Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Mark I Water Ionization System Has Arrived!

pH Miracle® Ionizer Mark I

New Biology® Compatible and Dr. Young Approved

The Ionizer you have been looking forward to has arrived. The pH Miracle Mark I seven plate water ionizer is manufactured by Dr. Robert O. Young to meet his specifications and includes many of the latest features and technology. You will not find a better ionizer at this price. When the Mark I water ionizer includes the pre-pHilter(R) and water conditioning TranspHormer(R), you can produce what we believe to be the purest, best tasting, monomolecular, alkalized and ionized water on the planet!

What sets this Ionizer apart from others:

Seven platinum coated titanium plates using nano-particle technology for the best possible surface contact.

Advanced programming and control options.

ORP measurement display while discharging ionized water.

Advanced self-cleaning function, safety sensors and alarms to protect and prolong the life of the ionizer.

Highest quality internal filter that lasts for approximately 5,000 gallons (20,000 liters), and is easy to change.

Option to add coral calcium in areas where the tap water contains low levels of total dissolved solids.

Compact size

Stylish reflective scratch resistance finish

Easily programmable front buttons to allow you to set various desired pH outputs

Items included with the pH Miracle Ionizer Mark I purchase:

Installation kit which includes adapters to fit most faucet types.

Installation manual.

Test kit with instructions on how to test the pH output of the ionizer.

Handy wall-mount bracket system.

Exclusive 5 year warranty.


Dimensions Main Unit: 4.72 inches deep x 8.86 inches wide x 13 inches tall

Flow Rate 2 – 2.5 liters per minute at 45 PSI water pressure

pH Levels 2.5 to 11.5 (values vary depending on inlet source)

ORP Levels Possible +1,180 to -865

Power Consumption 5w – 150w

Filter Life 20000 L (approx.: 6 – 9 month of use)

Temperature Range: 40 – 104 F (5 – 40 C)

Water Pressure Range: 5 – 95 PSI

Input 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz (Configured at Factory)

Weight 11 lb

To order your Dr. Young pH Miracle Mark I Ionizer go to:

2 thoughts on “Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Mark I Water Ionization System Has Arrived!”

  1. Does this water ionizer have an auto PH regulator, or do I need to turn the water pressure down in order to get a higher PH.

    From my understanding you need to run the water by the plates slower in order to get the PH that is set on the machine. There are machines out there that you can set for 10.0 PH water but the pressure has to run below 1.5 something………….. thankyou


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