Are You Going Acid Over Bananas?

Are You Going Acid Over Bananas?                                                        

The body uses the stomach to produce sodium bicarbonate to regulate the acids created from diet and metabolism.  The bones are NOT buffers of acidity.  They are the result of an over acid lifestyle and diet which includes the acid ingestion of bananas.  The calcium of the bones is only used when the stomach is NOT functioning properly in its main purpose to produce alkalintiy in the form of sodium bicarboante to buffer metabolic acids in the blood and tissues.

You need to read my books, especially the new pH Miracle Revised and Updated.

The stomach produces an acidic waste product of HCL as a waste product of sodium bicarbonate production.  The HCL falls into the gastric pits of the stomach as the alkalizing sodium bicarbonate rises to alkalize the food we ingest.

HCL is a strong acid and does cause cancer – especially stomach cancer!!!!!!!!  That is why the number 1 health challenge in the world is stomach problems from the over-production of HCL because of the body’s need for more sodium bicarbonate to buffer the excess acids from an acidic lifestyle and diet.  This is critical in order to maintain its alkaline design of the body.  The biochemical equation in the stomach is NaCl + H2O + CO2 NaHCO3 + HCL.  For every molecule of HCL produced in the stomach an equal amount of sodium bicarbonate is produced to maintain the alkaline design of the body.  The stomach’s main purpose is to maintain the alkaline design of the body..  It is NOT an organ of digestion but an organ of contribution.  It’s main contribution to the blood, tissues and organs is sodium bicarbonate.  The pH Of the stomach is NOT acid but Alkaline at a pH of over 8 when the stomach begins releasing its sodium bicarbonate to alkalize food NOT digest food.  The only instrument you have in the body to digest food is your teeth.  So chew your food well into an alkaline state as the salivary glands, the pHylorus glands, the bile secretions, the pancreatic secretions and the intestines are all secreting sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the ingested food to an ideal pH of 8.4 so the liquid food can be transformed into stem cells in the crypts of the small intestines.  When food is in its ideal liquid alkaline state this is when you can produce healthy blood cells that become the new healthy body cells of your glands, organs and tissues.

There is no need for enzymes or digestive aids.  The natural alkaline foods we ingest will digest on their own from the inside out.  The saliva is an alkaline compound secreted on the food or liquids we ingest not to digest but to neutralize the acids coming out of the food when broken with our teeth.

There is NO WHERE in the human body that digests food!

Only the teeth begin the digestive process of the food to digest itself from the inside out.  Any food that does NOT digest on its own or cannot achieve a pH of 8.4 will only harm and damage the body tissues and organs and congest the elimination organs such as the kidneys. bowels, lungs and skin over time.

Meat is a perfect example of a food that will NOT digest on its own of alkalize.  Meat will not liquify.  Meat can never achieve a pH of 8.4 because of its high acids of uric, sulphuric, phosphuric and nitric acid.  Therefore, there is no benefit from eating the flesh of another living being.  You cannot digest it.  You cannot alkalize it.  You cannot convert it into stem cells.  It is dead lifeless food that can only sit in your gut to ferment and rot your body.

All liquids and solids you put into your mouth has to be alkalized to a pH of 8.4 in order to be converted into stem cells in the crypts of the small intestines.

When we have an alkaline mouth, stomach, and intestines we are healthy.  The core alkaline health of the body is the key to living longer and healthier.

Bottom-line bananas are NOT a health food but a high sugar acid food that can lead to sickness and dis-ease.  Anyone eating high sugar fruit like bananas are addicted to sugar.  Face it and be truthful – you are addicted to sugar.  That is the real reason you eat high sugar fruit.

If you are tired, sick, underweight or fat then get off the high sugar acid fruit – especially bananas!  Stop eating acidic animal flesh!  Dairy foods are not for the belly or for the body – stop eating acidic dairy.  And finally, start eating alkalizing sprouted grains and stop eating cooked grains.

Start the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and within 30 days you will feel and know the difference with increased health, energy and fitness.   It is a promise that will happen.  “You will walk and NOT be weary.  You will run and NOT faint.”  And the best promise of all is the “power of the destroying angel will pass you by.”  A life without sickness and disease.

One thought on “Are You Going Acid Over Bananas?”

  1. if one wants to more not pay attention to what is going on around them one can ignore hybrid foods however even the least informed are aware today that wheat is not natural and has so much unnatural protein (gluten) that its epidemic disease! So as wheat is unnatural seed, a hybrid seed, for thousand years, banana is hybrid without seed for 500 years, learn more what Lifefood is and how to stay clear of unnatural fruits go wild!


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