New Scientific Research Confirms Dr Young’s Research – Salt Is Good For You!

“All sickness and disease conditions, including all cancers show a deficiency in blood plasma sodium.” Dr. Robert O. Young

Salt is GOOD for you: Eating more could even lower the chances of heart disease.

For years, doctors have been telling us that too much salt is bad for us. Until now.

A study claims that cutting down on salt can actually increase the risk of dying from a heart attack or a stroke.

The research has left nutritionists scratching their heads.

Its findings indicate that those who eat the least sodium – about one teaspoon a day – don’t show any health advantage over those who eat the most.

Long-term effects: In the eight-year study, people with the lowest salt intake had the highest rate of death from heart disease

In the eight-year study, people with the lowest salt intake had the highest rate of death from heart disease!

In fact, those with less salty diets actually had slightly higher death rates from heart disease.

The study, which followed 3,681 healthy European men and women aged 60 or younger, for about eight years, also found that above-average salt intake did not appear to increase the danger of developing high blood pressure.

The report, in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, was released just three months after the U.S. government launched a public health campaign urging restaurants and food manufacturers to cut down on their use of salt.

Sodium was measured in the urine of those taking part, at the beginning and end of the study.

A little more than six per cent of the participants suffered a heart attack, a stroke or some other cardiovascular emergency during the eight years. About a third of these were fatal.

Those who consumed the least salt had a 56 per cent higher risk of death from a heart attack or stroke compared with those who consumed the most.

This was even after obesity, cholesterol levels, smoking, diabetes and other risk factors were taken into account.

There were 50 deaths in the third of participants with the lowest salt consumption, 24 in the third with medium intake and just ten deaths in those with the highest salt levels.

Lead researcher Jan Staessen, head of the hypertension laboratory at the University of Leuven, in Belgium, said: ‘Our findings do not support a generalized reduction of salt intake in the population.’

The scientists did not have a firm explanation for their results, but they reportedly speculated that low levels of salt in the body could cause more stress in the nervous system, decrease sensitivity to insulin and affect hormones that control blood pressure and sodium absorption.

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The Amazing Benefits of Alkalizing Mineral Salts and the New Liquid Salt – pHlavor

In my research I have discovered that salt is at the foundation in the creation of all major elements of the body when the elements of oxygen or hydrogen give up their protons. The pathway to magnesium, potassium and even calcium begins with salt. For example, when the protons of oxygen, which are eight, are acquired by the nucleus of the sodium, which is eleven protons, it becomes potassium, which has nineteen protons. The equation is: When potassium acquires an additional proton from the hydrogen ion it becomes calcium or when the sodium ion acquires an additional proton from the hydrogen ion it becomes magnesium. The equations are:

It is no coincidence that our body fluids are salted with sodium or that the ocean is salted with sodium rather than some other element. You now have the simple understanding that sodium (salt) is at the foundation of life and without it we would die. This is why I recommend eating more salt in the diet. In fact a 154 pound man or woman should be eating at least 10 grams of salt a day. And when you have sugar cravings it is not the need for sugar it is the need for salt. Eat some salt and your sugar cravings will go away with renewed energy and “sustainable energy”™

Now, just don’t eat any salt. It has to be a salt that is whole and unprocessed, free from added iodine or caking agents. I have a salt farm on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake where I harvest the best salt in the world. Shelley and I now have available a new condiment for flavoring your food with a 26% pure sol of salt called pHlavor. You will be amazed when you use this seasoning on your food and how it enhances the flavor of everything you are eating. You no longer need to use acidic condiments of soy sauce, vinegar, miso, tamari, and even Braggs Amino Acids to flavor your food when you have the first alkaline liquid spray salt condiment on the planet – pHlavor™

Let us know what you think as you start eating and enjoying the many benefits of the most important element next to oxygen – SALT in our latest creation called liquid salt pHlavor!

To keep our bodies running we need energy – not just any energy but “sustainable energy.” To have “sustainable energy” that just keeps going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny you must have salt. Salt is the body’s matrix system for transporting energy throughout the entire human organism. A deficiency of salt is equal to a deficiency of energy. You can’t even create a thought or move the body without salt. I have discovered that the endocrine system, which includes the pineal gland, the pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and sex glands communicate through a matrix of salt – NOT HORMONES. Hormones are the acidic waste products of the endocrine glands using energy to communicate with each other to maintain homeostasis of the body fluids, energy needs and the autonomic functions of the body. The body needs no hormones – it needs “sustainable energy” that can only be created through a matrix of salt.

Interesting Facts About Young pHorever pH Miracle pHlavor Colloidal Mineral Salts

1) Our bodies contain almost 450gms of salt and each day we need to replenish the salt used by our bodies to maintain our normal health, vigor and alkaline design.

2) Salt plays a big part in helping the body to digest food and turn them into living tissues, as well as helping to transmit nerve impulses that contract the muscles. In order for the cells of the body to function normally, a salt/water balance must be maintained. Salt is also necessary for making the sodium bicarbonate the body needs to alkalize the food we eat to maintaining the alkalinity of the blood and lymph fluids.

3) Young pHorever pH Miracle pHlavor colloidal mineral salt tastes great. Minerals present naturally in the salt from the Great Salt Lake North Shore as well as the crystal shape enhances its flavor therefore the salt can be used more sparingly.

4) Young pHorever pH Miracle pHlavor colloidal mineral salt contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium than normal sea or table salts, as these minerals are also naturally present in the Great Salt Lake North Shore water. Some people believe that this balance of minerals has beneficial effects on the body. Certainly we believe these minerals help enhance the taste of the pH Miracle pHlavor colloidal mineral salt – taste it and compare to your current salt.

5) When you are tired and/or fatigued and need energy that is the need for salt. All sugar cravings are the need for salt.

6) Salt is the ion of life in which all energy is transported. Without salt there is no life.

7) Salt is what keeps the spirit body connected or joined with the physical body and mental body.

Features and Benefits of Young pHorever pH Miracle pHlavor Colloidal Liquid Salt

1) Young pHorever pH Miracle pHlavor colloidal mineral salt is an evaporated salt that produces a unique three dimensional crystal, it is produced by being very slowly evaporated naturally by the sun, allowing the formation of a 26% concentration of a heterogeneous mineral salt solution. The concentration of this salt is greater then the Dead Sea.

2) It is a very light textured salt with a delicate flavor. The taste is created by the unique crystal size and shape of the Young pHorever pH Miracle pHlavor colloidal liquid mineral salt.

3) Excellent for spraying on top of foods as its light texture means it ‘sticks’ better – ideal in particular for salting salads and other vegetables!

4) High surface area and low bulk density improves the product adherence. This makes it ideal for spraying on food or in your mouth directly to begin the alkalizing process.

The Salt FlushHow to cleanse the Colon easily

This process will flush the colon like colonics, just by drinking salt as outlined below: (Very Important: Make sure you have 2 – 3 hours at home when you do this, results happen quickly and you need to allow yourself time to finish the cleansing process).

Here’s what you do…

1. Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
2. Fill a glass with approximately 4 oz (half full) of warm, good quality water
3. Put in two TEASPOONS of liquid salt and stir the salt in
4. Drink it down in one go
5. Make sure you have plenty of structured water on hand to re-hydrate with as this takes effect

You may also call our office at 760-751-8321 to order this product.

4 thoughts on “New Scientific Research Confirms Dr Young’s Research – Salt Is Good For You!”

  1. You are relying on the Daily Mail to interpret scientific research for you – a big mistake – they will say anything to make it seem interesting.
    I am confident if you go to the original research you will find it does not say what the DM says it says.


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