The Truth About Heart Disease and Strokes

Everything you’ve been told about cholesterol and heart disease is wrong, Wrong, WRONG!
I know that sounds hard to believe, but it’s true!

Most people are convinced that heart disease and stroke result from a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fats. This notion is based on the flawed idea that cholesterol is the cause of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

But the truth is, cholesterol, even the so-called bad cholesterol protects you from having a heart attack or stroke. And we’ve known this for decades! The true cause of a heart attack or stroke comes from excess metabolic and dietary acids that are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination – respiration, defecation, urination and finally perspiration. The body protects you from a heart attack or stroke by binding-up dietary, metabolic and/or environmental acids with cholesterol. Bottom-line cholesterol is saving your life! You are at a greater risk for a heart attack or stroke with low cholesterol then with higher cholesterol if you are on an acidic lifestyle and diet. Why? Once again cholesterol does not cause heart attacks or strokes – metabolic and dietary acid causes heart attacks and strokes.

When President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower had his first heart attack, his cholesterol level was 164 mg/dl — a level considered “perfect” by today’s standards.

What’s more, Ike had his cholesterol measured 10 times a year. He eliminated all saturated fats and ate supposed “heart-healthy” foods, such as corn oil. He did everything his cardiologists asked of him — and yet he suffered a number of new heart attacks and later died of an acidic heart condition.

What was true of Ike has been true of the general population as well. Americans have been eating a so-called acidic “heart-healthy” diet for more than 40 years now, and yet we’ve seen no reduction in heart dis-ease, stroke, or atherosclerosis. In fact, heart dis-ease is worse today than it was 50 years ago!

The U.S. government’s ACIDIC dietary recommendations have killed more Americans than both world wars!

People find it difficult to believe that everything they have been told about cholesterol could be wrong. They especially have difficulty believing that their own doctors could be so wrong.
After all, these doctors went to medical school . . . and they use a lot of fancy medical jargon. That’s proof that they must know what they are talking about.

The fact is that over 50% of what doctors learn in medical school is either wrong or out dated when they graduate.

When you began to examine the scientific evidence from my research and others in greater detail you discover that most doctors have been misled and merely parroting a so-called out-dated lie that was not true.

After years of research I have discovered that cholesterol is NOT a cause of heart disease and stroke but a preventative substance created by the body to prevent heart disease and/or stroke. Bottom line cholesterol is saving your life from excess acidity. . . but also that the so-called “heart-healthy” diets are highly acidic that have been pushed on Americans for four decades is behind the cancer epidemic we’ve seen.

In fact, the U.S. government’s acidic dietary recommendations probably have killed more Americans than both world wars! That’s because the foods and liquids that the government has been recommending are like powerful “acids” that spoil body cells leading to tissue acidosis or a cancerous condition.

A report from the Framingham Heart Study, reported in the prestigious journal The Lancet, found that men with cholesterol below 190 mg/dl — considered “healthy” for their hearts — had TRIPLE the risk of developing colon cancer when compared to men with levels greater than 220 mg/dl.

As for the risk of heart attack from the higher cholesterol, there was NO DIFFERENCE between the men with levels at 180 mg/dl and those with cholesterol greater than 250 mg/dl.
The problem is, most doctorsdon’t have time to keep up with the latest scientific research and most of the conclusions are wrong!

Every year, our government and a number of private institutions spend billions of dollars on research, yet a great deal of this research goes unread and is wrong.

Worse, the information gleaned often never is used in treating and preventing human disease.
Most doctors never read more than a few articles in popular medical journals, and they almost never read studies of basic science. This is why they think so-called alternative treatments do not work.

But the truth is, Dr. Robert O. Young’s “alternative” alkalizing treatments will become tomorrow’s standard of treatment.

One example: For decades, so-called alternative and nutritionally-oriented physicians have advocated the omega-3 (fish, flax and hemp) oils as a proven preventive for cardiovascular disease, and as a vital component for neurological development in the young.

Yet for years many doctors dismissed such recommendations — and mainstream medical journals went out of their way to attack believers in fish/flax/hemp oil supplements as misguided. (Now, of course, they all sing its praises as a preventive . . . yet it started out as an “alternative” treatment.)

Now Dr. Young, through his years of research has found that omega-3 oils help to buffer toxic acids from diet and metabolism that cause heart disease, stroke and cancer.

To learn more about the prevention of acids that lead to ALL sickness and dis-ease, including heart disease, stroke and cancer using omega 3 oils read The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss and The pH Miracle for Cancer.

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Heart Disease and Strokes”

  1. My LDL is 40 and HDL 55. My total Cholesterol is under 100. and I attribute it to eating Soy Lecithin and taking NAC consistently (as well as alkalizing) for the past 10 years. So I am still at a greater risk since my cholesterol is low?


  2. R C Davidson
    Almost one year ago (March 2009) I had a massive heart attack. I have been following Dr. Young's teachings, since I purchased his first book in 2002: “The pH Miracle” and have been making a transformation to living a “Alkalorian” way of life.

    I have always been healthy, strong, and in great physical shape. (I was a NAVY EOD Diver/Parachutest/Demolition Expert – Retired in 1981). This article on heart disease is all correct, as it took me 60 years to have the “silent death of a heart attack” sneak up on me, without any warning. In January 2009, I had a complete annual physical and even got a new 10 year Life Insurance Policy (I took all their tests.. passed with flying colors) All the tests I took with my doctor all turned out the typical “Normal” with no problems presented to me. Blood pressure: 119 over 70 which is my normal, cholesterol: 195, ETC. I have never had a headache, rarely catch colds, weigh the same as I did when I retired: 215#. Very pro-active: golf, bowling, hiking, walking, dancing, swimming and other healthy activities.

    35 days later, a heart attack. I experienced typical symptoms: left hand going numb, a slight pain in my left shoulder and a sweating and hot flash coming over me. As I recognized the symptoms, I told my wife that I needed an “Aspirin” which I never have had to take… ever before and told her and my son to rush me to the hospital as I was having a heart attack. No other pain or symptoms.

    Long story short: within two hours I had 2 stints put in. One artery that was 100% blocked and one that was 80% blocked. They started me on 5 different kind of “pills” Again I have not taken very many pills (drugs) in my life.

    I went home 2 days later (medical bills over $80,000.) and started a 4 month cardiac rehab.
    I have recovered well and the only pill I could get stopped is the blood pressure lowering one because it lowered my BP to 80 over 40. Now it is about 100 over 65. I still taking other “Heart” pills, but am looking to stop them all in a safe manner.

    The doctor told my wife that if I had not been as healthy and strong as I was I would not have survived the heart attack.

    I am looking for the transition into a complete “Alkalorian” but I have to know that it is the right way and the right thing to do. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.


  3. thanks for telling the truth about heart disease, in order to have clear view on this subject, but when a student is a need that kind of experience with doctors blog, thanks for the info,perhaps they would conduct a study on Buy Cialis in america and its effects


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