Emotions Cause Acidity That Leads To Sickness and Disease

Question: Can negative emotions affect the body’s pH? Can negative emotions affect our bodies’ health?

Dr. Robert O. Young: My of theory there being only one sickness and only one disease not only considers how your diet affects your physiology but also how your psychology affects your physiology. Your mental state is so critical. Your mental state, in many ways, if it’s negative, can create more metabolic acids than the food that you’re eating. In fact, you can create two or three times more metabolic acids from your thoughts, your mental state, then from ingesting acidic foods, such as dairy or animal protein. So your thoughts are critical. Your thoughts or words do become matter, and can affect your physiology in a negative or positive way. And the way your thoughts become biology is as follows: when you have a thought, that thought requires energy for the brain cells to produce that thought. As you carry on with a that thought that are having you are using energy, and when you are using energy you produce a biological waste product called, acid. If the metabolic acids from your thoughts are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination of, urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation, then your acids from your thoughts are moved out into your fatty tissues and connective tissues. This leads to all sorts of symtomologies such as lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle pain, fatigue, tiredness, obesity, cancerous breasts, cancerous prostate, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, heart attacks, and the list goes on and on. For example let’s say you are doing sadness or depression. And you are looping a negative experience in your head. Let’s say you are constantly thinking about it, it’s always on your mind, you are worried about what you are thinking. You might say you are feeling emotional. Emotions are “energy in motion.” When you see someone that’s emotional, they are energetic, either in a positive or negative way. And if they are energetic, they are “energy in motion.” They are producing metabolic acids at a high rate. The rate of acid production is greater than someone who’s jogging or working out. So, your thoughts become biology or metabolic acid s that can make you sick, tired and fat. When you start producing acids with your thoughts this will activate the alkaline-buffering system to neutralize these acids. If these acids are not buffered and/or eliminated, they can create serious health challenges in your body. Positive emotions, such as love, peace, hope, faith, and forgiveness, can all be alkalizing to the blood and tissues. The negative emotions of anger, resentment, and fear – are the most powerful and acidifying of all emotions. The fear of the unknown is probably the most powerful and acidic of them all. Fear is so devastating to the body, even if you’re on an alkaline diet, overcoming a serious health challenge is practically impossible. You might think that The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet isn’t working? It’s always, what else am I not doing? How come I feel the way that I’m feeling? I’m eating the right way? I’m drinking the right water? I can’t seem to have the type of health and energy that I’m seeking? The reason why? You are being consumed by your negative acidic thoughts. People have “thought attacks” NOT “heart attacks.” There are published studies showing that over 80% of all heart attacks are emotionally triggered. People don’t die of a heart attack, they die of a thought attack, that leads to the heart attack.

Question: So is it fair to say that negative emotions can affect the way a person feels and heals, if a person is overwhelmed with negative emotions, do they have a fair chance of healing from a degenerative disease, like heart disease, cancer—

Dr. Young: When you are in a negative emotion state, it is just about impossible to heal your serious degenerative condition. But, I will say this: if you are willing to commit to change and begin the process, even if you are not completely out of your state of fear, anger, or depression you will begin to alkalize and put more life and energy into your body. When you start feeling better, you know what happens? You start thinking better. When you start thinking better, you start doing better. So, you don’t have to have your emotions under control in order to start losing weight, to start feeling better, because when you start the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet program, you are making a conscious decision to try to do a little better. And, when you get on this healing path that leads back to the house of health, the pH miracle road that leads to the house of health, this gradual process—you start having those little pH miracles, you start feeling better and you start thinking better. And, when you start feeling better and thinking better — all of a sudden, you forget that you are depressed. You forget that you are angry, you forget that you are fearful, you forget what you were fearful about in the first place about, because you feel so good. Your e-motions or energy in motion is finally under control. You are the master of you mind and body because you are living an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Question : If a person is eating 100% alkaline diet and is still overwhelmed by negative emotions, can their body fluids stay alkaline? Can these negative emotions overwhelm a 100% alkaline diet?

Dr. Young: If you’re eating an alkaline diet and you’re overwhelmed with negative emotions, thank God you’re eating an alkaline diet or you’d be dead. Your acidic emotions will kill you. But the alkaline diet is the saving grace of all this and the hope that you can hang on and be healthy physically and mentally. You can live without food for forty days, you can live without water for four days, you can live without air for about four minutes, but you cannot live without hope for more than a second. You see, hope is the key, and that’s what the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet will do for you – give you hope. The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet program gives you the hope you need to breathe better, to start drinking the right kind of water, to start eating the right kind of food, that will lead you back to the right emotions so you can start feeling better.

Question: Do emotions have a stronger effect to create body acidity than foods?

Dr. Young: Absolutely! As I have mentioned earlier, your emotions are energy in motion. And when you are consuming energy in your emotions you produce biological waste products called acid. When I have a client that’s in negative acid forming emotions, all the body fluids, including the blood will show a decline in the pH even if this person has been eating an alkaline diet. In order to buffer the acid forming emotions the client will have to hyper-alkalize the blood and then tissues to bring the body back into alkaline balance. When the client is hyper-alkalizing the pH of the urine will increase into the high 8’s and 9’s. Hyper-alkalization is necessary in order to overcompensate for the negative acidic producing emotions and to bring the body back to health, energy, vitality, hope, peace, harmony and love.

Question: Can our emotions cause cancer?

Dr. Young: Absolutely. I have said that cancer is a four letter word – ACID. When you are doing negative acidic emotions, such as anger, revenge, hate, sadness or depression you are creating metabolic acids that can cause ANY and ALL cancerous conditions of the body tissues. If metabo lic acids are not removed via urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration then they are delivered to the body tissues. When constant excess acid from negative emotions are poured into the body tissues the body tissues will degenerate causing a cancerous condition. Pharmaceutical companies are creating drugs that may give you the illusion of feeling better but the DO NOT deal with the metabolic acids from negative acidic emotions. This can only lead to more physical and emotional pain.

My Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, John Baird noticed the following article in “Medical Breakthroughs”. Referenced article:

Anti-Stress Drug:

John states, “given the importance of “emotions” in cancer or acid causation, etc., John was particularly interested in the unique biochemistry of the “reptilian brain”, which includes the Amygdala. Acid or sugar activates the areas of the Amygdala very specifically. John has wonder if the pH Miracle alkaline Lifestyle and diet is not more “calming” to the lower emotions (responses of the reptilian brain) than a drug which “Inactivates the Amygdala…assuming we still find value in sexual attraction, socialization, and attraction to home and hearth (all functions of the Amygdala as much as “fight and flight”).”

John further states, “In our attempts to find a drug to treat everything, we (more often than not) create more problems than we eliminate…one step forward and three steps backward. We know that ADHD responds to an alkaline regime….and hyperactivity is an Amygdala function ..so it follows that an alkaline lifestyle would produce less “stress” (really just the fight or flight mechanism by another name) as well.”

John is absolutely correct – an alkaline lifestyle and diet is calming to the mind and thus calms the e-motions or “energy in motion. This calming of the Amygdala function produces less “stress.” And, with less “stress” you have less “acid.” And, with less “acid” you have less sickness and dis-ease.

The Triune Brain (an excellent review)

To learn more about the affect of negative acidic emotions on the brain and body read, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young.

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