Understanding The Ideology of Nausea

Many of us put our trust in modern day medicine that does not even understand the basic physiology or principals of digestion. You cannot find something as simple as the ideology of nausea in ANY medical text or scientific study. In otherwords, modern day medical science does not know the cause of nausea. I know you would be surprised at the cause of nausea and it is not what you are thinking! The cause of nausea is the body’s need for sodium bicarbonate to mediate excess dietary and/or metabolic acid. The main organ for producing sodium bicarbonate is the stomach. When the body needs sodium bicarbonate to mediate dietary or metabolic acid the cover cells of the stomach draws, sodium, chloride, carbon dioxide and water from the blood to produce the body’s need for increased alkalinity. When the stomach produces sodium bicarbonate, which is then taken back up into the blood for buffering acid it leaves a residue or an acidic waste product called hydrochloric acid. It is the increased amounts of hydrochloric acid that causes nausea. So when you start feeling sick to your stomach this is the body in need of more alkaline salts, especially sodium bicarbonate.

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