The Yin – Young Balance Achieved Through A pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet

The balance between greens, oil, water, and salt is the expression of extraordinary health and vitality achieved through the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet.  The “S” in the middle represents the sodium ions or mineral salts holding the drop of alkalne water and the leaf of green chlorophyll together. And so it is with the human body. Green chlorophyll and  Omega oils for building healthy blood in a body of alkaline water or plasma at a pH of 7.365, held together in a matrix of sodium ions or mineral salts. This balance between green chlorophyll, omega oil, alkaline water and sodium ions or mineral salts forms the human anatomy and physiology that houses our eternal spirit body that creates a new organization of two dissimlar matters called a SOL and our perfect nature and expression of a healthy, vibrant, living being.


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