My Favorite Essential Oil – Pain pHree

I wanted you to know about one of my favorite YoungpHorever products I call Pain pHree.

These are just a few of the benefits from using this product:

Relieves muscle pain!
Relieves joint pain!
Reduces heartburn and stomach pain!
Calms headaches!
Opens sinuses!
Soothes spasms and inflammation!
Does not stain your clothes – NOT sticky at all!Safe and also works great for pets muscle and joint pain!
Smells so good I use it as cologne!
Yes – it is Pain pHree…

I am thrilled to share with you a my testimony about our awesome pain relieving product: pain pHree. I also really want you to experience your own great testimonies using this product. Here are some ideas on ways I have found Pain pHree to work for me and others:

1. Headaches: Massage a drop or 2 of Pain pHree into base of head, scalp and temples

2. For Heartburn/ Nausea: Apply 1-2 drops of Pain pHree into naval and spread around stomach area. (Not for pre-natal nausea)

3. During times of cold or congestion, massage a few drops of pain pHree or LipHt Massage and Body Oil to chest and neck to help open airways and sinuses.

4. Arthritis: Apply Pain pHree to arthritic areas to help ease the pain.

5. To prevent chronic aches or pains that occur during your workout routine, try applying a drop of Pain pHree to the area before your workout.

6. Apply Pain pHree anywhere you have muscle tension, aches, or pains.

7. Treat yourself to a foot bath during a time of congestion by using 3 caps of LipHt Massage and Body Oil and 2 drops of Pain pHree.

8. Apply one drop of Pain pHree wherever you have a chronic itch or on a bug bite to relive the itch.

9. Add 3 drops of Pain pHree to laundry loads as an added antibacterial and refreshing fragrance.

10. During colds, congestion, or flu, bring water to a boil and add 3 caps of LipHt Massage and Body Oil and/or 3 drops of Pain pHree to the boiling water and inhale vapors o open airways and sinuses. Follow by rubbing a drop of Pain pHree over chest and neck.

11. Apply 2 drops of Pain pHree around the diaphragm to reduce asthmatic spasms.

12. Put a drop of Pain pHree in shoes to prevent foot odor.

13. Apply a drop of Pain pHree to the sore muscles or joints of arthritic pets.

14. For a natural cleaning solution, add 5-8 drops of Pain pHree to a gallon of warm water to do your cleaning. I also add 3 drops to my floor steamer to clean my floors. A few drops can be sprinkled onto the vacuum cleaner bag to freshen the house while vacuuming.

15. Apply a drop of Pain pHree to your neck, shirt, or underarm for cologne.

16. Give a bottle to a friend or loved one that you know has aches, pains, or headaches!

Pain pHree Is Amazing!

This amazing blend of essential oils affects pain in two ways. Most topical pain relievers contain camphor, which can be dangerous over time and offers only an analgesic property, numbing pain. Pain pHree does have a powerful analgesic to ease pain that is safer than camphor. It also has other qualities to enhance its pain relieving effects. Pain pHree addresses pain from stiffness with analgesic oil that increases circulation and stimulates healing. It also addresses pain in a unique way that most topical pain products miss: by reducing inflammation and spasms. One cause of pain is inflammation due to over-acidity of the blood and tissues, which can be caused by various factors, including overuse, repetitive motion, structural or functional imbalances, or acid build up in the tissues from lifestyle and diet. Pain is also often present when there are muscle spasms, or trigger point spasms. Relief from inflammation or spasms will often completely eliminate the pain that they cause locally. Pain pHree contains powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic oil which addresses pain caused by these factors. The use of both pain relieving components makes Pain pHree a superior topical pain relieving product!

Pregnant women should avoid this product due to the Clary Sage content which has been shown to stimulate labor.

Pain pHree comes in a 10ml dropper bottle for $19.95. One bottle contains approximately 200 uses. We want to encourage you to use Pain pHree in as many ways as possible by offering a special discount because we are sure you will love it as much as we do. This special offer is for a limited time only!

Buy 4, get 1 free!Buy 9, get 3 free!Buy 15, get 5 free!

To order your bottles of Pain pHree go to:

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