The pH Miracle Whole Body Group Cleanse and Coaching

I’m so excited for our NEW coaching division at the pH Miracle Center(r).The results from our last cleanse were outstanding. If you are tired of being sick and tired, do something today. Join us for our next pH Miracle Group Cleanse.

Your blood is only as healthy as the fluids there bathed in. So, when the body fluids are sick the blood and tissues are sick. And when the body fluids are clean and alkaline the blood cells, tissues and organs are healthy. In the pH Miracle Revised and Update I teach this basic principal in a metaphor I call the “Fish Bowel MetapHor.” It goes like this: when the fish is sick do you treat the fish or change the water? The correct answer is you change the water. Why? Because the fish is only as healthy as the water it is swimming in. Just like our blood and body cells. They are too are only as healthy as the water they are bathed in. In order to obtain true health and vitality you must cleanse the body fluids periodically. Just like changing the water of the fish or the oil in your car.

In the past, when attempting to do a whole body cleanse, you may have experienced frustration, confusion and a lack of desire to continue. The pH Miracle whole body cleanse provides support that removes all the guess work and we make it fun!

You and a group of like-minded people will experience true health and vitality while gaining knowledge for a healthier lifestyle going forward. In addition to the group participation you will have individual pH Miracle coaching throughout your whole body cleanse.

I will personally spend time with you along with Chef Shelley(r) who will suggest ways to transition back to your normal routines once you have completed the pH Miracle whole body cleanse.

I would like to personally invite you to participate in our upcoming pH Miracle Whole Body Group Cleanse.

It runs from August
22nd through September 4th. Space is limited so don’t hesitate to become part of this incredible opportunity to restore health, energy and vitality.

Contact to reserve your place.

I have created the pH Miracle coaching division in an effort to reach more people. I want to bring more support and guidance to those people looking to improve their health, energy, fitness and vitality with the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet. In addition I now have individual pH Miracle coaching available.

Contact Caroline Robitaille for details!

5 thoughts on “The pH Miracle Whole Body Group Cleanse and Coaching”

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