HIV/AIDS Can Be Reversed With Diet

HIV/AIDS always involves yeast and yeast always involves mycotoxins.

HIV/AIDS always involves yeast and yeast always involves mycotoxins or metabolic acids from yeast. I am saying it twice so you remember! You cannot have a suppressed immune system without metabolic, dietary or lifestyle acid. ACID equals pain and pain equals acid. ACID equals dis-ease and dis-ease equals ACID. You cannot separate the two. NOW we can say HIV/AIDS equals an acidic lifestyle and diet and an acidic lifestyle and diet equals HIV/AIDS. Clear the acid and you remove the symptom orHIV/Aids syndrome. NO MORE HIV/AIDS. The attached picture is the blood of a patient doing AIDS for over ten years. After 3 months of living the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet – NO MORE HIV titers in the blood and the next picture is how his blood looks NOW!

4 thoughts on “HIV/AIDS Can Be Reversed With Diet”

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