A Few Fequently Asked Questions?

The pH Miracle/Young pHorever Products and the Innerlight Products:

Can I use Epsom salt instead of pHlush?

Dr. Young: Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate which is hard on the intestinal villi. I would suggest the pHlush which is magnesium oxide and a buffer of sodium bicarbonate.

Is there any difference between Innerlight Super Greens and Doc Broc’s Power Plants?

Dr. Young: Absolutely. SuperGreens is my medicinal formulation of grasses, veggies and herbs and Doc Broc is focused just on the grasses, veggies and alkaline fruit to help build blood.

Is taking pHour salts after ingesting food not a good idea? Can it make you feel ill?

Dr. Young: You can take the pHour salts before, during or after you have ingested food to buffer the acids of the foods and to neutralize the toxic hydrochloric acid in the stomach from sodium bicarbonate production.

How is the sugar in pHruit & pHoliage reduced? what’s the process?

The sugar or acids of the exotic pHruits in my product pHruit and pHolage are eliminated through low heat evaporation.

I took two teaspoons pHlush this morning at 8:15 and at this time, (2:15) it has worn off and so I am just eliminating green powder and not much liquid. I just took another dose of pHlush a few minutes ago, (only one teaspoon this time) and I can hear and feel liquids being churned around in my digestive tract. Is this normal?

Dr. Young: That is the alkaline salts mixing with the acids of the stomach as well as the magnesium oxide breaking down undigested protein in the gut.

Other Products/Supplements/Herbs/Foods/Pharmaceuticals:

Some say that Sodium chlorite is poison, what are your views?

Dr. Young: Sodium chlorite is a very strong base and can be harmful to the body if not used properly. I have found that a 5 percent dilution of sodium chlorite when used in 1 liter of distilled or ionized water can be very helpful in restoring the alkaline design of the blood and tissues.

What is your opinion of Prednisone?

Dr. Young: Prednisone is a wicked evil acidic drug that masks the symptoms of dietary and/or metabolic acidity while you slowly die.

How good is virgin coconut oil?

Dr. Young: Virgin coconut oil is a great lubricant but no good for chelating acid. It is saturated with acid. Coconut oil is good but not for reducing cholesterol and clearing toxic buildup in the blood and lymph. It can help lubricate the alimentary canal to remove acidic solid waste and help clear the way for alkalizing oils, greens, salts and water.

What do you think about maca, bee pollen and Dong Quai?

Dr. Young: Mac and bee pollen are acidic and toxic to the body. Dong Quai I have found to be anti-inflammatory and good for the body.

Is taking EPA and DHA effective in the pill form?

Dr. Young: You need more up to 100 ml per day. So taking the just the pills is inadequate.

What is your take on Hemp and Chia seeds? I have been reading that they are both great sources of protein. If so, which one do you think is the best?

Dr. Young: Excellent source of alkalizing oil or polyunsaturated oil for chelating dietary and/or metabolic acid.

There is considerable literature speculating that cilantro may be an effective chellation therapy for people who have excess mercury in their systems. Cilantro is green, so how much can a person consume in a day?

Dr. Young: You can eat as much cilantro as you would like. It is alkalzing.

Are pistachios acidic or alkaline?

Dr. Young: Yes they are mildly acidic.


What is your opinion of a fatty liver please?

Dr Young: An acidic liver equals a fatty liver and a fatty live equals an acidic liver. The body retains fat to park excess dietary and/or metabolic acids that are not removed via urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration. The cause is always an acidic lifestyle and diet. Alcoholism dairy and animal protein are major contributors to an acidic/fatty liver.

What causes Canker sores in the mouth?

Dr. Young: Acids coming to the surface of the skin causes canker sores.

I have been having pretty intense stomach pain, like an ulcer pain. (I have had ulcers in the past.) The pain usually acts up when I have eaten something that is hard for me to digest. I have been fine for a long time, but now it is back on a daily basis. I am wondering if all the supergreens are doing something, or the salts. I am better in the morning, but as I start the salts and the greens I get worse again. Please advise as I can not function as of now. Should I do more scoops of greens in a liter, and more clear water?

Dr. Young: I would suggest that the pain is coming from the increase of HCL as a result of the stomach creating sodium bicarbonate to buffer blood and tissue acidity. You may need to go up to 8 liters of green alkaline fluids a day. I would also suggest feeding the body via colonics with pHour salts, liquid chlorophyll and puripHy salts.

Today I am bedridden with gastro intestinal symptoms, like pain, gas, bloating and severe nausea I also feel faint. I am doing 6-8 liters, six of them supergreens with ph drops, and chlorophyll. I am doing abut 5 scoops of the pHour salts a day, the oxypowder, oils, salt, and green liquid. Sauna every day. All green in, and all green out. I am not constipated. Any suggestion as to how to get my intestines to calm down, this is day four of these symptoms. I seem much better when I wake up, and as soon as I start drinking the supergreens , it starts. Like I am going to burst from gas and liquid. I would guess it is just detox symptoms,, but it feels very severe right now.

Dr. Young: Cleansing is a process not an event and comes about in layers. It takes at least 2 weeks before you begin to scratch the surface of a deep tissue cleanse. Once again may I suggest that this process takes at least 3 months.

What causes vasculitis? Is it curable?

Dr. Young: Vaculitis is a stage 4 acidic condition associated with inflammation. Inflammation is always curable when you understand the cause is dietary and metabolic acid and all you need to do is alkalize and exercise the body.

What protocol do you suggest for gallbladder pain?

Dr. Young: The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet protocol as outlined in Chapter 11 of the pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

I understand that cholesterol coats your arteries/veins as a result of over acidity. But does our body make cholesterol or does it come from our diet or both? What is good vs bad cholesterol?

Dr. Young: There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol. It is all good. LDL helps to reduce acidity and HDL helps to drive nutrition to the cells and build cellular membranes. There are good fats and bad fats. Saturated fats are saturated with acid and unsaturated fats are unsaturated with acid and have the ability to buffer dietary and/or metabolic acid.

My asthma is kicking my butt, and I guess it doesn’t help when I have allergies because it’s affecting it. I just started the PH Miracle diet. How can I tame the wheezing in my lungs, I really don’t want to take medication. I know the doctor will want to prescribe steroids and that is the last thing I would want to take. Dr. Young what can I do? I’m having trouble sleeping at night because of my asthma, seems like it’s worse at night than day. How can I control the cough as well, it gives me chest pain.

Dr. Young: May I suggest the liquid feast for 12 weeks. No solid food all raw, organic and alkaline. You can also use the Lung Plus which is an InnerLight product to remove acidic toxins from the lung. You may even want to consider nebulizing Glutathione and NAC once or twice a day. You can find the entire lifestyle and diet in our book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, Chapter 11.

My brother tells me that when he goes to the bathroom the stool will come in the form of balls and are a firm consistency. What can it be?

Dr. Young: Can you say constipation. Get off the acidic food, especially bread.

What would you recommend for a bone spur in the neck area creating numbness in the fingers?

Dr. Young: I would recommend Robin McKenzie’s book, Treat Your Own Neck, doing the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and supplementing with the OrthoPack that contains magnesium, manganese, zinc and niacin.


I am about to start a cleanse per “pH Miracle” – wheatgrass powder, Doc Broc’s powder and pureed raw green soups. What are your thoughts on the inclusion of tomato, lemon juice or red capsicum in the blended soups (not being green veggies) – vs using only green veggies (eg greens celery avocado cucumber)?

Dr. Young: Yes you can include tomato, lemon juice and red capsicum in your blended soups as well but it is best to keep your diet as green as possible.

Is it unusual for a live blood sample to show liver stress and Rouleau early while just starting a green feast?

Dr. Young: During detox the tissues will be dumping acidic cells and waste products so keep alkalizing and keep your urine pH above 8.

The primary organs of elimination are the skin, liver, gall bladder, lymphatic glands, kidneys and the colon will the pH Miracle Lifestyle clean all of these organs?

Dr. Young: The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is focused on detoxing the blood and tissues of dietary and metabolic acids and restoring the alkaline design of the body.

How can I restore the imbalance in the intestinal lining the quickest? I am thrown off, by the strong pain, and not sure how to proceed to heal this again. It is like I am intolerant to everything I put down. When I eat I get worse, And the pain is 24/7.

Dr. Young: I love cabbage juice to help heal the stomach. I would start taking the activated charcoal and the montmorillonite clay. You can also drink high pH water.

Part of the green feast therapy suggests the colonic cleansings. When your instructions say colonics, do you include the methods where you take something orally along with lots of water in order to cleanse the bowel from the top down or are you talking STRICTLY about the several gallons of water infused by way of the rectum?

Dr. Young: I suggest drinking 4 to 5 liters of greens everyday and taking the pHlush product every 4 hours.

Urine at ph 10 at 3pm is good or too high?

Dr. Young: Excellent, for the most acidic time of the day. Keep your urine pH up you are saturating your tissues with alkalinity instead of acidity.

I have been doing this diet for 6 weeks now. After 4 weeks 9 kilos where gone but now everything has stopped for 2 weeks. I began drinking 4 liters a day, I increased it up to 8 liters for the last three days. My pH strips say that I am 7.4 to 8 but the kilos don´t go away. I can also see that black color under my rings on my fingers so there is still much acid going on. Any suggestion?

Dr. Young: It sounds like you are constipated. I would suggest colonic and of course exercise at least 1 hour a day.

Is it normal, (or desirable) for the supergreen drink with added chlorophyll to exit the bowels in almost the same form as when it was drunk? This happened shortly after I took the pHlush product? I am totally on supergreen drink with no solid food at this time.

Dr. Young: That’s a good sign that the bowels are clear, especially after taking the pHlush.

The question is what happens when you take the SuperGreens with the Chlorophyll when you do not take the pHlush? Let me know.

Dr. Young: SuperGreens with chlorophyll has a mild bowel cleansing affect but its main purpose is to build the blood. If you are not eliminating your bowels at least 3 times a day then I would recommend the pHlush to clear any congestion or undigested protein in the small intestine.

I know yucca is alkaline but can you have steamed yucca mashed on a cleanse?

Dr. Young: No problem on the pureed yucca each day. A great anti-inflammatory or better said anti-acid.

Today, for the first time in over a week, I could not get my salvia ph over 6.5.

Is more acid dumped during the detox? Did my five scoops of salt, 8 liters of water.

Dr. Young: Sounds like you are on your way to a higher level of health, energy and vitality.
Continue your salts and 8 liters of alkaline water with greens to heal the root system of your body – the small intestine.

2 days into my green feast – yesterday I consumed 0.75L of raw green soup in the morning – as well as 5.5 liters of water with various combinations of Doc Brocs powder, wheatgrass powder, pH Plasma Drops, pink Himalayan rock salt, and/or lemon juice. I’ve just woken up with a) abnormal fatigue b) parched dry skin and lips, especially around the face (ironically …since my water consumption is at an all time high), and c) being extremely sensitive to the cold weather that I can usually deal with. Do you think these would all be detox symptoms?

Dr. Young: The more alkaline fluids and greens you drink the more thirsty you get. At this point you realize how nutritional deficient you really are. You are absolutely detoxing.

I am on day three of a liquid green feast. I developed a migraine headache yesterday afternoon which only happens when I eat something I am allergic too. Since I did not eat any food I am allergic to, I am assuming the body is detoxifying. My occasional foot spasms seem to be constant since the green feast. The power of greens on the body are amazing. Can you explain what may be happening to my body?

Dr. Young: Acids are generally eliminated out from the extremities and thus the increase in foot spasms. Make sure you are exercising and doing your daily stretching. As far as the headache this is common when you are detoxing especially when you are detoxing off coffee, tea, alcohol and chocolate. And yes, even the so-called acidic raw chocolate that many folks are eating needs to be eliminated.

This is the beginning of day 4 of my green feast. I feel good. I have noticed that I have been feeling cold since I started the feast and have a sour stomach when taking Udo’s oil with pureed green and/or liquefied avocados. What can I do to eliminate this sour stomach?

Dr. Young: May I suggest taking the pHour salts at least in the morning and before going to bed to mediate the sour/acid stomach and to help increase better circulation.

It is day 6 of my green feast, I do not feel sick but have no ambition. Blood was Rouleau this morning. Today I couldn’t do all the things recommended because I had to get groceries but will pick up on the pHlush and pHour salts now that I am home. I am going to start some rebounding sometime today and looking forward to it. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

Dr. Young: You will know you are in a deep tissue cleanse when you start feeling sick and tired. Check the pH of the urine and saliva and make sure you push the pH up over 8. This will help to neutralize or buffer the increased load of acid from the connective and fatty tissues which are being dumped into the blood to be eliminated through urination.

Day 10 on the green liquid feast,, I am still in a liver cleansing mode. Lots of small “liverstones” coming out, like a constant mini liver flush. I am very, very nauseated, and would love for that to pass, I am staying motivated, but exhausted. What can I do to help with these symptoms?

Dr. Young: To relieve the nausea you have to be taking the pHour salts several times a day. You can also drink a cup of montmorillonite clay to buffer the HCL in the stomach or activated charcoal works as well.


I am worried that I am drinking so much water it is just going to flush the nutrition out of me when I eat and juice, I know you say that there are 9 liters of water in your small intestines, so does this mean we can drink as much as we want without flushing nutrition out?

Dr. Young: You need to make sure that you are ingesting at least 12 to 14 grams of alkaline mineral salts each day. This is based upon 70k or 154 Lbs. You can drink more as long as it is alkaline with a pH of at least 9.5. You can also add the alkaline mineral drops as well to increase atomic oxygen and increase electrical potential. Your large bowels will adsorb and absorb 8 liters of alkaline water a day. That is why you end up with a solid stool.

It seems to be that the supergreens aggravate something in my intestines and cause great pain. Last night I had a liter of pure water, then the salts. This morning the salts, then a liter of water (large bowel movement). When I then drank the supergreens the pain started up again. What would you suggest?

Dr. Young: I would suggest switching to the Doc Broc greens which does not have medicinal herbs but only grasses, veggies and alkaline fruit.

How do I nebulize glutathione and NAC?

Dr. Young: I would suggest purchasing our liquid glutathione and NAC of which you would then need to purchase a nebulizer to nebulize the glutathione and the NAC.

My salvia pH goes down over night, the urine pH stays high. What is the body doing while sleeping in regards to this?

Dr. Young: Drink a 2 to 3 ounce shot of pHour salts with 1 to 2 scopes before going to bed.

What can I do to gain weight? I’m 5’9″ and I still loosing weight. I’m now 139.8 pounds with BMI 20.6.

Dr. Young: You build muscle with blood and you build blood with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Daily exercise is important in removing acid and creating a static contraction that will draw blood to the muscle(s)that you want to build and strenthen.

Does eating alkaline truly change the density of fibrous tissue in breast tissue/glands?

Dr. Young: Fibrous tissue is the result of tissue acidosis caused by an acidic lifestyle and diet. The blood maintains its alkaline iso-structure by eliminating dietary and/or metabolic acids into the connective and fatty tissues. This is why all women are at risk for breast cancer because the blood will eliminate any excess acidity into the fatty breast tissue if it is not eliminated through urination or perspiration. This is also why micro-calcifications always appear before the tumor formation.

I am drinking 8 liters a day, and I feeling like I am going to burst, and I am nauseated. Should I back ? Can it be too much? Or just push trough?

Dr. Young: If you are nauseated and feel like you are going to burst you are constipated and need to start taking the pHlush product to clear the small and large bowel. I would also suggest drinking 2 to 4 ounces of whole leaf aloe vera 3 to 4 times a day to breakup undigested protein in the small bowel.


I noticed you advise against probiotics. Since I was a kid I have been taking many antibiotics and have stopped over the last few years (I’m 29). Would you suggest probiotics for me and if not what can I do?

Dr. Young: I would only suggest probiotics in cases of extreme constipation. I would recommend a green diet with exercise without probiotics.

You wrote that antibiotics destroy the intestinal villi. Is that damage irreversible?

Dr. Young: All acidic damage to the body is reversible when you focus on building the blood with green foods and green drinks and maintaining the alkalinity of the body fluids.


I havethis first trimester of my pregnancy. I used to run 3-6 miles a day and now I only seem to be able to make it to the sauna. What is the cause of all this fatigue?

Dr. Young: Extreme fatigue is extreme acidity and the need for sustainable energy from an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Since I Have been pregnant, the pHour salts in morning especially when I do a flush make me very nauseous, any reasons why, this didn’t happen before. Anything I can do about it?

Dr. Young: Your body needs more alkaline salts in the morning then any other time of the day. You can buffer the acids of HCL that is causing the nausea with montmorillonite clay and activated charcoal.

Doing the Cleanse and I am 12 weeks pregnant. On liquids but I find I am liking a very simple smoothie of almond milk, young coconut meat and spinach and real salt. Do you see any problem with me having excess of these ingredients mainly the coconut. Plus I do about 6 scoops of doc Brocs in 4 liters of ionized water. I do 2 tablespoons pHour salts in morning and 1 scoop throughout day and before bed, pHlush, 1 bottle of chlorophyll, Saunas daily…Oils… anything else or too much of something?

Dr. Young: No problem drinking your alkaline juices and smoothies. I would suggest that 50 percent should be green and the rest the coconut, etc.

What can you use on a pregnant belly to prevent stretch marks?

Dr. Young: You can use Earth Mamma Body Butter an herbal shea butter, virgin coconut butter, and/or Mother’s Special Blend Skin toning oil with almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E. What causes stretch marks is the adsorption and absorption of dietary and/or metabolic acids which causes induration of the skin or the loss of elasticity of the skin.


This past Monday my daughter’s eardrum had burst! She’s on Amoxicillin for 7 days, what would be a great way to bring her energy levels up? Do antibiotics cause Candida Yeast and if so what is the best way to get rid of it?

Dr. Young: Amoxicillin is a toxic acidic drug that can breakdown any tissue or organ. All antibiotics compromise the delicate alkaline pH of the blood and tissues, compromises and destroys the root system of the body, the intestinal villi of the small intestine and sets the stage for sickness and dis-ease. Candida or yeast, bacteria and mold are the evidence of the breakdown of the tissues and organs caused by the acid antibiotic. I would suggest one to two drops of colloidal silver in each ear to break up the congestion and to improve blood circulation without over acidifying the affected area.

My daughter had a fever of 102 last night and she can usually drink 4 oz of water at a time. I put 5 drop of the liquid cloropHeal & 2 drops of the puripHy into her distilled water. How much sodium bicarbonate should I put into her 4 oz of water? She still has a fever of 99 and I will be giving her the avorado kids juice. She’s been sick for 2 weeks now.

Dr. Young: All of my formulations and suggestions are based upon 70 kilos or 154 pounds. So adjust the recommended dose on the bottle based upon 70 kilos.


I had asked you in the past if my thyroid replacement could be the reason why I am not obtaining better health..you stated absolutely. I have no thyroid so have no other choice but to take replacement…should I possibly switch to Armour Thyroid replacement rather than the synthetic?

Dr. Young: The problem is not the thyroid it is the small intestine. You need to build health in the core of your body. This can only be done over time with a lot of green foods, green drinks, polyunsaturated oils, lots of alkalizing mineral salts and high pH water.

Water/Water systems:

If I have ionized water at 9.5 and put some puripHy drops on it, will it raise the ph from 9.5 to 10, 10.5, 11 or it will stay in 9.5?

Dr. Young: The pH of the ionized water will go to 10.5/11 and the ORP will drop another 150 to 200 mV.

Does a $100 dollar water distiller get me clean water without fluoride and other harmful things?

Dr. Young: I would be very surprised if a $100 water distiller would take out fluoride or pharmaceuticals.


I know you say to exercise for an hour every day. What do you think about sprinting?

Dr. Young: I love sprinting as well which works the deeper tissues. Definitely incorporate sprinting into your daily exercise.


You recommend tomatoes, and I love them! They are nightshades, is there anything to the nightshades and inflammation theory. Is it ok for me to eat them on my feast?

Dr. Young: No. Inflammation is caused by acidity and acidity primary comes from acidic foods, drinks and lifestyles. Fresh raw organic tomatoes are alkalizing so enjoy.

Misc. Questions:

When a person builds up calcium on the bones, especially in the neck area, what happens to the body. I know the body tries to neutralize acids, but where does the body take the calcium from? Does the body produce more calcium or does it take the calcium from other parts of the body?

Dr. Young: Chelated acids can build up anywhere in the body so start alkalizing your blood and tissues.

What do you think of Frequency Generators like the GB4000, utilized in conjunction with diet/lifestyle changes?

Dr. Young: Frequency machines do not change the biochemistry of the body. The frequency machine can only be adjunct to an alkalizing pH Miracle Wellness Plan.

How would someone go about finding out if they had throat or lung cancer, like if they had no insurance?

Dr. Young: I would suggest a live and dried blood cell analysis as an initial step to seeing if you have any congestion of the lung or throat.

How could one go into Starbucks and be alkaline?

Dr. Young: Go into their bathroom immediately, eliminate acids via urination and then leave as quickly as possible. Starbucks is the worlds number 1 acid shop and coffee provides the perfect environment for a cancerous condition. you could have their mint tea. But remember hot drinks are NOT good for the belly! They damage the cover cells of the stomach which are responsible for making the sodium bicarbonate which alkalizes the food you eat and the liquids that you drink.


Is there a limit to how much far infrared sauna you can take on a daily basis?

Dr. Young: I would suggest 30 to 40 minutes of infrared sauna or until you break a sweat stay in at least 15 minutes more at least twice a day would be enough.


Will a colonic do anything for the small intestine, or is it just to clean the colon?

Dr. Young: Colonics work to help the health of the large bowel. They can also be used to infuse alkalinity into the blood and then tissues.

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  1. hi,
    my son Ahmed has familia Mediterranean fever since his birth and i don't know any medicine except for colmidiatin.he is 13 years old.he takes 3 pills of colmidiatin everyday and in the seizure. he also takes voltarine injection but his disease doesn't have a nother medicine that can help him to complelty recover.the seizure multiply in winter specially.if there is anew medicine for him or another way for treatment please tell me.
    thank you.


  2.  Methods: We conducted a concurrent medical record review of 163 patients with documented heart failure admitted to a general medicine service over a 5-week period. Data retrieved included patient demographics, heart failure class, left ventricular ejection fraction, spironolactone contraindications, spironolactone use, dose and frequency, and other heart failure medication use, dose and frequency. All data reflected patients’ baseline status.
     Results: Our patient population was 80% white people, 61% male, with a mean age of 70 years (3


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