The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!

Dear Dr. Young,

The following are the before and after pictures of 25.5 pounds lost, thanks to the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet. I would also like to send you my blood test result later this week when I get them. Granted they, have no barring on the true results in how we see our ideal health outcome, none-the-less, they are highly recognized by societies known measurement of success, as taught by their M.D.’s.

As for now, the before picture is taken in May of 2009, when our son Ryan left for his mission to Argentina. (Location: Sundance) The after picture is taken July, 19, 2010 (Location: Chagrin River Park in Ohio)

May I also thank you for taking interest. To me these pictures are amazing even to me. I knew I was heavy on the weight, but to see this Wow! Goodbye weight, Hello Me!

I am so glad for this change! Thank You! Thank You Very Much! You are free to publish these weights below. And use the difference from any weight you choose. They are all true!
WEIGHT4/9/2004 -166 lb 12 oz
4/13/2004 – 166 lb
4/26/2005 – 170 lb 14.4 oz
5/3/2005 – 167 lb 8.8 oz
7/12/2005 – 167 lb 11.2 oz
8/26/2005 – 164 lb
7/2/2007 – 173 lb
5/30/2008 – 167 lb
6/4/2008 – 165 lb
7/7/2008 – 162 lb
10/16/2008 – 169 lb
7/13/2009 – 165 lb 6.4 oz
8/10/2009 – 164 lb
7/19/2010 – 143 lb From last years physical from being on The pH Miracle Plan.

8/10/09, I weighed 164 to 7/19/2010 of 143 on the same physicians scale. (Although the weight reflects 164, it rose to 167 (home scale) subsequent to the my physical in August. – The colder months drove me to eating comfort foods. July 18, 2010 my home scale displayed 141.5- clothes add the difference.) 😀

I bought my first pH Miracle book in November 2009. Then bought The pH MIracle for Weight Loss and then The pH Miracle for Diabetes (Just to know how it was applied in more complicated illnesses). I applied it little by little through the holidays, then got serious with it once the snow melted. My family, friends and neighbors have voluntarily commented on the noticeable weight loss. I am grateful this transformation has occurred. I am grateful for the science of the your “New Biology” as it is published for us today. All it took was doing it!

Kindest of Blessings,

Teresa Chapman

3 thoughts on “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!”

  1. Yeah, this is really a big miracle I saw here… It's just amazing change in both of there body's. Really I know it's very hard job to lose a weight. Thanks for sharing this information here… very interesting.
    Keep posting….

    Thanks and Regards,
    James, NY Health Expert @ HealthPharmaRx


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