Sixteen Ways To Help You or Your Child With the Flu Symptoms

How I Helped My 9 Year Old Daughter Safely Move Through the Flu Symptoms in 3 Days in August 2009 by Corrine Brandi My daughter, Caroline was very sick for 3 days this August – headache, sore throat, high fever, dizziness, chills, sweats and throwing up. She certainly had the flu. The specific label is unimportant as I never take kids to a doctor to be labeled. Instead I help them get well. These are the things that we did – exactly. Three days later she was perfectly fine and 100% back to her routine and lifestyle. You can do it too…. Before getting into the specifics I’d like to talk about a broader paradigm. The body eliminates dietary, envirnomental, microbial toxins (from bacteria, yeast,and mold) and metabolic wastes (the byproducts of energy production) in four basic ways: respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination. Also known as breathing, sweating, moving the bowels and urinating. Throwing up also works but is less pleasant… Notice that acidic or sick people run a fever and sweat, have rapid and shallow breath, urinate frequently as long as they are hydrated and sometimes develop diarrhea. Please do not try and suppress these natural elimination processes with acidic drugs! All of these things are ways of getting better. DO NOT administer Tamiflu, aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, or Alieve, etc. as these drugs stop the natural elimination process and are being investigated as causing more severe illness and even death in the case of the flu. Why? Because they all acidify the blood and tissues which the body is trying to reverse. Taking these acidic prescription and/or nonprescription drugs prevent the body’s natural process to return it back to an alkaline natural alkaline state. In my case, neither of my daughters, now 9 and almost 12 have ever had the need for any toxic acidic drug, over the counter or prescription; nor have they ever received an acidic poisonous vaccination. Here are sixteen things I did with Caroline when she was sick or over-acid to help alkalize and detoxify her body from excess acidity, thereby allowing her body to heal and return to an alkaline balance: 1. Most important of all is super hydration with high pH alkaline water – 9.5 or better. You can buy water in a bottle, the best is pH Miracle Water, Essentia or Evamore. You can add alkalizers found at a healthfood store or from The pH Miracle Center. You can also simply add aluminum free baking soda, Redmills Bob’s Baking Soda found at any health food store or section or Dr. Young’s pHour Salts which is even better because it contains in addition to sodium bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium and calcium bicarbonate. Best of all, invest in an alkaline water machine that does it for you, and again check the pH Miracle Center for the best water machines, such as the pH Miracle Mark I Ionizer. Drink as much as possible as often as possible. Dr. Young recommends to drink at least 1 ounce of alkaline water per 1 pound of weight. 2. Move the diet to liquid and/or pureed alkaline foods. Do not use the body’s energy to digest low water content dry acidic foods. Use it instead to heal. Be stingy with the energy. Saute some anti-microbial onion, ginger and garlic in coconut oil. Get a box of organic veggie broth and add any mostly green veggies you like (NOT corn or mushrooms). We love broccoli, kale, chard, and celery. Heat until the veggies just give to preserve their energy. Preferably puree with sea salt or pH Miracle pHlavor salt and olive oil or pH Miracle Avocado oil for super nutrition. Or just eat whole. 3. As a matter of fact add sea salt or Dr. Young’s pH Miracle pHlavor salt and avocado oils to everything you eat. Sea salt sets up the electrical charge in the body so cells can communicate properly and provides much needed minerals. Oils and fats like avocado, olive, hemp, flax, blends like Udos and coconut oil both buffer acids, provide materials to build cell walls and in the case of saturated coconut oil, energy to burn. Coconut oil is also wonderful for the liver as it struggles to clean the blood. My favorite is Wilderness Family Naturals but you can purchase any cold-pressed organic oil. Adding fresh sliced raw avocado or pH Miracle Avocado oil to the top of the soup is a bonus and again adds energy! Olive oil and avocado oil are amazing medicine. Use it first thing in the AM to detoxify the head. Upon waking take a tablespoon of extra virgin organic olive or pH Miracle avocado oil and squish vigorously in the mouth for 3 minutes. Set a timer. Really squish it! This will pull toxins and microforms (bacteria and yeast) out of the head while you spit them down the drain. Rinse mouth with the pH Miracle pHour salts when done. Amazing gross stuff comes out, sometimes white and foamy with yeast. 4. Add super-foods to your water like Doc Broc Power Plant greens and moringa powder. In addition juice green veggies and grasses and drink up! 5. Eliminate – just for now at least – all acidic and stressful foods. At the top of the list is anything you might drink except water, veggie broth, herbal tea and juiced greens. This includes all fruit juices, sodas, sports drinks, milk, coffee and alcohol. Next most important is all dairy, including the fermented kind called yogurt. Following this is sugar, meat, peanuts, vinegar, and of course any and all processed foods. 6. Start taking Vitamin D3 – all over the press as the single most important thing to do to help with the flu symptoms. Dr. Robert O. Young also has a super potent form of D3 at 50,000 IU’s per capsule. This high potent D3 can be purchased on line at: Due in part to the overuse of chemical sunscreens, acidic diets and lifestyles most of us are deficient in vitamin D3. 7. Open blood flow and deliver nutrition to the cells. 8. Take super antioxidants like glutathione, N-acetyl-cystein, and R-pHactor. 9. Use colloidal silver to improve circulation to acidic areas of the body. It can be used anywhere in the body including up the nose and in the eyes, and even on cuts to disinfect them. You can also gargle with it. We always keep colloidal silver in the house. Other tried and true excellent supplements are Echinacea and Zinc, all available at any healthfood store or at the pH Miracle Living Center. 10. Use a blend of salt and bicarbonates to mix in alkaline water to irrigate the sinus passages. You can use a neti pot or Dr. Hana’s Nasal Wash System. 11. Move the lymphatic system, the body’s sewer system of excess acidic waste. Jump on a mini-tramp, get in a far-infrared sauna (I have one in my cellar) or just gently move, even if it’s walking around the house. vibrate on a whole body vibrational machine. In addition detox foot pads while sleeping, such as are excellent for pulling toxins out of the lymph through the bottom of the feet. You’ll be amazed at the black, gooey, stinky junk that gets pulled out! Another favorite for lymphatic release I use all the time is a warm bath with 1 or 2 cups baking soda or pHour salts and 1 or 2 cups Epsom Salts. Have the child sit in the bath for 20 minutes drinking one of the alkaline fluids I’ve talked about. In that short time your child can dump up to a quart of toxins into that bath water. You can also use more expensive bath salts that include essential oils and are found at any healthfood store. Again, this is excellent to promote healing sleep. 12. Detoxify the bowel from acidic proteins and sugars. Many kids are constipated because we feed them ‘kid food’. Ever look at the crap on a ‘kid’s menu?’ Many households are also child-centered and the children train the parents to feed them only junk by refusing to eat anything healthy. When sick I will move to baking soda or pHour salts in water to clear the bowel. If your child refuses to drink it, or can’t because of vomiting, then I would suggest you head for an enema. Fleet Enemas are safe and effective. It’s amazing how much better they feel after eliminating the garbage. I’ll only do this with permission on an older child and would never force or put fear into a sick child unless it is absolutely the last resort. 13. Do not fear fever. My Naturopathic Doctor always told me “watch the child, not the fever”. Fever is a natural defense and should not be suppressed. A medical emergency is only if the child is lethargic and uncommunicative and cannot be revived. This generally can be resolved very quickly by spraying the pH Miracle pHlavor salts into the childs mouth every 5 minutes. Other than that here are some strategies to help your child feel more comfortable:- cold cloths to the head, nape of the neck and wrists – light blankets or just a sheet – tepid baths being careful not to chill the child – and my favorite, wet socks. Take a pair of white cotton socks and wet under cool water. Put them on the child’s feet and then immediately put pure wool socks over the wet socks. The body will pull the heat out of the head and use it to dry the socks. The child will usually sleep. If socks don’t provide enough relief then the ultimate strategy is sheets. This is usually best for younger children but will work with anyone. Strip the child naked. Wet a white cotton sheet with cool water. Place the child on the sheet and roll the child up in it. Immediately roll the child up in a wool blanket. Hold your child and reassure him or her until the child falls asleep. The child won’t like it at the beginning but it has always cut the fever enough to allow the child to sleep, which is the goal, when everything else has failed and your child is miserable. In 11 years this strategy has never failed me. 14. Homeopathic remedies are often extremely useful. They work on the theory of like cures like and are merely the vibration of the ingredient, not the ingredient itself so there is zero chance of toxicity. Caroline tends to respond to Aconite often but there are others for fever including Belladonna and Bryronia. Consult a homeopath or just Google it and get one at the health food store that matches the child’s symptoms. Make sure that the homeopathic remedies are free from alcohol. Simple strategies, many of which our grandmothers have told us – clean water, soup, move the bowels – because they work. 15. Lead by example. If you are fearful your child will be fearful. Be the rock. Stay close; leave only when the child is comfortable or asleep and even then only for short trips to the kitchen or bathroom. Reassure your child that the body is SO SMART that it knows exactly what to do. That he or she will be fine and that you are there for him or her. 16. Turn off the acidic TV and read or tell a story. Touch your child if he or she will allow. Let him or her sleep in your bed, turn down the lights and play a favorite music if he or she is up to it. Create a safe space of healing with perhaps essential oils that are calming like lavender, etc. Go with whatever the child wants as long as it fits within the healing guidelines. Extremely acidic sick kids change their minds quickly. First they want the covers off, then on. They might be angry or fearful one minute and clingy the next. It’s all ok because the emotions are part of the healing process, they are also being released. I am not a doctor; I’m just a Mom who loves her kids so much, just like all Moms. These are the strategies I’ve learned from people much smarter than I am that have lightened my load and lifted my heart because I no longer fear sickness. It breaks my heart to see other kids suffer because their parents lack the knowledge to help them and are driven to fear by the media and Big Pharma. In reality, our bodies are always trying to be well! So rather than fight it we have learned to help the body do what it is trying to do anyway… Life Wants to Live, it is Universal Law…


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