Electron Micrograph of Cancerous Lung Tissue

The following electron micrograph at 250,000 x’s magnification is revealing the acidic cancerous tissue of the lung giving birth to yeast, mold, and algae. God forbid you EVER ingest yeast in any form, mushrooms of any kind, mold or ANY s-called healthy algae. This electron micrograph is evidence of an acidic condtion and the morbid… biological transformation of lung tissue matter into yeast, mushrooms, algae, and mold. The lies and deceptions abound around the health benefits of yeast, mushrooms, mold tintures, and algae. There are NO health benefits in the ingestion of any form of yeast, any type of mushroom or mold or any kind of algae. I have yet to see the health benefits of ingesting mushrooms, green teas, or algae. if you are taking supplements with any bacteria, yeast, mold, mushroom, enzymes, and algae’s you do so at the risk of your health and fitness. All of these biological forms are the transformations of decaying and dead bodies

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