People Are Going Bananas!

Primitiva Muña shares her story with the pH Miracle Fan Club:

Okay, this is a pretty lengthy personal account but I can relate to the above image… Here’s my story: I was a high carb raw vegan for a few months. These days this is the trend within the vegan community all over. There are many proponents of this diet within the vegan community, who all refer to the work of Dr. Doug Graham in his 80/10/10 book. There are two Australians who have become online “authorities” on the subject and are advising people to switch over to diets laden with high glycemic fruits and if people cant go raw completely, they are promoting high carb foods such as potatoes and pasta. Although they may have good intentions, I’ve found that this diet has had nearly life threatening effects on my body. I struggled with candida due to bad choices in the past when I didn’t know any better about lifestyle and took antibiotics loosely prescribed by doctors. I was not adhering to a strict protocol as I ate socially, so although I switched to vegetarian/vegan a year or so ago, I still ate fruits and chocolates every so often, didn’t get enough minerals and didn’t drink pH balanced or alkaline water.

According to Dr. Graham, it’s not sugar that causes candida, he claims the culprit is fat as he says that fat in the blood prevents the blood from carrying and utilizing glucose. Well, when I followed this advice it worsened my candida symptoms – increased the blemishes all over my face and body, worsened my dizziness and blacking out. My urine became cloudy and even experienced some pain. I finally stopped believing the HCRV hype when one day I was jogging and realized I couldn’t breathe! I was NOT out of breath as I am not out of shape – my lungs weren’t allowing me to inhale enough oxygen! All that sugar from those bananas, dates, pineapples, durian, and various other fruits that I was consuming for breakfast and lunch (that HCRVs like Freelee, Durianrider, and the people at, Frederic Patenaude, 80/10/10 promote) was feeding pathogens in my body and turning my blood acidic.

Although my body was slender and toned, my face was pockmarked and I felt like I was decaying inside and out! I checked myself into the ER two days in a row due to my breathing issues and I started to research what had went wrong. I remembered my older sister told me about the pH Miracle so I began to learn as much as I could and follow the diet. I am recovering every day and my breathing issues are definitely better than they were less then a month ago. So, sure a person can have a banana a day and it may not hurt. But I would say be careful of high sugar diets, INCLUDING fruitarianism. I am a very health conscious person and this experiment in fruitarianism and HCRV lifestyle harmed my health. And while some people may not show negative effects in the short term (like what I went through), it will be revealed over time just as the image above displays.

Also, you can Google a well known fruitarian named Anne Osborne. I am not trying to speak badly against anyone out there and I’m sure there are people who may succeed on this diet as there are on any diet, even the SAD. But it is a high risk one especially for those who live with preexisting conditions. Given that there are very few personal accounts made public such as mine on this type of trendy “health” diet, I think that I can add another perspective for others. Thanks for reading! And to the Young’s – thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us so we can heal!

When I say people may “succeed” on the diet, I mean they may not feel any negative effects in the short term. Or they may go through their lives without major issues but this is not a majority of the population. We see the issues around us every day in many people. What bothers me is that people are “okay” or content with feeling less than optimal health. They’re okay with their pains, acid reflux, low energy or the many other ailments there are and they mask them with prescription drugs.

Before I knew about the pH Miracle ( and delved into my experiment with HCRV, my sister coached me for 3 months and now that I look at what she taught me, it was what a lot of what she learned from the pH Miracle book. In 3 months time early last year, I lost 35 lbs, cleared up all skin blemishes and got glowing skin, became athletic and won a title in a beauty pageant! I give myself credit for how far I went in such a short time due to alkalizing. In the past, I probably would be embarrassed to show people photos of myself when I was not healthy and obese/overweight but I think that more importantly, it can help and inspire others:

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