Our Doctor Told Us There Was No Cure For Autism!

The following is an unsolicited pH Miracle testimony for Autism. I hope you will share this incredible story with everyone you know, love and care about.
In love and healing,
Dr. Robert O. Young


Dear Dr. Robert Young

We would like to share a pH Miracle with you.

We have a son born 06.06.06. Until he got his first vaccination, about three months old, he was a very happy, peaceful boy ,who smiled a lot and slept thewhole night from the day he was born.
From the moment of vaccination his life changed in a dramatic way. Ten minutes later he had very high fever and thenthe game was on. He got ear infection right away, and they started to give him penicillin. The next 2 years, he was always sick. A runny nose and a high fever all the time. Some days were without fever, but always a runny nose. We decided as parents not to give him any more vaccinations after the first ones. Around that time we start to noticed that he was slow to develop, and he did not start to walk until he was 16 months old. He was always weak in his upper body and powerless in his arms. He had diarrhea many times.

About three months ago he was diagnosed with Autism. And the doctor told us, that there was very little we could do. Perhaps with a lot of practice and speech therapy we would be able to make his life more easy for him. He said there is no cure for Autism.

At this time our son could not say a single word. He had a lackof understanding when we talked to him. He did not follow instructions. For example, he did not mind staying alone in a dark room (by his own choosing). He did not mind other children, and did not participate in games with other children.He seemed to be alone inside him self.

We did not want to believe that there was nothing that we could do to heal him.

So than we started to search for information about Autism, in any way we could, on the Internet, by books etc.

We had some knowledge and interest about nutrition and physical condition. The pH of food was one of the things we had been looking in to.
We made a decision that it would probably be best to start him on a pH Miracle Diet. His Mother, Helga, made the decision to start to change her diet two weeks prior, sothat she could be able to guide the rest of the family through cravings and those things that include changing the diet of the whole family.
We took a roll of garbage bags and took every acidic food and drink from the kitchen that would be harmful to our body’s. We took foods that included gluten, sugar, yeast, allprocessed food, bad oils and fats, dairy products, and fermented soy products. As you can imagine, there was almost nothing left, and Hlynur (the husband) began to worry, and said,”we were going to starve to death :-).”

Today, Helga, is giving our son alkalizing vegetables, and is using many methods and to do that. We love our new super alkalizing pH Miracle food.
After three weeks, on the new pH Miracle diet, our autistic son was able to assemble 2-3 words in a sentence. He started to follow instructions and he started to understand what wewere talking about. The diarrhea also stopped.

Today, 2 1/2 months later, he tries to say everything that we ask him to say. He participates in games with other children and he seeks for them to play with him. He goes to sleep by himself and says goodnight. He has started to try tosing along with songs. He looks into our eyes and finally he is present.

There are so many things that we could share about our son’s pH miracle transformation.
People in kindergarten, friends and family are amazed of our son’s pH Miracle changes he has shown for this short period of time. Last but not least, Helga has lost over 20 pounds in the same time 🙂

We have attached two photos of our son. The one with the dolphin was shot before the transformation, and the other was shot today eating a cucumber.
Best regards,
Helga and Hlynur
Mobile 00354-6154070 and 00354-6158910
Skype: gudrunoghlynur

6 thoughts on “Our Doctor Told Us There Was No Cure For Autism!”

  1. Once again Dr. Young's life work impacts those who traditional Western Medicine would right off. Thank God the parents did not blindly follow the doctors words that there was nothing to be done to reverse and correct their son's autism.

    What a wonderful, heart warming story to pass on to those we care about and love.


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