Improving the Inside In Order to Improve The Outside

Here is your next pH question/response by Dr. Robert Young, as promised…There
are many more questions to follow. Dr. Young’s responds to a question about the necessity of improving the inside in order to improve the outside and how both acid water and
alkaline hydration help to achieve this.

One thought on “Improving the Inside In Order to Improve The Outside”

  1. Shalom, Support!

    As I today received my 1lb. Innerlight Super Greens, I long to obtain a 1 liter sport bottle – preferably insulated – for mixing, carrying, and consuming my 3 1-liter daily servings of Super Greens.

    That such a commonly needed, utilitarian product isn't offered, accompanying the Super Green mix befuddles me.

    That your website is oblivious to Apple iPhone clients is another frustrating oversight.

    Theses suggestions are meant only to add value to your ability to successfully distribute your products.

    Thank you for considering these requests.

    Grace and peace,

    Rodney E. Musselman


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