The pH Miracle Healing Retreat on the Island of Kauai

The pH Miracle Healing Retreat, is located on 26 acres
on the North Shore of the Island of Kauai, and is
situated on the former site of the historic Bertleman
residence which stood from 1850-1890.

The homesite was part of the was Bertleman
Estate which totalled roughly 17,000 acres
and stretched from Kilauea to Waipake.

It stands as a testimony to the quality of the
homesite, that of all the spots to choose from
within those 17,000, this spot along side
the Pila’a stream, was the site chosen for
the family home. It was during their years
residing on the property, about 150 years
ago, that the distinctive and now massive
Norfolk Pine and Mango trees were planted.

The new pH Miracle Healing Retreat house was
completed in 2009, took over 4 years to build.
It is the result of over 15 years of research,
collecting, and the refining of a singular vision.

Architecturally, the pH Miracle Healing Retreat is a
remarkable creative feat. The graceful,
estate style of the retreat takes design
inspiration from the grand coastal houses of
southern India and has perfectly translated that
regional style to the Hawaiian landscape and
climate with it’s open, flowing design,
and covered lanai, high ceilings and stone
floors which tame the tropical sun and heat.

The retreat gets it’s distinctive character
from the rare, one-of-a-kind, antique
Indian architectural elements.

These architectural features were
reclaimed, collected, and have been masterfully
integrated into the core functional and
decorative architectural features of the home.

The result is a place of healing grace
and indelible beauty with the soul of
Ancient India and the heart of Hawaii.

Come join us at our first pH Miracle Healing
Retreat on the Historic Bertleman Estate,
January 11th through the 17th or the 18th through
the 24th.

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