Testicular and Lung Cancer at the Age of 33

The following is an unsolicited testimony of Christian Wengler from Wellington, New Zealand.
At 33yrs old I was a fit and active, and shocked to be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer after discovering a lump on my testicle. The doctors admitted me for surgery the following day, and removed the testicle. The biopsy showed a seminoma. Luckily, as it was discovered early and the doctors did not recommend Chemo/Radiation at that stage. However, I was scheduled in for intensive monitoring (CT scans) every 2 months for the next 5 years to ensure that if this fast moving cancer came back it would be detected early before it could spread too much.
I started looking into Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet following my diagnosis and surgery, and began trying to figure out what caused me to have cancer. I targeted my diet and my emotions. Firstly my diet: I had previously eaten a typical athlete’s diet of high carbs and protein (meat) but I ate little in the way of vegetables. For convenience I would make huge meals a few times per week so I could quickly re-heat the leftovers in a microwave after training. I also ate a fair amount of ‘junk’ food (potato chips, chocolate, and alcohol). So I stopped eating meat, and dairy, and cut out a lot of sugar/carbs. I stopped using a microwave, and I started eating more vegetables and salads. With my emotions: I worked on reducing stress and anxiety, which I learned from reading the pH Miracle, is a great source of metabolic acid. I watched funny movies, I did mediation, Yoga, and Pilates. I had some Reiki, microcurrent therapy, massages, and floatation sessions.
Everything seemed to be going well until 10 months later when one of my CT scans showed 3 spots on my lungs. I immediately knew it was cancer. It was diagnosed as stage 3 Lung Cancer and had passed from the origin, through my lymph system and into my lungs. If untreated it would quickly enter my brain.
My doctor recommended immediate chemotherapy. I was able to convince him to give me 4 weeks to try an alternative treatment. The doctor reluctantly agreed on the condition that if, after 4 weeks, the cancer had spread further I would have the chemical therapy.
I immediately contacted Richard Adgo – (a Dr. Young trained microscopist) who did a live blood analysis for me, and set me up with the green drink, pH booster, clay, minerals, and core cleanser. He advised me to do a liquid cleanse of raw vegetable soups and juices. I cleansed for 8 days, and drank 3-5 liters of green drink every day. Once finished on the cleanse I ate no sugar. I ate only vegetables and oils, juices and water.
I went back for another scan 4 weeks later, and was relieved to see the spots had not grown. The doctor again agreed to hold off Chemo and continue with monitoring by CT scan.
After another month the spots had reduced slightly in size, but it was another 8 months before the spots finally disappeared from my lungs for good. You should have seen my smile!!!
I am so happy that I know about pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, and all that it did for my life. As well as beating my lung cancer. Also my eyesight has improved. I have better mental clarity, don’t get tired during the day, I seldom get colds/flu, and I feel 10 years younger.
Some additional thoughts and experiences I had along the way.
All along my doctors were ignorant of and barely interested in anything ‘non-medical’ that I was doing. They never heard of pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, reiki, not using microwaves etc…..they never asked me about my lifestyle, my diet or anything which may have contributed to me having cancer in the first place.
Once the spots on my lungs reduced in size, and eventually disappearing, my specialist incredibly said “it couldn’t have been cancer as cancer never reverses…so it’s lucky we didn’t give you chemo…..must have been something else which I can’t explain.”
Once my lung cancer had disappeared completely, another doctor came to me and said ‘You know, you can still get some Chemo if you want, just to be sure.”
I have told people about pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, and some have gone and bought the book and made some small changes to their lives. It’s hard when you know how much better people’s lives could be if they followed pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, but the number that think they are ok so don’t need to do it and rely only on traditional medicine/drugs when they get sick is saddening. I guess I would have been the same if I hadn’t gone through what I went through and been lucky enough to learn about pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

One thought on “Testicular and Lung Cancer at the Age of 33”

  1. Thank you for your inspirational story. I am a huge beliver in Dr.Youngs diet, it, more than any other medical intervention makes more sense and actually gives answers as to why we get sick in the first place. Your story has given me hope to keep going with my change of lifestyle to stay fit and healthy, and i know if anything was to happen to myself or loved ones this is the first direction I will be heading for. I celebrate you and your recovery, enjoy the rest your very healthy and im sure long life. 🙂


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