I Had Crohns Disease Since 1990

I have had crohns disease since 1990 and been through two surgeries and a lot of trying and failing about different diets over the years. After the last surgery were the doctors removed 1 meter of my small intestine and ½ m of my large intestine it was really bad… I then took a bold decision to quit the recommended hospital treatment, which was said to be the only way back to a “normal” way of living. At that time (march 2009) I had 40% hemoglobin (5.7) and zero iron in my body, and a really poor state of the intestines with a reference of a calprotectin test (fecal-test) at 5500.

At Sola Healthfarm I will tell you about my sick-story to start with before I will go more into depth about the savior, which was the ph-diet recommended by dr. Young. “The New Biology” from dr. Young changed the cards, and I will explain what ”The New Biology” contains with regards to dietary choices and lifestyle, and the reason it works on every disease for those who wants that kind of information. Today my hemoglobin is at 90% (13.1) and the intestines are a lot better (fecal-test reading at 143) and this is by following the advise of dr. Young.

I also published a book during 2009 named 11.9=2, and I can tell you about my views for the future. The book is a novel, but it is mainly about what lies ahead of future changes for the whole world. In my point of view we are now living in the most interesting times of human history ever, and if anyone feels that the world has changed during the last couple of years, I definitely mean that we barely have seen the start of what lies ahead. I mean we have started on something we can call an evolutionary quantum leap, where the humans are playing the star role by pushing evolution to the next level in terms of consciousness of who we are. This is a subject I have digged into the last years as a part of the book-project 11.9=2.
Info on the book: http://www.119-2.no
Rune Vatne

2 thoughts on “I Had Crohns Disease Since 1990”

  1. Stomach pain – lymphatic swelling


    I dont know what to say — I tried the PH diet and there was no way it would work for me. The oxy cleanse would put me into a major crisis and stomach would crumble and pop, soar as can be. This was at 1/2 dose. And there was no way that uncooked food would work – the avocado did work on toast with sea salt and dash of lemon.

    Also, I got what I believe to be mineral imbalances – very tight muscles in calves and feet, left side. I suffer from anxiety and a 40 year naturalpath said to eat carbs and sweets for 2 months, then try again. Sure enough, after eating a piece of cake, my stomach is better??? Very odd. I guess everything is tied to your nervous system. People who dont have anxiety issues or sleep issues would probably do much better on Dr Young's diet……….

    To be very honest – 2 other people I introduced the PH program and they got the same problem – tight muscles. My friend could not eat anything raw – no way hosay. The only thing that worked well was steamed or cooked vegetables and lentils with spices such as turmeric, coconut oil, avocado oil, ghee, safflower oil, cumin, fennel, cardamon, cilantro, cinnamon, and lots of ginger. Avocado soup was fine.


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