I thought it would be helpful for me to clarify my comments THAT THE BODY RUNS ON electrons NOT SUGAR OR CALORIES.

The point I am making is that we ingest food or liquids for their electrical potential not their caloric value. I have suggested that the body is electric and runs on electrons. The body obtains this electrical life force in the form of electrons from food, water, and especially the sun. Light from the sun is adsorbed and then absorbed into the body and transformed into electricity for energy. Food releases its electricity upon the breaking of its cellular membranes with our teeth. This theory is referred to in part as the electron transport chain in the Krebs or Citric acid cycle. Sugar in any form steals electrons or electricity from the body and causes enervation. Sugar in any of its many forms does not contribute to the electron transport chain nor can it provide in any WAY the transport of electricity. This transport of electricity is carried out by the sodium ion matrix and why the body fluids are salted with sodium ions and NOT sugar. Once again, sugar, including stevia, agave, glycerine, glucose, fructose, maltose, dextrose, sucrose, etc. steal electrical potential and thus energy from the body causing the first stage of acidosis, called enervation. Sugar is a biological waste product of energy consumed and transformed. It is NOT a source of energy for the body. Those who ingest it, even in moderation will be destroyed by it and have become a slave to its addictive flavor.

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