. I wasn’t doing the oil and salts and exercise and alkaline water either, which I know now is a huge part.
Since I was at your ranch, and since I have committed to your suggestions, my symptoms have really started to reverse.
Day 2, June 5th, the day you did my blood analysis. I was nowhere near as tired.
Day 3, June 6th, during the night, not so painful to turn over (in my shoulders), hands and feet not as painful and stiff in the morning, can completely close left hand into fist (first time in a year). This is the day, you remember that we RAN together 1.5 miles. I have not run in 3 years, as it has been too painful. You saw me— I looked pretty good! 🙂 I didn’t have any soreness in any joints after. Your recommendation to work out everyday, really sweat, is something that I took to heart and I have been exercising daily since.
Day 4, balls of feet don’t have as much pain walking
Day 5, June 10, at daughter’s class picnic, opened three plastic water bottles by myself (first time in two years)–oddly enough, I opened the caps and didn’t notice any pain. Can do muscle stretch fully on left leg and 3/4 way on right (normally can’t put my ankle at this angle)
Day 10, at dinner with clients, I was able to walk down stairs at restaurant foot over foot rather than two feet on each stair like usual. Did 25 minutes on elliptical machine at very good pace with no pain. In afternoon held tennis racket and with some pain, I was able to play “mini tennis”. Not able to do full court.
Day 12, went running and had no foot pain or knee pain as long as I stayed on flat surface (no tilts)
Today is Day 13, and I am the same as yesterday. I keep looking for all signs of improvement. I am already starting to forget how horrible I was feeling two weeks ago.
I am so encouraged, and I want to thank you for your recommendations. Thank you for telling me what is really wrong with me. I will send Dr McKinney the 41 page report that you made for me, complete with the photos of my live blood analysis. I will have that in the mail to him tomorrow.
Lastly, my mom and dad, Margaret and Ken, had a wonderful time at the retreat also. Dad has lost 20 lbs as of yesterday, and Mom has lost 12 lbs. They said that they have so much more energy and are thinking so clearly.
All the best to you,
Megan McNealy Graves

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