Doc Broc To The Rescue – Prevent and Reverse Aging and Cancerous Conditions

I felt you would enjoy reading the appended article below which is REALLY important. I like the phrase “Do-Over”, but an “Alkaline Do-Over” is not only better, it is the way to go if you are seeking health, energy, youth, vitality and fitness. 🙂

After viewing over 500,000 blood samples of over 40,000 people in over 72 countries I have concluded that certain lifestyle and dietary habits have the ability to turn genes “off and on”. The living intelligent indestructibility of the microzymas that make up the human or animal gene can alter its state from a healthy gene state to an unhealthy gene state or reverse. This is determined by our own personal lifestyle and dietary choices that will determine the healthy or unhealthy state of the gene.

In the article below, “eating three quarters of a cup of broccoli four times a week turns on the GSTM1 gene. That gene makes protein that kills prostate, breast and colon cancer cells.” Just imagine what a scoop of organic raw alkalizing Doc Broc Power Plant Greens can do which contains a 28 to 1 concentration of broccoli sprouts!

And just imagine…”Avoiding saturated fat in beef, pork, poultry, butter and cream also turns off aging genes.” What a gang-buster! All you need to do to change the genes from an unhealthy state to a healthy state is change your dietary, nutritional and lifestyle choices to an alkaline lifestyle and diet. I call this lifestyle and diet the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet. And, you can learn more about the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet by going to our websites at: or

I also love the reference in the article about doing it all without insurance. That’s right! You can prevent and reverse the aging process and prevent or reverse so-called disease or dis-ease by changing to an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Save your money on expensive insurance premiums and put that money to something that is proactive and protective against sickness and dis-ease – good health and fitness. Now you have a real insurance plan. I canceled our family health insurance plan over 30 years ago. Why? Because we NEVER get sick on the alkalizing pH Miracle Diet! Just think of the thousands of dollars that I have saved! But more important just think of the pain and suffering our family has prevented and avoided. This is why I have said to millions of people around the world that we need more education NOT more medication.

ANOTHER THOUGHT…. occasionally, I have a client who seems to be doing “everything” right, yet her/his health condition is still getting worse. Why? These particular people just don’t like broccoli and think “pH Balancing” will work without eating the broccoli if they just do the alkalizing Young pHorever pHour Salts. They are actively or even subconsciously avoiding broccoli. The broccoli sprouts is the key component to my anti-aging and anti-cancerous protocols. I just happen to have it in just about every Young pHorever/pH Miracle product that I have developed. The Young pHorever Doc Broc Power Plant Green Powder is loaded with broccoli sprouts and should be taken several times a day in water or mixed into foods. As Doc Broc would say, “You can’t do it without ME!” Doc Broc is the Superhero of my anti-aging and anti-cancerous protocols!

In addition, of course, to “pHyllis”, the pH nag! She would not let you go a day without drinking your Doc Broc Power Plant Green drink. She recommends you drink at least 4 liters of Doc Broc Power Plant Greens everyday. The amount of Doc Broc Power Plant Greens you should drink is based upon a man or woman who weighs 154 pounds or 70 kilos.

To order your Young pHorever Doc Broc Power Plant Green Powder packed with broccoli sprouts at a 28 to 1 concentration go to:

—————–Referenced Article———————

Reported July 9, 2009

Life is a Do-Over

CLEVELAND (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Our leading killer remains what it has been every year since 1900: heart disease. It kills nearly 650,000 each year. We can only blame ourselves. Our own bad habits such as smoking, no exercise and fat-ridden diets are the main causes of heart disease. But did you know you can reverse the damage that’s been done?

Pattiy Hill was a yo-yo dieter who rarely exercised. She was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint problems. Hill was 51 years old and fading fast.

“I had been fat for so long,” Hill told Ivanhoe. “I wanted to live, and I knew fat people don’t grow old.”

At 280 pounds, Hill wanted a do-over.

“We get a do-over,” Michael Roizen, M.D., Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, told Ivanhoe. “If you change your habits now, within three years, it’s like you only had the healthy habit.”

Put down that cigarette. In five years, a smoker’s lungs can heal.

“If you quit before age 35 and before 20 pack years, which is one pack a day for 20 years, you get all of it back,” Dr. Roizen explained. “The longer you wait to quit, and the more you smoke, the less you get back, but even at age 60, you get some of it back.”

You can also change the way your genes function. “Just changing your habits changes whether your genes are on or off,” Dr. Roizen said.

Eating three quarters of a cup of broccoli four times a week turns on the GSTM1 gene. That gene makes a protein that kills prostate, breast and colon cancer cells.

“You get to turn on a gene that helps you kill those cancers with something as simple as having broccoli,” Dr. Roizen said.

About 12 walnut halves a week doubles the amount of Omega-three that most of us have.

“It decreases the risk of stroke or heart attack by 62 percent,” Dr. Roizen said.

Avoiding saturated fat in beef, pork, poultry, butter and cream also turns off aging genes.

Diet and exercise are other ways to take the years off.

Hill lost 136 pounds the old-fashioned way. In 13 months, she cut her body fat from 60 percent to 20 percent and went from a size 24 to a slender size four.

“I looked at it as a way to help myself rather than depriving myself,” Hill explained.

Hill is now free of diabetes. Her high blood pressure and high cholesterol are gone along with her joint pain.

“It’s turned my life around 100 percent,” Hill said. “I feel so healthy now, and I am so healthy now.”

So keep Hill in mind when you do-over, and be sure to do it right.

If you’re using money or insurance as an excuse, think again. Hill lost all her weight while she was uninsured. The only money she spent was on a gym membership. The savings on her medications she used to take has more than paid for that.


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