Natures Best Water – Destiny Deep Sea Water

Destiny Deep Sea Water

Destiny Deep Sea Water

Destiny deep sea water offers natural electrolytes and nutrients found in the depths of the ocean, uncontaminated by the effects of photosynthesis or impurities in the upper layers of ocean water. Destiny deep sea water is the healthiest and most refreshing bottled water solution for your body’s needs.

Options: ½ Liter Bottle (500 ml) – Price: $1.49


A Natural Gift from Hawaii

From its blue oceans and beautiful beaches to its tropical forests and steaming volcanic peaks, Hawaii fills all of your senses with the richness of life. Destiny deep sea water, like so many other tropical delights, comes from Hawaii.

Just off the coast of Hawaii’s big island, over three thousand feet below the surface, the most pristine water the earth has to offer flows in the great global conveyer, all the way from the glaciers of Greenland. This water is unspoiled, electrolyte-rich, and aged for millennia. From this source, Destiny draws its cool and refreshing water.

Follow your Destiny to the life-giving waters of the deep sea.

Water is one of the primary ingredients required to maintain health and energy through the absorption of key vitamins and minerals into our bodies. Destiny deep sea water offers these life-enhancing functions with natural electrolytes and nutrients found in the depths of the ocean, uncontaminated by the effects of photosynthesis or impurities in the upper layers of ocean water. Destiny deep sea water is the healthiest and most refreshing solution to your body’s water needs.

Water: an essential component of health and life

As the healthiest alternative in bottled water, Destiny deep sea water offers tremendous value to the body.

Along with amino acids (protein), minerals are the basic building blocks of every human cell. RNA/DNA, the blueprints to each cell, require certain minerals to function properly. Protein chains cannot form without the presence of minerals. Destiny contains miniscule sized ionic minerals that are easily absorbed into human cells.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 8 fl oz
Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per
% Daily

Total Fat
Total Carb


Mineral Composition at 300 hardness:
70 mg/L
16 mg/L
0.7 mg/L
33 mg/L

**Daily Value not established

The Process

The source of pristine deep sea water

Destiny sources its 100% pure Hawaii deep sea water from NELHA (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority), which draws its water from depths of over 3000 feet in the pacific ocean just off the coast of Kona, located on the big Island of Hawaii. The source of this water lies in the icebergs near the coast of Greenland 2000 years ago. The cold temperature of this arctic area increases the density of the water, causing it to plunge to the depths of the sea.

This dense, mineral rich seawater travels deep along the Atlantic Continental Shelf of North America. It flows past the coasts of Australia and New Zealand and finally rises in the Northern Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands after a 2,000-year long journey. This under-sea stream is called The Great Global Conveyor.

Extraction and purification of nutrient rich deep-sea water

Destiny deep sea water is extracted from 3,000 feet below the surface. Deep sea water is always better.Once the nutrient rich water reaches our facility, it is processed using a state-of-the-art, purification system before bottling. Desalinization is the process used to remove salt from seawater, to ready it for human consumption.

Destiny deep-sea water uses a proprietary natural process that removes unwanted chemicals without relying solely on a harsh reverse osmosis system to desalinate the water. This allows all life-enhancing minerals and nutrients to remain intact in the water throughout the desalinization process and leaves the life enhancing minerals untouched in their natural form instead of adding them back in like many others do. The final result is water that is nutrient rich and flavorful, making Destiny deep sea water perfect for the human body, and for the palate.

Our sanitary standards mean pure, healthy water

The Destiny water purification process includes two filters: a primary filter (sand filter) and a secondary filter (check filter) Proprietary natural process helps lock in nutrients.before desalination occurs. Once water is cleaned and desalinized, it is adjusted for hardness, depending on customer preference. It is then sent through a third ultra-fine filter to kill germs before moving to a filling machine to be bottled, labeled, and packaged.

At Destiny deep sea water, customer health and satisfaction are our top priorities. This means that every part of the process is sanitary. Bottling takes place in a pristine environment that exceeds all FDA Standards.

The result: precious, life-enhancing water, uncontaminated, full of natural minerals and flavor—the perfect option to quench the thirst and compliment even the most discerning palate.

Ocean Water Temperature

Most of the solar radiation (light and heat) that penetrates the ocean is absorbed in theTemperature of Ocean Water first twenty yards of water. Waves and turbulence mix this heat downward quickly. The surface layer of the ocean is mixed from the top to the bottom of that layer. The temperature of the surface waters varies with latitude. The polar seas can be as cold as -2 degrees Celsius (28.4 degrees Fahrenheit) while the Persian Gulf can be as warm as 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 degrees Fahrenheit). The normal temperature of the ocean surface waters is about 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

There is a boundary between surface waters of the ocean and deeper layers that are not mixed. The boundary begins about 100-400 yards and extends several hundred of yards downward from there. This boundary region, where there is a rapid decrease of temperature, is called the thermocline. Ninety percent of the total volume of ocean is found below the thermocline in the deep ocean. Here, temperatures approach freezing. So even though surface waters can be a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius, the majority of our ocean water has a temperature between 0-3 degrees Celsius (32-37.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

The density of ocean water continuously increases with decreasing temperature until the water freezes. Ocean water, with an average salinity of 35 psu, freezes at -1.94 degrees Celsius (28.5 degrees Fahrenheit). Near the polar latitudes, ocean water can reach these low temperatures and freeze. Dissolved salts in the water tend to be rejected by the forming ice so that sea ice is only about 1 % salt. An interesting tidbit for those of you interested in survival tactics – because of the lessened amount of salt, melted sea ice would be fit to drink even if sea water is not! Sea ice formation at high latitudes ultimately drives circulation of the deep waters of the ocean.

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