No More Diabetes, Cancer, Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, TMJ, Excess Weight and Drugs!!!!

Hello Dr Young

My name is Lyn Bayley from Perth Australia. I am 50 years old.

My husband put me on your pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet as my weight loss program had me plateaued at 90 kilos for over a year. I have a lap band and taking near nothing in food. But my weight loss stopped until I got on your diet. Within two weeks I lost 3 kilo or 6.6 lbs. My diabetes is now in remission after a detox period of bronchitis and lots of phlegm and diarreah.

I had chronic TMJ and earaches that would debilitate me for days. The only thing I could do to stop them was take powerful pain killers and sleep for days. My migraine headaches have now dissapeared altogether and I feel the best I have for twenty years.

I had a fibrous tumor in my ovary. I went to the specialist three weeks later after being on the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and to his utter disbelief absolutely no trace of the tumor!!! IT WAS GONE!!!! The Doctor sat there shaking his head in amazement.

My eye specialist said the damage behind my eyes from 20 years of dibetes is gone as well. No more glaucoma!!!!

I am pinching myself hoping all this will last!!

I have only been doing the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet for 10 weeks and every one I know has commentted on my new found disposition!!!

Thank you Dr Young so much for your inspirational and dedicated work!!!!

I love the Doc Broc Green drink!!!

Also, my husband has lost 15 pound and he NO longer needs his high blood pressure medication. He has stopped ALL medications. His average blood pressure is now 125/65 before it was as high as 150/85 on medication.

You and your wife are Saints!!!!!

We are dedicated followers of your every word!!!!

Thanks again from both of us,

Lyn and Will Lyn

5 thoughts on “No More Diabetes, Cancer, Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, TMJ, Excess Weight and Drugs!!!!”

  1. I am so glad to hear more great success stories from ills of poor health to the wells of good eating for great health. It is wonderful to read of! Have a great day and continue on your path of wellness in pH Miracle! Eat Alive Be Alive~the pH way! Teresa Chapman


  2. Do some exercises i think more repetitions with lighter weights tones while heavier weights build mass.Use muscle to muscle force and resistance. Charles Atlas used dynamic tension to make himself stronger when lifting weights wasn't enough.


  3. It's interesting to read an implication about pH linked with TMJ. I used to drink a lot of orange juise (several litres a day). It caused me a couple of health issues, including chest pain which my doctor diagnosed very quickly and asked me if I drank a lot of orange juice! About this time, I developed bruxism (teeth grinding) and did a lot of damage to my teeth while grinding them in my sleep. My dentist made a special mouthguard to protect my teeth while I slept. He also referred me to an excellent Sydney TMJ Physiotherapist who helped me re-learn how to hold and move my jaw. I modified my diet during this time, dramatically reducing the amount of acid in my diet, so there seemed to be a correlation between my blood ph and several health problems. I consider myself cured now and have not had to wear my mouthguard for over a year.


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