I Reversed My Ductal Cell Carcinoma With The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet!

The following unsolicited testimony of Cindy Wheatcraft is just another example of the efficacy of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young’s work and the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

There are too many people suffering from the current protocols of traditional medicine. Now is the time for true change to take place away from the status-quo of chemical therapy, radiation and surgery to a more sane holistic alkalizing approach of re-establishing and maintaining the alkaline design of the body.

The key to a healthy, long, energetic, vital life free from ALL sickness and dis-ease can be found in a lifestyle and diet of immortality – The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet. Please read the following email and share it with everyone you know, love and care about. It will change your life and their life forever. Please pay-it-forward!

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And now for an unforgettable pH Miracle Testimony!


On April 9th, 2009 I was diagnosed with Ductal Cell Carcinoma of the right breast. The medical doctors found it in a routine mammogram. I had no symptoms and could not feel the lump until they pointed it out to me. I had not been feeling well for a couple of years though.

I was only 47 years old when I was diagnosed and had been thinking that my metabolism was just slowing down. I was also struggling with heavy blood flow during my menstrual cycle, which they told me was due to 2 large fibroid tumors and anemia. I have also been dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for most of my life after being diagnosed in 1999. At times I have been disabled from this condition.

I own a Healing Center in Ohio and I started working with a Tom Frazier who had been studying Dr. Young’s work for around 10 years. He came to work with me about a year and half before my diagnosis, so I have been learning about Dr. Young and the work he was doing.

I started out playing around with the Dr. Young’s pH Miracle diet. I was also saying to myself, “I wonder what it will take for me to do this lifestyle and diet 100%.” Watch what you say to yourself πŸ™‚

Just before starting the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet 100% I found out that there was something remarkable on a routine mammogram that needed to be checked into. I was advised to have a digital mammogram. They showed me a mass in my right breast on the x-ray. The Doctor then did an Ultra Sound, and I could tell that something alarmed her. She called in the radiologist and I could tell by his face that I had cancer. They did a needle biopsy. That all happened on a Thursday.

When I suspected that I had a very aggressive breast cancer with very low survival rates, I immediately started doing research so when I got the official results on Monday I would be ready. The Doctors called me on Monday and gave me the bad news. I was diagnosed with Ductal Cell Carcinoma – a very aggressive, fast growing/fast spreading cancer. The breast cancer surgeon said that I needed to have the mass taken out along with some lymph nodes. The oncologist said that I need follow-up radiation and chemotherapy for at least 5 years.

After much prayer, soul searching, meditation, contemplation and research I decided not to have the cancerous mass or the lymph nodes taken out. I also decided not to undergo the radiation or chemotherapy. I decided that I was going to follow Dr. Young’s pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet 100% from the pH Miracle book.

I officially started on the pH Miracle diet on April 13th. I found out on August 28th that I was cancer free! That’s right! No tumor or mass or inflammation of the breast or the lymph nodes.

I saw Dr. Young in June when he came to New York City during a 2-day pH Miracle Retreat. He did a live and dried blood cell analysis and saw the cancerous breast condition and also saw that this cancerous condition started in my body 15 years before. I immediately started thinking back to what had happened to me 15 years earlier. That was when I got divorced, which was a very traumatic event in my life! I was totally amazed that Dr. Young could see physical and emotional stressors in my body from 1 drop of blood.

Dr. Young also told me that I needed to switch to a “Juice Feast” for 12 to 16 weeks. I started only drinking juiced green electron-rich alkaline vegetables and blended vegetables (energy soup). It was not easy at first, but then my body and mind shifted and started thriving on this live, electron-rich, alkaline food. My IBS, that I had suffered with for years went away immediately and completely.

My menstrual bleeding has lessened and is more normal, so I have noticed that my fibroids are healing.

My Mom and my son Tyler are doing the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet with me too. People are coming up to us all of the time saying “what are you 3 doing, you are all glowing.” People have been commenting to me routinely about how great I look, how my eyes are sparkling, and how young I am looking. This diet is truly the diet for anti-aging!

On August 21st I went for a Thermography Test (Thermal Imaging) of my breasts. They sent the results to the doctors at Duke University and it came back that I no longer had Ductal Cell Carcinoma breast cancer in my right breast. When they did the needle biopsy of the tumor they left a titanium marker in the tumor. The Thermal Imaging detected the titanium marker but there was no cancer tumor around the marker or anywhere else in my right breast or upper part of my body. The tumor vanished! It was gone for good!

I have not felt this good in years, and actually, I have never felt this good! As a child, I was always complaining of “stomach aches”.

Thank you Dr. Young! Your expertise, your life’s work and the time you spent with me saved my life!

Cindy Wheatcraft
Hiram, Ohio

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