Who Are The Real Quacks?

Dr. Barrett founder and voice of Quackwatch

“Mainstream medicine has hit a new low in its war against physicians who have become alternative healers. The battle has been going on for decades, but lately, in bully-like fashion, pharma’s minions are ramping up the vilification. They’re now discrediting any healing method not based in their version of accepted science – excuse me, I meant their religion of pharmaceutical belief which has been misnamed as “science”.

They demand explanation and evidence when we reject their drugs, yet they never serve up true evidence or proof that drugs do more good than harm. They insist with religious fervor that vaccines are safe, effective and keep people healthy. They preach as gospel that antibiotics are better or safer than homeopathy, herbs, colloidal silver, vitamin D and natural support for non-life threatening infections, despite the fact that antibiotic adverse effects are common and well documented.

Serious effects such as anaphylaxis (inflammatory shock), kidney failure, liver failure, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (a life threatening condition where the epidermis separates from the dermis), Clostridium difficile colitis (commonly referred to as C-diff), and the creation of drug resistant super-bacteria are but a few examples. And now, they’ve recruited some very bright (but not necessarily wise) minds to attack alternative practitioners. Their latest weapon is name calling – most notably, labeling them “quacks”.

“Quack”, as per the Random House dictionary:

1. A fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill;

2. A person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan.

But from its current usage, I’d say they’ve added a new definition:

3. A physician or medical healer who does not profit from creating and maintaining disease, but rather respects the natural tendency of the body to heal itself; one who helps the body eliminate whatever toxins are causing illness, be they environmental, emotional or pharmaceutical; one who uses primarily non-toxic, non-surgical means for routine care, and uses pharmaceutical and surgical medicine as a last resort.

Who Gets on the List?

Physicians who see that the popular medical-pharmaceutical construct endangers its recipients with marginally tested drugs of questionable efficacy, but with well documented adverse effects, are labeled as quacks. A physician who recognizes the significant conflicts of interest, and resultant corruption in the circle of influence that comprises the nation’s government/ public health officials, lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry, and in many instances his or her own colleagues is considered a quack.

As a matter of fact, it seems a quack is apparently anyone in the healthcare industry who does not believe in and support the unharnessed proliferation of the pharmaceutical industry, with its virtually unlimited profits from its worldwide distribution of toxic medications and vaccines. When a physician has the ethical fortitude to reject these massive operations and label them as destructive, s/he will be considered a quack. And most definitely, any physician who no longer wishes to be a mercenary for the pharma-backed junta that has taken over medical schools and medical institutions will be tagged “quack”.

I noticed, when Googling the names of some of our most prominent alternative healers, they all earn the title of “quack”. This new, disparaging label seems to have appeared at a time when there was a growing tension in the world about the necessity, efficacy and safety of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Most physicians who believe that the current childhood vaccination program is not safe or is unnecessary are automatically thrown onto the list, regardless of their accomplishments, backgrounds, or well-established reputations prior to uttering an opinion that vaccines may be dangerous.

Some of my favorite “quacks” as defined by #3:

Sherri Tenpenny, DO: published author, scholar on a long list of topics, especially the problems caused by vaccines.

Russell Blaylock, MD: neurosurgeon and outspoken advocate of health freedom.

Andrew Wakefield, MB: published author, formerly respected surgeon until he stepped on the toes of big pharma with a groundbreaking monkey study involving the Hepatitis B vaccine, a study that never got published. That research would have ultimately exposed the ravages of the entire childhood vaccine program.

Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH: published author, attorney, and outspoken natural health advocate, who happens to have more than 20,000 non-autistic, unvaccinated children in his group medical practice.

Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H): innovator, heavy metal detoxification expert, and living example of vibrant aging.

Joseph Mercola, DO: outspoken natural health advocate who uncovers and exposes corruption and inaccuracies in conventional medicine through his widely viewed website.

Lawrence Palevsky, MD, FACP: conventionally trained, board certified pediatrician, who has publicly expressed disagreement with conventional drugs and vaccines and offers a holistic pediatric option.

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., NMD: conventionally and alternatively trained, who studied the effects of lifestyle and diet on the health of the blood and tissues and developed alternative health protocols in the prevention and treatment of disease.  He focuses on maintaining and restoring the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline high potassium and magnesium diet.

Why do I support these physicians and why am I qualified to lash out at pharma, “science-based medicine” bloggers, “Quackwatch” and Stephen Barrett the main voice of Quackwatch?

I am a Medical Doctor with a bachelor’s degree in physics, certifications in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. I have no malpractice suits on my record and I have always been well regarded by my colleagues. However, the respect I have enjoyed for more than 15 years as a physician may well start to crack, as a result of speaking openly about my view on vaccines, which, when administered without fully informed consent, are a violation of patient trust and a threat to their health.

Expanding List of Quacks

The growing crowd of physician-quacks comes armed with determination. Once they realize what vaccines have done – and continue to do – to their patients, and that no one involved is accountable or responsible, they are compelled to take a deeper look. However, they are vulnerable to the whims of an industry backed by billions of dollars and supported by a mesmerized, deceived medical culture. Doctors are under the spell of a media that censors the truth and limits access to any information that contradicts the vaccination paradigm. They take risks when they speak out; they do this to support a trusting, under-informed and vulnerable humanity. Their rewards come in the form of the many thanks from the millions of parents and patients who are grateful that there are physicians who support their personal beliefs and acknowledge their often tragic observations.

The truth is dark and complicated, and not readily visible to the physician who starts to question convention because he can no longer live with the apparent contradictions. If he dares to question the problems of the vaccination program, he must then critically examine the entire system, one that turns a blind eye to the deterioration of health after someone receives a vaccine. Doctors should be asking questions such as, What are the underlying causes of our national epidemic of chronic illnesses that fill our sick care institutions? What are the incestuous, revolving-door relationships between government/public health, pharma and the insurance companies, and why is this a problem? Why have so many infants and children developed so many formerly unheard of illnesses in their age group? Why is the link to vaccination uniformly dismissed as non-causal? Sadly enough, few physicians question the current paradigm. Few want to risk being labeled as “quacks”. It is much simpler- and safer- to remain comfortably within the status quo, no matter how sordid it has become.

As this avaricious machine tramples on life, there are people being cured of cancer, healed of supposed chronic degenerative diseases, discarding their unnecessary medications and making themselves well by exiting the System that gave them few options and offered little hope.

Doctors providing “alternative” methods of healing are scoffed at, challenged by their state medical boards, belittled by their colleagues. And they are called quacks.

This word “quack” has been turned into a weapon, unleashed on those who notice the scores of patients spiraling to their death at the hands of FDA-approved, CDC-sanctioned medical interventions of big pharma and their affiliated institutions. The self proclaimed authorities of “science-based-medicine,” the paid pharma bloggers, “Quack Watchers” and many others who proselytize the message of drug companies and attempt to discredit the time-tested healing methods used by alternative practitioners, are destined to fail. I take comfort in the fact that the masses are becoming increasingly disgruntled with the results of their conventional medical options. The public trust and confidence in what pharma and conventional medical doctors have to offer is, thankfully, dying.The day will come when doctors will freely combine their scientific medical education with time-tested alternative treatments to build a new paradigm. The future of medicine will utilize the healing arts passed down through generations and adopted from other cultures, tools that are nearly defunct from disuse and systematic attack. Physicians will make a living by maintaining health rather than from treating disease and creating new sickness. The physicians listed on my personal “quack list” will be heroes and known for taking huge risks to change the course of healthcare in this country and beyond. These physician “quacks” already have thousands of patients who can attest to the fact that their doctor’s unconventional medical innovations, combined with their conventional medical knowledge, enriched and healed their lives, without prescription drugs and they remained healthy without vaccines.Those who have attempted to warp our reputations by calling us “quacks” will not succeed. The primal wisdom of the masses is more powerful than all the propaganda promoted by the misnamed “science-based medicine” and “quack watchers.” The pillars that support the sick-care industry are cracking and its architects are getting desperate. In due time, the Yellow Pages will be abundant in so-called quacks. Quack watchers really should watch carefully. The revolution has begun.”

By Suzanne Humphries, MD [medical doctor]
July 5, 2010
International Medical Council on Vaccinationwww.imcv.info

5 thoughts on “Who Are The Real Quacks?”

  1. Great article.
    I greatly admire all these people listed too.
    Four more doctors I greatly admire:

    Dr Leonard Coldwell – http://drleonardcoldwell.com/
    Dr Lorraine Day – http://www.drday.com/
    Dr Ralph Moss – http://www.cancerdecisions.com/ – instrumental in exposing the fact that chemotherapy is ineffective and vitamin B17 does work
    Dr Tullio Simoncini – http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/ – has a great success rate curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate


  2. Lol, Great job!! From here on out (God willing) the only docs I will pay good money to will be the ones the AMA labels 'quacks'!! Think about it, it's George Orwells doublespeak!! Well said. Thank you for telling the truth!!


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